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Harikrishna Kundariya
Co-founder and CEO

A major Technology Architect with deep-rooted market knowledge is ‘enthusiasm & drive’ personified. His flair for graphics design and perfection has led to the creation of some of the best designs ever. Ensuring quality products, no error goes unnoticed under his experienced supervision. With a futuristic approach to designs, he has helped the company render a competitive edge to our clients. A thorough knowledge of the market and a clear foresight enables articulating concepts and educating clients in making empowered and informed business decisions.

Html5 , Photoshop , Php
Henry Kundariya
Co-founder and CEO
Chintan Gor
PHP Team Leader

Chintan Gor having his top-shelf technical skills in the areas of SDLC, Project execution, programing, employee training, leadership, learning talent, performance and employee engagement.
He has delivered Web applications in large corporate environments including mining industries and organizational design contracting.

Ajax , CakePhp , CodeIgniter , CSS3 , Html5 , JavaScript , Laravel , MVC Framework , MySQl , Oracle , SQl Server , Symfony
Ankit Bhandari
Sr. Iphone Developer

Ankit is Iphone developer at eSparkBiz , He has sound knowladge of Iphone frameworks, API and webservices
He is much familiar with all framework like Map kit,Core data,Sqlite,AFNetwork,Parse.com,Core Location etc.
He is also familiar with push notification and ,In app Purchase.He is always upgraded to new technology and develop creative app.

Cocoa Touch , IOS8 , Ipad , Iphone , iPhone SDK , JSON / XML , Objective-C , Sencha (Cross Platform) , Titanium (Cross Platform for iOS and Android) , Xcode
Bharat Odedara
Sr. PHP Developer

Bharat is an expert developer in Codeigniter and WordPress , He knows how to customize plug-ins in word press. The list is too much long to display, yeah!
Strong knowledge in jQuery and JavaScript and web development life cycle, he is very efficient and expert developer who can deploy projects in projected amount of time in very convenient manner.
He loves outing with guys, traveling and he is fond of listening songs.

Ajax , CakePhp , CSS3 , Html5 , JavaScript , MySQl , Wordpress
Devang Bhavsar
Sr. Android Developer

Devang is Developing apps based on Android platform. He can Deal with clients data, feeds and designs, Co-operation with other development team members in the production . He has an ability to work on project without detailed instructions or  On-going maintenance of existing projects. He has Excellent knowledge of Coding standards, organizational programming skills and good commenting practices

Android Emulator , Android SDK , Android studio , C/C++ , CSS3 , Eclipse IDE , Google APIs , Html5 , Linux Kernel , Open GL , REST or SOAP , SQLite , XML
Devashree Parikh
Sr. Web Designer

Devashree has a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern websites & graphics, She’s always keeping an eye on the latest trends over typography, shapes, colors, fonts etc.
She has been working as web-designer (studio) for over 4 years, and have done lots of work over that time. her skills cover many aspects of graphic design, web design, illustration and technical knowledge, She is rather skilled on hardware, software, and computers knowledge too.

Bootstrap , CorelDraw , Css Media Queries , CSS3 , Foundation Framework , Html5 , illustrator , Photoshop , Responsive web design , Sass Css , Tabel Base , Ui & UX
Kartik Patel
Sr. Php Developer

Creative and dependable WordPress with 2+ years experience in building rich and interactive websites. Hands on experience in creating, extending and customizing WordPress themes and plugins. Knowledge of configuring, developing and customizing WordPress multi-site.

He has completed 50+ WordPress sites and developed 70+ plugins. Also developed WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads extensions. He has worked with many different email marketing subscription API like Mail Chimp, Aweber, iContact etc.

He has always upgraded with latest version of WordPress.

Ajax , Bootstrap , C/C++ , CodeIgniter , Css Media Queries , CSS3 , Html5 , JavaScript , MVC Framework , MySQl , Wordpress
Pratiksha Raikundaliya
Sr. Php Developer

Pratiksha has experience in developing a shopping portal, real-time web applications, complex front-end and back-end management systems, social platform applications.

She is dedicated to her work and to fulfill programing challenges.  She knows MVC Architecture, SOAP, API, PayPal Gateways and team coordination.

Ajax , CakePhp , CodeIgniter , Html5 , JavaScript , MVC Framework
Sandip Patel
Sr. Php Developer

Sandip is an enthusiastic and sincere developer at eSparkBiz Technologies. He has sound knowledge of architecture and flow. He easily understands the process of organization and can make robust applications which are user friendly and easily analyzable.

Completed his bachelors and masters in computer application, he is fond of watching movies and just enjoys coding.

Ajax , CakePhp , CodeIgniter , CSS3 , JavaScript , MVC Framework , MySQl , Oracle , Wordpress
Vijay Parmar
Sr. HR Generalist

Vijay has a diverse Human Resource and Management experience, He has an extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including Policy Design, Compensation, Performance Management, Recruiting, Compliance Reporting, HRIS Implementations, HR workflow development, Training and Development, and benefits administration.

