12 Efficient Ways To Use Forms On WordPress Website

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It is perhaps one of the best ways to utilize the forms on your WordPress website. Many of you would be using the form feature or any Contact Form plugin in the hope of growing your email subscribers through which you can have an opportunity to generate more leads than ever before.

Every newsletter subscription service right from MailChimp to Constant Contact will provide you with a variety of forms which can be used to attract visitors.

However, they’re limited in terms of design, placement, function, etc. So, they can’t provide you with a level of flexibility.

However, in any Contact Form, massive importance is given to the placement of elements as well as the CTA (Call-To-Action). According to a survey, human attention span is around 8 seconds and therefore, you need to be pretty concise with the placement of your contact form.

Therefore, we would advise you to use a dedicated plugin through which you can create Custom Form In WordPress With Custom Field rather than utilizing email marketing services.

The reason behind that is, it gives you a lot more flexibility than newsletter subscription services.

Here’s a list of what you can add with a dedicated form solution:

  • Images
  • Header Text
  • A Call-To-Action
  • Custom Layout
  • ‘Pop-Up’ Functionality

3. Integrate Form With CRM Service

As your business grows, there will be substantial data customers that you need to manage effectively. For that purpose, CRM (Customer Relation Management) services come into the picture.

There are many great CRM services available on the web, but the pain point of many business owners is to transfer the customer data from the website to CRM service.

To solve this burning issue, you can make the use of WordPress forms. Integrate your CRM service with any reliable form plugin is one of the most Innovative Ways To Use WordPress Forms, as it reduce the burden of managing heaps of customer data.

Working inside a CRM can’t be a cup of tea for everyone, and that’s where the forms can come as a relief for the business owners, as they can manage the complex task of transferring customer data.

There are many WordPress form solutions available on the web which allows you to integrate any of the popular CRM services on your WordPress website.

4. Get Customer Feedback About A Product or

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

– Bill Gates


The above quote is good enough to understand the importance of customers and their feedback about your products or services. Customer feedbacks are one of the ways to understand whether your products or services are doing OK or they need further improvement.

Now, to get the customer feedback about a particular product or service, you can make use of the form on your WordPress website. It could be one of the most Interesting Ways To Use WordPress Forms.

You can link the form with the follow-up emails, or it can be separately placed anywhere on your WordPress website to get the review of customers.

In addition to all these, you can also apply a bit of conditional logic to your feedback form so that you get an SMS or an email notification when your user posts a negative review.

5. Booking & Event Registration

When you’re coordinating an event or scheduling time slots, managing a large number of people can be difficult.

That’s where the role of WordPress forms comes into the picture, as allows you to set up registration process within a matter of minutes and also helps you to manage the massive amount of entries efficiently.

If you’re someone who has been working as a WordPress developer for a long time, then you must be knowing about How To Create Custom Contact Form In WordPress. You can use the same experience for booking & event registration process.

You can create a customized form which allows you to limit the number of submissions, automatically populate the data into your spreadsheets or any other organizing tool.

With the help of this customized form, you can also send a confirmation email to the registered users and trigger custom notifications for event planners.

Nowadays you’ve got the option of creating smart forms which ask registrant about the basics and conditionally present options as per your products or services. There are many Event Management Calendar Plugins for WordPress that can you can utilize for this purpose.

6. Accept Job Applications & Related Documents

As we know that, nowadays most of the internet users are coming from mobile devices and therefore, people search for jobs form their smartphone rather than applying.

So, as an owner of an IT company, if you’re not making use of this trend, then you’re missing out on massive opportunity to find out your next star employee.

Now, for accepting job applications & related documents, forms could be your best bet. You can also use the forms as a job application.

Have your user registered, ask them to fill the necessary details and get all the information related to job applications via forms into the spreadsheets or any other tool.

For implementing this thing through WordPress forms, you can Hire WordPress Developer from a well-known firm.

