Why AngularJS Is The Optimal Choice For Enterprise App Development?

By Mohit Surati Angular Js January 13, 2020 12 min read 370 Views

Have you ever wondered which platform is the most suitable for enterprise app development? You might have researched online and come across a few options. Today, we’re going to learn about why you should opt for AngularJS For Enterprise App Development.

Undoubtedly, JavaScript is one of the most capable programming platforms to create stunning and fluidic apps that users love. Thanks to a ton of JavaScript frameworks like Node, Angular, Meteor, Mean, etc. you can cope with any project requirement.

As far as enterprise application development is concerned, AngularJS could be a perfect choice.

Besides the fact that most of the leading brands like PayPal, The Guardian, Netflix, Lego, etc. use AngularJS to run their websites. Other authentic reasons determine why AngularJS is the optimal choice for enterprise application development.

Today, I am going to share the top reasons that conclude that one should utilize AngularJS For Enterprise App Development.

1. JavaScript

JavaScript is the most favorite programming language for almost all developers. It’s easier and fun to work with JavaScript. That’s why there are a dozen of JavaScript frameworks available to provide excellent development solutions.

JavaScript was meant to be the client-side scripting language. It has successfully maintained its reputation of being the number one client-side scripting language.

Earlier, JavaScript was used for frontend website development, but today, JavaScript has come along the way. Now, it provides cross-platform multifunctional programming experience to developers.

AngularJS is also made of JavaScript. Most of the web developers are experienced with JavaScript language. So, working with AngularJS Framework would be easier for them.

If you have an in-house web application developers who are versed with native programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript then they can comfortable to grasp the knowledge of this framework and apply it on all your projects.

You can create a customized script and make your websites interactive using JavaScript languages. That is the reason why AngularJS Web App Development Company is using the AngularJS framework for enterprise app development.

Thanks to JavaScript’s base on AngularJS, you would be able to create attractive, engaging, self-explanatory, and fluidic user interface for enterprise application development.

Your developers don’t have to work on boring programming languages like CSS and HTML, where they have to write an extensive amount of code to create basic UI of a web application.

They can make your web page elements and landing pages more attractive and featureful and fulfill maximum customers’ expectations.

2. Excellent Codebase

The codebase is a collection of source code which is used to build software apps.

All the major programming languages have different platforms with separate codebases that have a different set of guidelines and rules.

Developers usually have a hard time when they create a particular enterprise web application using multiple programming languages. Now, they need to manage different codebases to make the app run successfully.

However, AngularJS codebase has a straightforward structure, and it is developer-friendly.

The codebase of AngularJS is intelligently designed to cope with any potential scenario. You can edit and manipulate your source code files without changing too much code or worrying about the compatibility problems.

If the particular code is written in HTML and JavaScript and you wish to use the same source files for Android and iOS development, you won’t be able to do that because every programming languages have a different codebase.

This will consume more time to create an app for mobile phones. However, if you are using AngularJS, you can have a single code base for all platforms — mobile, web, desktop, etc.

AngularJS will different codebases into a single codebase. That means for your Android, iOS and web applications will run on a single AngularJS codebase.

This will give your developers the freedom to focus more on logic and add features to the app instead of worrying about compatibility issues.

Due to this kind of amazing feature, people are choosing AngularJS For Enterprise App Development in recent times.

If you upgrade your system or version of libraries or frameworks, the codebase will intelligently deliver desired results for you.

3. Portability

AngularJS is the most portable JavaScript framework that helps programmers write excellent source code for projects.

As discussed in the above segment of the codebase, for different platforms, you will have to work with different codebase means independent source code files. You are not allowed to use the same code in other source code files that have the same objective.

When it comes to AngularJS, you get maximum portability to leverage your already written application code. In similar scenarios, you can also just copy and paste the code from one file to another file without changing the name of the variables or edit anything in the code.

This will save a lot of time for developers since they don’t have to waste their energy on writing redundant code for the same purpose.

4. File Management

File Management in Angular

Every programming language has its own set of rules and regulations to manage files and code. This often makes developers work harder and make them frustrated by forcing them to follow these complex rules and regulations.

This particular scenario can be a real tiebreaker as to why AngularJS is a better platform. See these other platforms force you to practice a certain kind of way. But enterprise application development may need freedom in file management, and these programming languages don’t allow that.

Therefore, AngularJS goes a long way. This JavaScript platform follows no conventions whatsoever. You are allowed to store and name your files as you wish. There are no strict rules and regulations that developers have to follow while working with AngularJS.

That said, that gives organizations a chance to build a unique style of file management for their AngularJS source code files without any confusion.

In an enterprise application development project, there would be a team of developers and testers who are full time associated with particular project execution.

Since there are no conventions in AngularJS, all the developers will work as they like, which would hinder the concurrent project execution.

So, it is recommended that organizations follow a specific practice to manage their files and source code to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page

5. User Experience

Just Google the top successful products, and you will find one characteristic that is common among all those successful businesses and their products. All of them who were great would have an extraordinary user experience.

And it seems legitimate. Because even if you do, you have a great product idea and a talented team of designers who design your dream project. But what if the end-user does not find it appealing enough to use it in daily life.

