5G Network: It’s Impact on Mobile Apps in 2019 and beyond

We are just a few weeks away from entering the age of next technological revolution—the onset of a wireless network which will help combine data computation with millions of devices in a matter of a few seconds. Just imagine—till the time you blink your eye, millions of data would have transmitted from your system to millions and millions of connected devices in the world.

The facility that will make it practically feasible, after being talked about and dissected at great length is finally here. The dominant technology that is on the verge of altering mobility which we are going to talk about in much detail in this piece is 5G Wireless Networks.

Seeing the potentialities that 5G mobile technology comes powered with, it will be naive to call it a network. 5G will be the first fabric for a complete ecosystem that is made of entirely connected devices and is capable of overhauling business and economic policies 180 degrees.

9 points you need to know about 5G Network 2019

  1. Benefits of 5G over 4G
  2. Ambient Computing Is Now Possible
  3. Reliable Wireless Interactivity
  4. AI and Machine Learning
  5. Cloud Technology Support
  6. Streaming VR Experiences
  7. More Devices
  8. Greater Connectivity Experience
  9. Which Industries will benefit the most by 5G Network?
  10. Challenges Related to Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps
The Next Step in Telecommunication Industry would be 5G Network

The move towards 5G network in the Mobile Application Development industry will restructure the world by creating innovations. An enormous wellspring of opportunities will create for mobile sectors and beyond. The 5G network will be 100 times faster than 4G with gigabit-per-second speed. The next major step of telecommunication standards will be 5G which will be characterized by g/Impachigh speed, latency, maximum output and profit that will move us towards life automation.

The paradigm shift that 5G technology is supposed to bring will have a lasting effect across some industries in ways that are going to open the doors of innovation and transformation to a level. Looking at the potentialities that 5G technology is poised to come with, it will be naïve to call it just a network. 5G will be the underlying fabric for an entire ecosystem which is made of entirely connected devices and is capable of moving and overhauling the business and economic policies.

Why is 5G Gaining Importance?
  • As per the recent reports, by 2020, Wi-Fi and cellular networks will only satisfy the 81% of mobile and content traffic demands so to deal with the consequences, cellular companies such as T-Mobile, Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Cisco, or Vodafone, mobile companies are right now working towards the development of 5G.
  • With the use of 5G technology, the application which now takes a minute to download will be available just in seconds.
  • Billions of smart objects and devices could be connected because the possibilities for mobile app development will be on a vast scale.

1. Benefits of 5G over 4G

5G will occupy frequency bands much higher than the previous generations. It will hold likely up to 6GHz which will allow for less crowded airways and much faster speeds. Some of the significant benefits include

Much faster, comparable fiber speeds sans wires

  • Lower latency of about one millisecond which means less interference and delays
  • Much greater wireless capacity to allow for even more devices including Internet of Things (IoT)
  • A more standardized experience for all, with a variety of coverage conditions and options
  • More scopes for wireless connectivity thanks to lower power requirements
From Here to 5G

2. Ambient Computing Is Now Possible

The ambiance is the idea that the surrounding environment is involved. For example, ambient sound is the sound you hear all around you at any particular time. Well, thanks to the increase in power of 5G, ambient computing through wireless networks is now a possibility.

  • It involves digital user experiences that blend into the surrounding environment and conditions.
  • It can be facilitated and measured due to a variety of sensors, devices, and technologies.
  • Imagine wearable devices that remain connected to 5G wireless networks transmitting location data, biometrics, surrounding objects, and people. It could be simultaneously connected to AI and machine learning systems to deliver on-the-fly analysis and information.
  • Watch out for the significant foot traffic ahead!

Mobile App Development Firm will have access to a variety of new opportunities, as well as the option to deliver more reliable connectivity and wireless support through mobile apps.

3. Reliable Wireless Interactivity

Development for the present generation of wireless technologies revolves around several practices meant to deal with the slow nature of current wireless technologies.

  • 4G and LTE are much faster than 3G in comparison, but still, they have their setbacks.
  • With mobile games, for instance, users still have to install a substantial data package in addition to establishing the game. It is right for mobile apps that require considerable data packages also.

Due to this, developers have to work in waiting periods for each of their apps with a download process. Many often recommend connecting and performing this process only on Wi-Fi, which can hinder availability.

However, once 5G rolls out, this will no longer be necessary. Yes, the users will have to download more substantial data packages, but they can do so via the mobile network as opposed to just Wi-Fi. Furthermore, downloads will complete much faster with more reliable support.

In terms of development, this will also vary how designers move towards similar problems. That initial download period, for example, will be a few seconds or a minute as opposed to near hours.

We are expecting 5G to become the worldwide dominating mobile communications standard of the next decade.