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7. Accept Various Media Files

Right from education to entertainment to documenting, there are tons of reasons why you should allow your user to upload media files to your WordPress website.

Now, managing all these media files can be a difficult task for a WordPress website owner. That’s where forms can be beneficial, as it makes this process more straightforward as well as secure.


A great form builder plugin will allow you to drag & drop media file within a single go. In addition to that, it also allows limiting file submissions by extension, type, size, etc.

The other unique feature that you can implement by using forms is uploading these media files directly to cloud storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive or other.

8. Allow Customers To Submit Reviews & Testimonials

As you know that, in today’s day & age social proof can be your biggest asset while doing any business. As per the research carried out by Fan & Fuel, 97% of the people consider customer reviews while making a purchasing decision.

It clearly means that customer reviews matter a lot and therefore, you’ve to give importance to this aspect, without any doubt.

For collecting customer reviews on your WordPress website, forms can be your greatest friend. Any good form plugin will allow you to display a customer review form on your product page so customers can give a rating with ease.

With the help of this plugin, you also can moderate all the reviews and also set a notification for low reviews.

Now, coming to testimonial, it’s a bit complex compare than pure reviews. However, the form can be helpful for this purpose as well. You can also allow users to upload the images to prove authenticity. In addition to all this, you can also choose where you want to display them.

9. Accept Donations

Most of the people don’t associate forms with accepting donations. However, it can be your greatest asset for receiving payments.

For that purpose, you can easily integrate your form with any payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe. It is a more professional approach compared to a simple Paypal button, and it also gives you more control over the proceedings.

Just like a contact form gives you the advantage of collecting information about a user over a simple email link contact, donation forms also do the same.

One more great thing that you can do with the help of form is set up a fix donation amount by integrating payment gateways.

10. Collect Payment For Your Service

Forms aren’t limited to one-time donations or simply collecting one-time payment. There are many WordPress storefront plugins which provides you with much more flexibility than ever before.

One of the best plugins we can remember for this is WooCommerce.

Are you in search of WordPress form plugin which can take multiple orders and process its payment, then WooCommerce could be your best bet with all the commercial functionality.

The great thing about this plugin is that it not only gives you flexibility with payment but also gives you the power to build beautiful pages.

11. Populate Physical or Digital Documents

Are you having paper documents of specially formatted PDFs, Word files which need a specific attention? Then, you can always rely on the WordPress form for this issue.

If you can utilize a form plugin which integrates well with WebMerge Service, then you can populate any pre-formatted document and either send it to contact or save the record.

All you need to do is scan and upload the documents into WebMerge and then, map form fields to specific parts of a document that needs to be filled out. It is one of the most effective ways to utilize forms on your WordPress website.

12. Allowing Users To Post Content Without Accessing The WordPress Admin Dashboard

If you’re someone who has been using WordPress ecosystem for a long time, then you must be knowing that to post the content to a WordPress website as the user has to log into the site and have relative privilege which is not the ideal scenario every time.

To overcome this issue, you can make use of WordPress forms provided that you’re making use of form builder plugin with front-end capabilities. If this is the case, then you can create posts via web form with utmost ease.

All these posts will be categorized and tagged as you’ve pre-defined and sent to you for the moderation. Once you approve them, they will be live on your WordPress website.


Nowadays when the lead generation has become the prime concern for business owners around the globe, the usage of contact form has increased tremendously. However, there are many other things which could be done with forms if you can use it properly.

Putting this into perspective, here we have tried to provide with you a list of 12 innovative ways to utilize forms on WordPress website which would be helpful to any developer who is working in Custom WordPress Development company.

If you’ve any questions or suggestions regarding this subject, then feel free to ask them in our comment section. We will try to respond to each of your queries. Thank You.!

If you want to utilize the forms efficiently on the WordPress website, then feel free to connect with eSparkBiz Technologies. We’re one of the Best WordPress Development Company which provides tailor-made solutions. Hire our skilled WordPress Developers and ensure growth for your organization.


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