How Android App Development Services Can Transform The Ideas Into Reality?

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Mobile App Development is such a volatile field.

The trends in this field keep on changing now and then. So, as an App Developer, you need to be aware of the latest updates. What was famous in previous months may become outdated now.

There have been two significant players in the Mobile Application Development market:

  • Android
  • iOS

Both these OS have played a crucial role in the popularity of App Development.

If you analyze the market of a mobile app, it will have these two players as a significant force. Out of that, Android OS has become a dominant force in the last few years. People nowadays are looking to Learn Android App Development art.

Now, many of you would be thinking, what’s the proof of Android being No.1?

Let me give you some statistics related to Android App Development.

It will help you to clear all your doubts and enhance your knowledge base.

Statistic: Number of available applications in the Google Play Store from December 2009 to March 2019 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

  • According to a survey by Statista, the market share of Android 85.1% in 2018. This figure will reach 86.2% by 2022.
  • According to research by Appbrain, the number of Android apps on Google Play Store right now is more than 2.6 million.

From the above statistics, you can know the impact of Android in Smartphone Application Development. That’s why it’s vital to be aware of all the things happening in this field.

Besides apps, Android OS is also playing an integral role in tablets & smartwatches.

Taking this scenario into perspective, we have decided to write this blog.

We will discuss how Android App Services can transform the ideas into reality.

So, why wait for anything special to happen❓

Let’s get the things started, right now…❗

A Short Background About Current Android Application Development

Currently, Android Mobile Application Development has become a go-to choice for busines owners. People consider mobile apps as one of the best ways to increase brand awareness.

Android Mobile App Development

That’s where Android Developer has a significant role to play. Due to this realization, Native App Development has gained limelight. A field which was on the verge of getting knocked out.

Most experts believe that trending technologies have played a significant role in that. All these have given a new lifeline and way to transform the ideas into reality.

That’s where Android App Builder will play a huge role. But, the question is,

How Android can be your stepping stone for transforming the ideas into reality?

We’ll dissect all these in the upcoming section. But before that, you need to know why you should opt for Android?

So, let’s analyze that in our next section.

Why Choose Android Mobile App Development?

There are many benefits that you get with Android Programming.

That’s why people are considering it as a premium member for transforming ideas into reality.

So, let’s analyze the various benefits one-by-one in detail.


It is one of the significant advantages that one gets with Android Mobile Development. Due to open-source nature, mobile manufacturers prefer to use Android compared to other OS.

The source code for Android is free. All these reasons make Android a significant player in the field of app development. The niche has attracted Mobile App Developers in the last few years.


Android Smartphone App Development makes use of JAVA programming language. Therefore, portability comes into the picture. You can port Android apps to other mobile OS.

Recently, the Android app has also got the support of Google Chrome. Microsoft is also looking to provide this support for Windows 10. That is one of the reasons to Create an Android App.

Ease Of Access

If you use the Google Android App Development service, then you will get the benefit of accessibility. The programmer who knows JAVA can work with Android SDK Tool.

The tool is available at a free of cost. So, one can access it with utmost ease from any corner of the world. Besides all these, Android OS provides you the wings to create innovative apps.

Massive Marketplace


One of the Prerequisites for Android App Development is knowing its marketplace. The reason behind that is, it is the place where you need to submit your application.

For Android OS, Google Play Store is the official marketplace. Now, you all know that it’s a vast marketplace. There are plenty of apps on offer. So, you will get a readymade market.


With Android apps, there is a massive benefit of flexibility. Android apps have a marketplace. But, you can install the app from other places as well. There won’t be any compatibility issues.

You can also test the Android app on multiple devices. All this is possible due to the Android SDK. There is also an option of installing the app via the command line interface.

Low Barrier To Entry

It is one of the most significant benefits if you opt to Create an Android Application. The most fierce rival of Android is iOS. So, by comparing both, you will get an idea of a barrier to entry.