– Dr. Christoph Grote

4. AI and Machine Learning

Artficial inteligence
Driverless vehicles will connect wirelessly to a remote network to access a massive amount of data. It includes processing power from Artificial Intelligence and machine learning platforms that will make spontaneous decisions. Should the vehicle slow down or speed up to arrange for the impending yellow light, for instance?
In this scenario, you can observe why machine learning and AI platforms can take advantage of open connections and reliable wireless support. With the onset of 5G, developers will have even greater access to said opportunities.

5. Cloud Technology Support


The idea of software as a service has largely remained available on desktop and full-size computers. It is because more often they have access to a continuous and dependable internet connection. Some apps and services pacify this idea on mobile, but it’s not as rampant or accepted.

However, cloud technologies will prevail much more on mobile. It means access will open up to mobile app developers and designers for these kinds of systems and platforms.

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6. Streaming VR Experiences

VR technologies are starting to ramp up in terms of adoption, not just on a consumer level but also with mobile technologies. Sadly, it is still very limited in terms of what you can achieve. You must have a VR headset and download the necessary apps and data experience genuinely virtual environments.

  • To make matters worse, streaming support through VR is mostly impossible in today’s landscape due to severe latency, performance and reliability concerns. 5G will eliminate nearly all those concerns, making it not only possible but likely that VR experiences will stream over the airwaves.
  • It opens up new options for mobile developers as far as delivering these kinds of experiences to their users.

7. More Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hugely popular segment of the tech market and for a good reason. Consumers are buying-in to a variety of technologies such as smart home gadgets, wearable and wearable sensors. Thanks to more reliable wireless support from 5G, developers will tap in and take advantage of these new devices.

8. Greater Connectivity Experience

5G is more reliable than the previous generations and also more capable. That means the hardware and devices that users will have access to is less likely to get disconnected from the network and greater internet. This kind of always-on connectivity means developers can take advantage of the continuous access, thank more advanced ambient connectivity.

Imagine an app that is always connected through the mobile network to a server, sending data and receiving information about surrounding areas. Apps such as Uber could allow you to see where and when your driver is in real-time.

Imagine checking in to see if your local Wal-Mart or grocery store is crowded, for instance? It would be possible through a mobile app that reports general crowd whereabouts using location data and situational information using sensors and data access points.

9. Which Industries will benefit the most by 5G Network?

It is not extravagant to say that the 5th generation mobile networks for mobile development platform will enable the industrial revolution too. Given are some of the industries that will benefit from the onset of the 5G network:

  • Healthcare Industry: Medicine and healthcare industry are generally slow to embrace the new technology. It will bring options to relieve pressure on hospital resources, give greater control over assets, offer new methods for delivering training and provide technological support for mental health. It will thus allow people to access more services faster at a hugely reduced cost.
  • Manufacturing Industry: About half of the flex manufacturing industry process is now fully automated. It leads to a higher level of accuracy and productivity beyond human ability. Most of the automation is for work that would be considered as unsafe, impossible or tedious for humans as automation tasks tend to be specific.
  • Logistics Industry: The ultra-fast 5G network with tremendously low latency entitles the vehicles to communicate with its environment in almost real time. It will allow the vehicle to adjust and react to its changing environment. The primary benefit through it will be fewer accidents and road deaths. Thus it leads to a better and safer future in logistics and shipping industry.
  • AR/VR Industry: At a time AR/VR used to be a great hot topic. And now, the users will see the advent of virtual reality and the future of augmented reality in almost all phases of life around. From attending a live event in Los Angeles while being at home in Canada to see the history of every room and turn the monument, the AR/VR technology services will now finally go mainstream with 5G.
  • Smart Cities: With 5G finally here, the creation of smart homes and smart cities is a reality. It is equipped with millions of sensors working in real time. Smart Cities are undoubtedly a unique platform for businesses as they will now be able to connect multiple devices with a single mobile app.

Someone who owns mutiple businesses as Smart City will enjoy the perks. It will also help them offer every single sphere of their service offerings to the user of tens of connected devices in one stroke. Even if you keep the profit and business side away, imagine what 5G powered Smart Cities would do to city’s safety quotient.

10. Challenges Related to Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps

1. Security Issues
Higher speeds will lead to an increase in the number of connected devices and networks – something that will create loopholes in terms of security.

2. Establishment of 5G Based Business Model
The network speed with which 5G anticipated to be launched will demand business models that make the most of its potential, something that the mobile app strategists will have to give a lot of thought.

3. Multiple App Versions
With 5G coming into practice, the app audience will get divided to poles apart. There will be those who have devices fit for 5G and then those who are still working on 2G or LTE version devices.


Whether the 5G mobile broadband technology comes in the next year or sometime in the 2020s, it is time for developers to start imagining the possibilities which it might enable.

Understanding the 5G and its applications is must and should be on the priority list of any Mobile Application Development Company in the USA. It will leverage your company’s potential for building mobile app standards further.

Generally, when you say the future is bright, it’s a figure of speech. However, in this case, the future truly is bright, reliable and more capable which will be a boon to all of the developers and us alike.


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