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Mobile apps have become the essential features of any smartphone. People use apps more than they use anything on the phone. Every necessity is now available at our doorstep through these apps.

Gone are the days of enjoying shopping. Today people want to spend more time enjoying their preferred activities. Shops can come to their homes.

There are many features in mobile apps that users find very convenient. But the one element that the app owners or admins find most useful is the push notification.

Wise admins use this for their best advantage. Companies use Push Notifications for keeping the users happy and continue to use the app.

What Is a Push Notification?

Push Notification Service is the best feature in mobile apps. It allows the app to send messages to the mobile device. There’s a significant advantage of this feature.

The user doesn’t need to use the app when receiving the notification. The app user doesn’t need to request for any information to receive a push notification.

Push notifications are messages which the app owner sends to the user. It’s for passing some information which the user may not have asked.

It is a feature that allows apps to keep the user informed. It can be about any changes, offers, or even the status of their order. It is also a way to keep the customer interested in the app.

You can ask a mobile app development company to incorporate push notification. However, you should use push notification wisely.

If you over-use the feature, you could end up irritating your customers.

Before we see how you can use the feature to your benefit, let us see the key benefits of having a push notification.

Advantages Of Push Notification

  • You can communicate with your users even when they are not in the app.
  • You can create real-time traffic on your app, which makes your content reach more people.
  • You can remind customers or send them valuable information.
  • Push notification is the best way to inform users about any new launches or offers.
  • You are adding value to the app when you send push notification on the latest news or information.
  • For social networks, push notifications help to keep people engaged with the app. It helps in Increase Mobile App Download.
  • If you are monetizing your app using ads, push notifications will help to get users to see the page with the ad. It will increase your ad revenue.
  • It is an excellent feature for e-commerce apps. You can spur shoppers into making purchases. It’s for announcing unique benefits and discounts.
  • Mobile App Push Notifications also help you in knowing your user. For that, they collect the data from them.

Quite often, app admins or owners have not got the best benefits from push notifications. Some apps have not used them effectively for people to act on these notifications.

Many companies use them so much. In return, people switch off permission for Android Push Notification. You have to maintain some etiquette when using push notifications.

Getting Permission To Send Notifications

The Android platform gives more power to Convert Idea Into An App to the users now. Before Android Marshmallow, the system asked permission for push notification during installation.

Now users can choose to deny permission even when using the app. People are not likely to permit before they start using the app.

It is best to ask permission for Mobile Push Notifications Service. You should do it after the user has registered in the app. It is even better to ask permission with a context.

If there is a reason for push notification, then users are more likely to give consent.

The ideal way to make users receive push notifications is to provide options in the app settings. They must be able to choose what types of notifications they are willing to accept.

It is a very tricky situation. You must be able to send notifications without alienating the user. You should have a clear strategy for push notifications.

  • The latest Android versions allow users to turn on or off push notification even when using the app.
  • There is no need for users to opt for permission while installing.
  • Provide the options in the app settings. So, users don’t turn off permission in mobile settings.
  • You must provide options for users to choose what types of messages they can receive.

Have a Clear Push Strategy

When you incorporate Push Messages in your app, you should have a clear strategy. You should use it only for specific, explicit purposes.

These should be useful for users. This way, you will not risk users denying you permission to send push notifications.

One of the things that users will almost always fall for is scarcity messages. There can be a product that is going out of stock.

Some discount offers may be coming to an end shortly. If you send messages informing these, customers will welcome such messages.

You can send push notifications when the customer has not used your app for quite some time. It will help to spur the user into action.

You can also send messages if you want to gift something to the user. You may want to give some discount to the user for staying on the app for a particular period.

If the customer is close to your store, you can use location-triggered messages. It can inform them of the location of the store. It will give your sales a boost.

It will also ensure that users will keep the push notification permission. You can even offer a discount in that shop when they open the app.

You can use Push notifications to send feel-good messages. People like to receive positive messages in the morning.

You can get your Mobile App Developers to include feel-good messages. You can send it to get your app a favorable opinion from the users.

There is nothing wrong with sending simple marketing messages. That is the primary reason for having the app.

When you add a new product or modify it, you can send messages to the customers.

  • Have a purpose for your messages, which is useful to the customers too.
  • Users welcome scarcity messages like product going out of stock or discount ends.
  • Sending push notification to pull the customer back to your app can make them use your app again.
  • You can send messages informing about discounts or coupons that users have won.
  • Messages triggered by locations are excellent. It can guide your customers to the nearest stores.
  • You can offer discounts for visiting a particular outlet and making purchases.
  • Users usually accept feel-good messages without hesitation.
  • You can send marketing messages informing change or the addition of products.
Using Your Push Notification In The Best Manner
Timing Of Message

The timing of your Mobile Push Notification is crucial. You can find the timing by knowing the location of the user. Even if you have not collected the users’ location.

You can find it using apps location or the user’s IP address. Sending messages during the night can have an adverse effect.

Multimedia Notifications

Most of the modern mobiles allow including multimedia in push notifications. You can have images or animations in the push notification.

One can notice it as they occupy much screen space. But you should use it very diligently lest you irritate your user. You can also use notification icons to enrich your messages.


Nothing works wonders like addressing someone by their name. It makes the messages more personal. They feel a connection to the app when they receive messages directed to them.