If you wish you to develop an Android app, you need to download the Android SDK. It is free of cost. For registration on the Android market, you need to pay around $25. It’s a one-time fee.

On another hand, the App Store requires the developers to pay $99/year. Therefore, Android has a low barrier to entry compared to iOS.

Bright Career

If you analyze from the job perspective, then Android Application Programming can guarantee a brilliant career. There is so much demand for that in the current market.

The developers need to have a sound technical knowledge of JAVA. If that’s the case, then he/she can get a good job. One can also work as a system admin in any Android App Design firm.

Besides all that, you will also have the chance to work as a freelancer.


There is a myth in the market that iPhone apps are for rich people. So, there is a bigger profit margin on iOS. But, that’s not true at all. In recent times, Android apps have made big bucks.

Many applications come with Ad model. That creates an opportunity for a programmer to earn more. Besides that, the ad cost in Android is less. Therefore, the profit margins will be high.


In the last few years, Android has become ubiquitous. Nowadays, whichever device you see, there will be an Android OS running behind it. Its reach has become wider among the audience.

Be it Smartwatch, TV, Drone, Media Players, or anything else; you will discover Android. So, developers will get an opportunity to work on various projects. They can generate huge revenue.

Social Apps

In today’s day and age, the demand for social apps has gone to a whole new level. That’s where Android has been a flag-bearer. Business owners are looking to invest in social applications.

That’s where Android can provide them with options and flexibility. You can say that Android OS follows the latest trend. So, you will always stay on top with the help of this OS.

Steps For Transforming App Ideas to Reality

In the previous section, we analyzed the benefits of Android App Development Software.

We have also discussed why Android is a premier candidate for transforming ideas into reality.

But, to make it happen, you need to know the basics of How to Build an Android App.

For that purpose, the Complete Guide Of Mobile App Development can be useful.

Here are the steps you need to follow for transforming app ideas into reality:

Step 1: List Down Features

It is the first thing that any Android App Development Company should do. Writing down features will give you the direction to move forward.

It will also be helpful while making NDA.

Step 2: Conducting A Research

After listing down features, Android App Maker needs to conduct research. Analyze your competitors and market trends. There shouldn’t be a similar app to what you’re planning.

If there is an existing app, then you need to analyze them. Think about how you can become standout from the rest in the market. Add the necessary features that are missing in existing apps.

Step 3: Discover The Audience

Discover Audience

It’s essential to know who will be using your app. Knowing your target audience will help you to design the product in a better manner. Creating a buyer persona will help you on this subject.

For any mobile app, user engagement is a critical factor in determining success. That’s where knowing your audience is highly vital. So, start working on this aspect as soon as possible.

Step 4: Devising Monetization Tactic

The ultimate aim of the mobile app is to earn money. You need to make up for the App Development Cost. That’s where the role of monetization tactic comes into the picture.

You need to devise a monetization tactic before the app gets launched. Proper planning can help you to reap rich rewards. Subscription Fee, In-app Purchase, In-app Ads, etc. are some options.

Step 5: Crafting A Wireframe

The next step is to craft a wireframe. It will help you to define the product and its requirements. You don’t need tools for that. You can always use the pen and paper method for a rough sketch.

If you want to use online tools, then that is also a good option. For using these tools, you won’t require any technical skills. Wireframe, along with feature list, will become a good specification.

Step 6: Approaching Local Developers

Once you’ve specified the features, you can contact any mobile app developers. Click To Investigate more on this subject. You should find out the local developers in your town.

He/She can guide you on How to Create an App for Android. Make a list of developers/firms and then, contact them one-by-one. One who fits in your budget could be your best option.

Step 7: UI/UX Design

After finalizing the Mobile Application Development Company, you should work on UI/UX design. Many people don’t give importance to this aspect, but it’s an extremely vital point.

Based on the wireframes, designers will be able to make a great UI/UX sketch. He/She will be able to finalize the app flow as well. After completing this step, you will 50% of your app ready.

