Video Analytics – A Perimeter Security Solution

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Video Analysis is also well known as Video Content Analysis (VCA). Video Analytics is a type of software in AI which is initially used to check video streams in real time.

The software has the power to generate an automatic alert. It can also ease the forensic analysis of historical data to identify trends and patterns.

CCTV Camera technology on screen display

Intelligent Video Analytics will help you to detect temporal events. To implement software for general purpose machines the analysis has a set of algorithms.

But Video Analytics utilizes mathematical algorithms to save your time. These algorithms run in the way where we can manage a large volume of videos.

Video Content Analysis

As we all know that due to inadequate time and resources, most of the videos never watched by us. But if you install Video Analytics software in your system, then it can make your system more efficient.

By using Video Content Analysis, you can reduce the heavy workload on security.

How does it Work

The simple function of Video Analytics is to detect motion with a fixed background. The technology is recommendable for online growing online marketing business.

Each video analytics software solution independently operates because it depends on the manufacturer. This software is available in various forms for security purposes.

Video Analytics Software can be installed in your camera, NVR and as a 3rd party. We may let you know that each version performs the same thing.

  • The software will watch your videos and alert you for the security activity.
  • A surveillance system is used by many businesses to detect motion after hours in the store.
  • With the support of Video Analytics, you can set your system for motion detection.

So, we can use Video Analytics for Motion Detection. Apart from these, Video Management Software offers a wide range of supports.

How can Video Analytics help us?

Earlier, there was sitting a security guard in a booth to watch and catch all the suspicious activities. But sometimes we miss some temporal events due to lack of time. Hence, technology Video Analytics Software has made it easy.

  • Now, we can track outsider things happening in our absent through the advanced technology
  • Video Analysis records all temporal events and activities to detect its reason.
  • The technology also helps to determine the traffic

Sometimes, we don’t even notice an accident of how and when it happens?

That’s the main reason to design Video Analysis Software. ?

Video Content Analytics Software can solve all such problems. This advanced technology allows you to analyze, check and manage large volumes of videos. Today it has become a big player in the market of software analysis.

We can obtain real-time videos from the cameras from the previously installed ones at the location. These video collected data inserted into an algorithm for AI Development.

After that, you can find out any severe threat. It also informs about the issues at the correct time to avoid some mishap.

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How Video Analytics Software is Simplifying Tasks

In starting, most businesses restricted video surveillance for security purposes. With the change in time, it has more widespread uses. There are limitless ways where we can use Video Analytics Services across industries.

How Video Analytics Works

Below we have told you some individual cases that will help you to explore the real potential of video analytics.

  • Video Analytics helps to all healthcare providers to improve the patient experience. Here, cameras unstoppably monitor patients who will be waiting to meet the doctor. The technology ensures whether patients are checked-in within a given time duration.
  • Moreover, video captured during entrance can analyze all insights regarding the people who need help. Besides, Video Analytics also helps to enhance public safety. When we take part in any rally, sport and other activity then Video Analytics plays a significant role.
  • The industry relevant to public transport can also use video analytics services for reducing delays. It can also improve the time management system. The installed camera begins its recording as soon as the ignition moves on which records the entire journey of any program. The collected data by the VA Software gives some valuable information related to Peak hours.

Key Features of AI-Dependent Smart Video Analytics

Camera Tamper Recognition: It identifies any effort made for tampering with the camera. Partially or entirely obstructing its range of view, or severely altering the camera angle.

Intrusion Identification: It gives automatic outline monitoring and safe area security.

Video Motion Identification: It recognizes valid motion, straining out noise like lighting variations and movements of tree and animal.

Line Crossing: It discovers a moving target which intersects the specified line. Entry or exit route can be determined and can form the line in any way.

Object Left: It identifies the ignored object for a longer duration. Looks for things that are not part of a general picture.

Object Eliminated: When a particular project displaces from the picture, it can identify the situation.

Wrong Direction: It can identify when anyone traverses a line in the incorrect direction.

Duress/ Fall Detection: It can detect when a person is under duress has under fallen.

Person Running: It identifies when anyone is running.

Video Counter: It helps in counting vehicles, people, and other objects. It produces complete reports on vehicle traffic people patterns.