If you have data about the user, you can send them personal messages for various reasons. You can use the device id or user data to include personalized messages.

You can also send messages about their favorite activities. It is another kind of personalization. Netflix uses this very effectively to send a notification. It’s about an upcoming movie of their favorite genre.

Make It Short And Sweet

Short messages get better responses. People get bored with reading emails and blogs. That’s why marketing emails get lost in the crowd or get deleted.

Messages of 25 characters or less get better responses. If you want users to take action on your push notification, you should make the message short.

Interactive Notification

Another way to get a response is to use an interactive push notification. You can include this type of message which will call for action from the user.

Social apps can send a notification to tell the users when their friends are active. It can ask the user whether they want to connect with the friend.

It will elicit a response. It is an excellent way to keep the user activity on the app.

  • Send push notification at an optimum time. You can know the time from the location or IP address.
  • Enrich your messages with multimedia. These elicit better responses.
  • Personalizing the notification can do wonders. Adding the names of users pleases them.
  • Knowing their tastes and sending notifications about events. It will make your users happy.
  • You should make the messages short and to the point.
  • Interactive notification with call-to-action can make it interesting for the users.

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Things To Note When Sending Push Notifications

A/B Testing

It is one of the best tools for you. One type of notification or timing or size doesn’t suit all the users. You should know what will suit your users.

For this, you should continuously keep experimenting in different ways. It should be a continuous process, and you should analyze the results to see which one is best for you.

Mobile App Testing


Content is king in push notification too. All types of digital marketing depend on fresh and exciting content.

In Rich Push Notifications, you have to make it short, compelling, and spur the person into action.


It is essential. You should know details about your users and send them messages accordingly. You should know their age, gender, location & special interests.

It will help you to send different types of notification to different segments of people. In this way, you don’t waste your notifications.

Users who have not been on the app for a long time should receive messages. It will bring them back to action.

Active people should receive messages. It will make them use the app more often and more extended periods.

Frequency Of Messages

You need to be very careful about this. When you see that your notifications are getting the required effect, do one thing. Don’t go overboard and start sending them more often.

It can indeed result in adverse effects. Keep the frequency to the optimum level. Different types of messages should have different frequencies.

There are messages about friends being active or someone having seen their photos. These messages can have a higher frequency.

People love such notifications. They will prefer not to receive marketing messages with the same frequency.

Know Users’ Priority

You should know what messages the users will like to receive the most. There may be many notifications that the user gets. It is one of the greatest Mobile App Development Tricks that you’ll ever receive.

You should first send the ones they want to read like someone had seen their photos. You can send the rest of the notifications later. You should prioritize the messages.

Be Creative

Push notifications should be short but still, make an impact on the user. It will need them to be interesting. You can send something funny.

You can also send messages that relate to recent events in the area. Even while keeping your brand profile, you can create messages that will remain in the user’s mind.

  • Testing effectiveness by experimenting with different types of notifications is necessary.
  • Testing will help you know which messages are active on which segments.
  • Your content should crisp and to the point.
  • Send messages keeping in mind the users’ age, gender, location, and interests.
  • You should know how frequently you can send each type of notification.
  • When there are multiple notifications, know the user’s priority.
  • You can be as creative with your messages as possible without losing the brand identity.

Top Push Notification Platforms

There are many push notification platforms for both iOS and Android. You may not find any of them to be the best, but you will surely find one that will take care of your needs.

Let us see some of the top push notification platforms. You should check the Push Notification Tools.

After that, contact business mobile app development company. It will select the most suitable option.

Urban Airship

Urban Airship Platform

  • It is one of the very reliable Push Notification Providers.
  • It works for both iOS and Android phones.
  • It is suitable for multi-channel messaging. It provides useful insights into user usage in advance.


  • This platform provides the best personalization. You can program UI to specific users.
  • It provides excellent automation support. You can program it to send notifications automatically in specified durations.
  • It offers automated notifications, custom templates, and other standard features.
  • You can focus your notification at specific segments and do real-time tracking.

Localytics Push Notification

  • This platform is available for iOS and Android platforms.
  • You can use this platform for In-App Push Notification and get a good impact.
  • You can integrate this with existing analytics platforms. After that, conduct visual A/B testing.
  • You can customize the notifications for specific needs like retention, information, or engagement.
  • You can create notifications based on users’ status on the app.
  • It can target users and send personalized notifications based on their location.


  • You can either use their dashboard or create your notification programs.
  • The platform provides you with emojis and badges for better engagement with users.
  • This platform includes images, videos, CTAs, and rich media.
  • It works on both iOS and Android.
  • It’s one of the famous push Notification Service Providers.
  • You can use this platform for both iOS and Android and Google Chrome.
  • The platform is simple and very quick to install.
Amazon SNS
  • This platform is compatible with Amazon AWS and is easily scalable to any platform.
  • You can send push notifications from the cloud.

Final Thoughts

Push notification is a powerful tool if you use it correctly. You must remember that it is not about sending the maximum number of messages.

The focus should be on sending notifications that will be useful for your users. The idea is to enhance their experience with the app.

App Development Company In NYC is always looking at making the user’s experience better. Personalizing your push notification to the best possible manner is one of the ways to do it.

Let your users feel that they are always on your mind. Nobody minds receiving messages that are relevant to their interests and needs.

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