Step 8: App Development & Testing

App Development & Testing

After all the preparation, it’s time now to start the development process. Divide the development process into various stages. Try to complete a particular stage within a week. It will help you.

Once you complete the stages, you will get the final product in front of you. After the development, you need to test apps. For that, you can take help of automation & manual testing.

Step 9: Launch The App

Once you get satisfied with the app functionalities, you should launch the app in the Google Play Store. For that purpose, you need to pay a one-time fee for the registration. It will set you up.

After you get all the things done, start the promotional activities. You should make use of your social media networks. It will help you to reach a broad set of audience, which is fantastic.!

Step 10: Take Audience Review

After you launched the app into the market, you should take a review from the audience. Ask them about good & bad features. Based on that survey, you can make improvements in the app.

How Is Android App Development Services Transforming Ideas to Reality?

So far, we have analyzed the benefits of the Android App.

We have also gone through the whole process of transforming app ideas into reality.

Now, it’s time we analyze the core topic of our blog.

Let’s discuss how Android App Development Services can help to convert an idea into the app.

Here is a list of factors that will play an integral role in this situation.

Transformation Of Android Ecosystem

It is one of the prime reasons why many consider Android OS for converting the idea into an app. In the last few years, the Android ecosystem has changed drastically, without any doubt.

The release of instant apps has played a significant role in that. With instant apps, user engagement has gone to a whole new level. It also helps you to improve accessibility as well.

For developing instant apps, Android OS is an appropriate choice. Therefore, you can say that it is aiding in transforming the ideas into reality. It also helps you to improve your conversion rate.

Smart Apps

Nowadays, App Design companies are focusing on apps that don’t require the user to go through the downloading process. Developers are looking to innovate something new in this area.

The Android developers are working towards creating apps that can load quickly like a mobile site. The instant apps have played a significant role in the rise of Smart Apps, without a doubt.

The concept has made massive disruption in Android app field. It has made people think How to Develop Android App. So, you can understand the impact of this innovation.

Improve App Marketability

With the rise of instant apps, developers have understood the better ways of an app promotion. It also allows you to market the app without spending too much money. That’s fantastic news.!

Instead of developing a full app, developers focus on developing an app prototype. After that, they share a prototype on the Google Play Store. It helps to create a brand among the audience.

Generating More Revenue

Instant apps have proved to be a great source of income. App development firms are putting the hard yards in these apps. They know that it will reap rich rewards for them in a short period.

The concept allows you to implement better monetization strategies. So, you can say that app development companies have transformed apps into a revenue-generating machine.

Sponsorships, In-app Purchase, Subscription, and Ads have played an integral role in that. It allows you to build trust among the audience. So, user satisfaction will be an all-time high.


Mobile apps have been a go-to choice for business owners to generate revenue. There will be hardly anyone in this world who hasn’t invested in the field of app development.

As you know, there are two major players in the mobile app domain – Android & OS. Out of that, Android has become a dominant force in the last few years. So, you all should know about that.

Taking this scenario into perspective, here we have tried to provide you with a guide on how Android App Services is aiding in transforming ideas into reality.

It will help any Mobile Application Development Company in NYC to prepare for future scenarios. We hope you had a great time reading this article, and it will enhance your knowledge.

If you still have any questions or suggestions related to this blog, then feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Thank You.!

Disclaimer: We at eSparkBiz Technologies have created this blog with all the consideration and utmost care. We always strive for excellence in each of our blog posts and for that purpose, we ensure that all the information written in the blog is complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date. However, we can’t always guarantee that the information written in the blog correct, accurate or up-to-date. Therefore, we always advise our valuable readers not to take any kind of decisions based on the information as well as the views shared by our authors. The readers should always conduct an in-depth research before making the final decision. In addition to these, all the logos, 3rd part trademarks and screenshots of websites & mobile apps are the property of the individual owners. We’re not associated with any of them.

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