That’s why user experience is crucial to determine the success of your product. When it comes to AngularJS, the framework can create an excellent user experience by enabling attractive UI elements and an effective coding environment to build a stunning enterprise application.

Programmers and designers work tirelessly on another traditional programming environment to create the basic layout. They have to write their HTML5, CSS3, and amalgamate JavaScript to make it an attractive looking landing page.

So much hard work is reduced in AngularJS thanks to Model View Controller support. Yes, you heard that right. AngularJS supports MVC architecture and supports a wide range of UI elements and libraries for better frontend development environments for a coder.

There are hundreds of plug-and-play UI elements developers can leverage into their programming tasks to quicken the programming procedure. In fact, user-experience is one of the reasons why Combining AngularJS & Ionic can be a great option.

6. Developer-Friendly

Before using Best AngularJS Frameworks into your development, programmers take care of a lot of things and learn the basics of a particular programming development platform to be able to deliver accurate output through correct code.

Learning and applying the new fundamentals in your application development can be a daunting task. Moreover, the reputation of an organization and development agency are both at stake, so developers cannot compromise and afford to commit any single mistake.

But when you are working with AngularJS, you get a relaxed environment because this is one of the easiest frameworks that you can come across. In fact, if you carefully analyze the Top Features Of Angular 8, this fact will get conformed.

As already discussed, it is based on the top of JavaScript programming language, so people who are already working as a web developer can comfortably use this JavaScript framework.

Even if you know the basics of web development and have worked with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you would be able to work with all the supported libraries and UI elements easily.

Thanks to its development of friendly nature, agencies and enterprises do not have to invest in training their human resources. They can quickly integrate this JavaScript framework into enterprise application development and take maximum benefit.

7. Excellent Community

Excellent Community

How many times have you felt helpless as the particular programming platform, which you are using, has a less active community? So, you cannot take any help and suggestion from any reliable sources.

If you are building an enterprise Mobile Application Development on a platform that is not famous or does not have live community support, then you have to suffer a lot because if you are stuck anywhere, you will have a hard time getting out of it.

Moreover, the community also ensures. It rolls out regular updates and activities for the given platform. So, developers can ensure better development and robust security for their clients and users.

If you know where I am going, then you might be right. AngularJS successfully completes all the requirements.

It has an insanely active GitHub community where AngularJS developers connect, interact, and communicate with each other daily. The Github community of AngularJS is the most active.

Developers of AngularJS regularly share core and security updates to let developers improve their Enterprise app development.

8. Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security in Angular

A small breach in security can result in a complete shutdown of your project. Security breach does not only impact user experience but also impact on the reputation of the business.

When it comes to enterprise applications, the Security of the Enterprise App becomes essential. The reason behind that is, it has got sensitive and confidential data about users and company that has to be secured at any cost.

AngularJS robustly manage the privacy of your data and the security of your application. It blocks any virus or potential 3rd party entity to enter into the system.

9. Scalable Applications

Scalable Applications With Angular Js

When you’re working with traditional programming languages, Scalability is a massive issue. For example, you have built a good enterprise application using traditional programming languages. It has a great success, and you want to get the same application as a mobile app.

To create a mobile app from a desktop or web app, you will have to replicate the same layout and function. For that purpose, use other dedicated programming languages that are supported on smartphones.

It will be extremely time-consuming to create code from scratch, and you will have to hire dedicated programmers who can write code for mobile platforms.

That’s when in AngularJS wins the competition. AngularJS can reuse the same code for building a web application. You can Hire Angular JS Developers to know more about this aspect.

There are frameworks and library files like PhoneGap, Ionic, NativeScript that AngularJS supports. They could scale your HTML tags and JavaScript code for enterprise mobile application.

This hybrid application development is the most fundamental advantage of using AngularJS. You can scale your existing enterprise application whenever you want and as easily as possible.

You don’t have to hire dedicated mobile application developers. A couple of JavaScript libraries would be able to utilize the same HTML code for your mobile application.

10. Testing is Effective

Testing of Angular Apps

Testing is one of the most fundamental procedures of Enterprise Application Development. It will ensure that the written code is working properly on all the given scenarios.

To test your code, you need different devices, platforms, and dedicated human resources that continuously verify the functioning of your source code.

This is an area where there are chances of a Mistake By AngularJS Developer. So, AngularJS has provided you with plenty of testing facilities.

This whole procedure can be extremely exhaustive since you cannot predict how the code will behave. Moreover, if the code does not respond properly, you have to edit it to make it responsive to all the scenarios.

Thanks to the robust architecture and modular behavior of AngularJS, your application will be fully responsive to work on mobile and desktop.

There are many productive testing libraries available to check AngularJS code excellently in real-time.

These testing libraries will ensure that you don’t have to refresh your browser every time. Furthermore, you can also be sure that the application is responsive on all platforms from a single system.

You no longer have to switch between devices and platforms to verify the code. Moreover, AngularJS can also be smart enough to only test particular snippets sometimes instead of compiling the whole code all the time.

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These benefits are enough to prove that you should choose AngularJS For Enterprise App Development.

The way this JavaScript framework covers every aspect of an enterprise app is commendable.

We hope you had a great time reading this article. Thank You.!

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