Loitering: It recognizes when anyone has been in a particularized regions for more than a defined time.

Video Summary: It decreases a long archived video into a flexible video report with certain events.

Business Use Cases for Video Analytics Solutions


Crime and Theft Detection

Many stores are open books when the concern is about access to the public. Usually, there are some stopping persons. Employees or otherwise – from stepping into protected areas or performing actions of theft. Smart video analytics solutions can overcome risk.

Video analytics can identify people strolling or entering a secured area and promptly inform security. It can also recognize associated security warnings as soon as they get into stores. Or anyone else pretending dubiously and notifies store administrators with real-time alarms.

Customer Insights

Security and protection is the only advantage of video analytics. This smart software can also support stores to expand the business by giving a variety of customer insights.

Such as time in the store, the most favorite areas and products, and the flow store. By interpreting and executing these insights. Store managers can take actions to enhance both the client experience & profitability only.

Industry Use Cases

Security and customer insights are two of the most popular enterprise use cases for smart video analysis solutions. But most systems are resilient and adjustable as per the needs. Businesses in particular enterprises, such as finance or travel, can customize ways to meet their requirements.

Examine the unique inspection requirements and Artificial Intelligence Developer for your business. Then after look for video analytics tools that can accommodate to your circumstances.


Retail is a business sector where video surveillance allows the security department to append an extra benefit to the profession. For instance, smart video analytics can assist manage important non-security information, incorporating:

  • Counting buyers at entries
  • Recognizing buyer behaviors like the shopping visit duration
  • Measuring and testing how shoppers interact with product displays and store signage
  • Also any other related strategic details

Municipal Use Cases for Smart Video Analytics Solutions

Most towns already have a chain of hundreds of CCTV cameras. Combine smart video analytics with CCTV cameras and public executives can enhance public safety and state of life in various ways.

Roadway Traffic and Improvements

Smart video analytics solutions can observe traffic flow and highlight crowding areas. It will help city planners to make modifications to enhance the efficiency of traffic. Additionally, they can also emphasize, in real-time, when wreckage on roadside requires cleanliness.

Public Transportation Safety

Video analytics reduces the dangers of public transport centers. Systems can recognize anonymous left baggage and track masters. Help the team to control the crowd’s alert executives to other warnings to public security.

Can raise safety by introducing cameras within public conveyances like buses, taxies, and trains. The latest research uncovered that 97% of respondents around 30 nations had executed this plan.

Consolidating smart video surveillance with cameras can allow public officials to overcome overcrowding. Also, guarantee security, and highlight warnings and real-time scandals.

Video Analytics


Smart video analysis won’t only enhance security; it can also assist towns advance and promote tourism. The most famous places and tourist itineraries can be recognized. To enable city officials to operate in turning out the tourist experience even safer and more effective.


Protecting a seaport usually indicates monitoring a huge boundary in challenging weather situations. Video analytics enables administrators to access helpful data on occurrences. Also, that is appearing in fewer infraction signals and preserving time for the security staff of seaport.

  • Video analytics can recognize humans and vehicles while overlooking climatic impacts. These can be like shadows, snow, rain, and even little creatures.
  • The immediate communication of warnings and real-time video surveillance with camera administration can also support in remotely controlling rooms. Or portable safety units estimate a position and act immediately as per the needs.
Public Venues, Stadiums, & Special Events

Video analytics is the best approach for stadium safety to maintain a record of audience and possession. It can be done by computing crowd at departure and entrance points.

Video analytics enable security staff to identify abnormalities in behaviors. Such as a follower who is being disruptive. That can trigger alarms and support for adequate risk mitigation and proactive response before safety-concerned issues direct into full-scale troubles.


Video monitoring has grown in recent time thanks in part to the sinking price of cameras. Typically, this has noticed the measure of footage jump essentially to an extent where human beings can’t hold up.

Researchers concluded that humans could only watch video footage efficiently for around 22 minutes. After that time, they miss 95 percent of exercise. When Human beings watch nine displays at a time, have a 45 percent detection rate.

Video analytics solutions that include artificial intelligence services and machine learning provide a solution to this issue.

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