Vijay earned a Master Degree in MBA (Human Resource) from Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science College (Gujarat, IND) and Bachelor Degree in computer (B.C.A.) from H.N. Shukla College (Gujarat, IND).

Hr Generalist , Human Resource Management
Abhishek Doshi
Jr. Php Developer

An enthusiastic fresher with highly motivated and leadership skills having bachelors of engineering degree in Computer Science.

Expert in implementation of each step of project by his own and eager to learn new technologies and methodologies each day.

He is always willing to innovate the new things which can improve the existing technology and which can make the things easy for others to understand.

Ajax , CakePhp , CodeIgniter , CSS3 , Html5 , JavaScript , MySQl
Bhumin Vadalia
Jr. Business Analyst

Bhumin’s passion for making new communication technologies come to life is expressed in his work at Esparkbiz. As a business analyst, Bhumin focuses on introducing new technologies and optimizing current technologies to create engaging experiences that are both simple and satisfying. He believes that building around a user’s motivation and mindset are the top priorities when developing new technologies. Bhumin is deeply committed to innovating and experimenting with new methods of online learning that will help positively influence corporate culture and the lives of individuals.

Agile Methodology , Business Analyst , Project Coordinator , Waterfall Methodology
Hardik Sonchhabda
Jr. Php Developer

A Techno Geek from the past few years, he is an experienced and expert web developer at eSparkBiz Technologies. His roles are to coordinate with the offshore Web Development teams & to develop the ongoing projects smartly and effectively. eCommerce websites and payment gateway integrations are his core area of interest. He is efficient in rapid development and understanding complex logic and heart of projects by putting extreme logic power and full potential.

Having B.Tech in CS&E and besides that he just loves to sing songs (Yes he Sings) and to play Guitar.

Ajax , CakePhp , CodeIgniter , CSS3 , Html5 , JavaScript , Joomla , Laravel , MVC Framework , MySQl
Jaimin Faldu
Business Consultant

Jaimin is a business development executive at eSparkBiz. He handles basic responsibility of a business development executive is to call clients and receive calls professionally and Fixing up appointment with the client. Business development executive is to identify sales leads, pitch goods or services to new clients and maintain a good working relationship with new contacts. He is an expert in Cold calling & Cold mailing and his enthusiasm for the same has made his a vital member of our team.

Sales Marketing, Internet Marketing, Cold Calling, Cold Mailing, Communication Skills, Data Searching

Jaydeep Pedhadiya
Jr. Php Developer

An enthusiastic fresher with highly motivated and leadership skills having bachelors of engineering degree in Computer Science.

Expert in implementation of each step of project by his own and eager to learn new technologies and methodologies each day.

He is always willing to innovate the new things which can improve the existing technology and which can make the things easy for others to understand.

Ajax , Html5 , JavaScript , MVC Framework , MySQl , Symfony
Kakshak Kalaria
Jr. Php Developer

Kakshak is an experienced and expert web developer of company. His role is to developing WordPress websites & solve the issue of ongoing web development projects.

Kakshak having an expertise in C/C++, Ajax, Html5, JavaScript, MVC Framework, MySQl, WordPress. His proficiency in the relevant field has helped the company to deliver quality of services to the clients. His dedication and honesty has contributed substantially in the development of the company.

Ajax , Html5 , JavaScript , MVC Framework , MySQl , Wordpress
Mira Padalia
Jr. Php Developer

Mira began her professional career at eSparkBiz Technologies where she successfully enhanced her technical skills. She is quite good in understanding exact requirements and pursue problem solving ideas. She is highly motivated and eager to learn new things and also focused over her task and development of project.

Ajax , CakePhp , CodeIgniter , CSS3 , Html5 , MVC Framework , MySQl , Wordpress
Ruchir Kakkad
Jr. Php Developer

Ruchir has experience in developing a real-time web applications, complex front-end and back-end management systems, social platform applications.
All his projects based on PHP5 in conjunction with other modern web technologies.
PHP (native PHP, OOPs, Laravel, CodeIgniter), MVC-pattern, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML/JSON are used.
While developing an application he always keep in mind SEO optimization and social integration.
In addition, He can convert designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible HTML5/CSS3 markup.

Ajax , CodeIgniter , JavaScript , Laravel , MVC Framework , MySQl
Umesh Vaghela
Jr. Web Designer

Umesh is Jr. Web Designer at eSparkbiz Technology. He has expertise in HTML5 to create web pages with the help of CSS3. He is efficient in Photoshop and creates psd’s for website designs. He is expert in bootstrap CSS to make websites responsive which is looks awesome in mobiles also.

He has completed his bachelor degree in Computer Application and having strong skills and having fair education background which has helped him to successfully achieve his goals.

Bootstrap , CSS3 , Html5 , JavaScript , Photoshop

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