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Application Development with Creativity
From an idea to a full fledged and cost effective software solution! We transform your ideas to provide
  • Effectively handle and manage your online business, customer service, inventory, supply chain management, procurement and much more.
  • Responsive Customer service solutions to ensure you a lasting relationship with your clientele
  • Enable seamless and direct communication with customers, vendors, suppliers and employees.
  • Business process automation to efficiently manage resources and operating costs.
Call Us : 917-470-9036
Web Application development Services
After having developed the primary architecture of your online solution it is imperative to take it to the next level. There must be an interactive facet of your project to capture feedbacks and plan your next course of action. A robust and versatile system must be in place to reach out to your customers to initiate the next interactive cycle.

We create agile and nimble web applications to make your web portal more enticing and stunning. Strictly adhering to the web 2.0 application development solutions we develop advanced systems involving complex business logic to manage large amounts of data and transactions efficiently. Our custom web development team provides you with reliable and solid application solutions to compliment your business.
Our Web App Strengths are.
  • UI/UX – Wedon't just focus on creating attractive and catchy user interfaces but also on the intricacies of rendering an amazing user experience.We do this by emphasizing on various aspects like accessibility, user-friendliness and intuitiveness.
  • Architecture – While planning out the architecture, care is taken to ensure optimum use of Memcache especially while scaling to get the lowest possible overheads in terms of CPU usage on the server to balance the database read/write activity.Multipleserver instances are also planned and mapped out wherever applicable, and the best programming languages are employed.
  • Back end – Our experience in handling databases enables us to draft an optimized table structure for your project for fast results and excellent scaling options
  • External APIs – There are several open and licensed external APIs that give you a multitude of interactive features which require to be integrated with your applications. We perform the same by using the interfaces provided and then implement them into the web application.
  • Unit tests - An application is generally huge in size and scope. This is where unit tests play a major role. The larger your project is the more the chances of errors cropping up. By running unit tests we ensure that every single aspect of the app is functioning exactly the way they are expected to.
  • Deployment – We also excel in managing multiple - server loads using different CDN and Database instances, etc. Handling Linux based machines which work on the latest Operating systems and modules comes naturally to us.

Some of our Successful Business Websites

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Application Services
Application Development
With a vast experience in dealing with multiple domains and a strong development methodology in place, we have been providing tailor made custom application development services to suit client specifications.
Application Migration and Porting
Our expertise lies in migrating an application from an old technology to a new technology platform, standalone application to web application, database migration from old to new server within the same platform or different platforms( like MySQL3 to MySQL4, MySQL to ORACLE.)
Application Re-engineering & Enhancement
We help improve existing business systems by conducting a reverse engineering process of your functional elements and current architecture to provide a better solution to compliment your business requirements.
Application Audit and Testing
We provide testing in the following segments: code reviews, functionality-to-requirements verification, GUI usability and HTML standards compliance testing and performance/security/stability testing.
Application Maintenance
We run problem analysis, resolution and application enhancement checks to ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted and stable business operation system.
eSparkBiz - Core Competency in Web development.
Anytime — Anywhere Access
We provide mobile development services for portals enabling our clients to access the portal data from Smartphones and pads (practically anywhere!). Portal delivery services are rendered to improve content and data availability. While dealing with distributed offices we improve the accessibility by delivering portal data ,content synchronization and replication solutions.
When it comes to business process automation, our services are exceptional especially when connecting a portal solution to multiple enterprise data sources and applications. We also implement enterprise service bus, integrate with third party web services, news feeds, social networks and payment gateways.
Performance and scalability
A highly systematic and organized portal architecture enables us to deliver server farm topology design and multiple farm deployments & configuration services while dealing with corporate servers and data centers. Our well versed professionals find it easier to implement Virtualization technologies and hosting applications for clouds. We enhance the performance of your portal by incorporating load balancing techniques, database performance optimization and best-practice programming patterns.
  • Providing user management roles and restricting data access according to the requirement.
  • SSL to secure sensitive online transactions.
  • Data encryption and digital signature solutions
  • OWASP and PCI DSS pre-certification audit and preparations
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