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Boost your brand engagement & increase ROI by redesigning immersive UI/UX with our bespoke custom AR VR development services. With eSparkBiz as an innovative AR/VR app development company, seamlessly script 3D models, sensor apps, AR/VR apps, location-based services, immersive games & more blending IoT, AI/ML & modern techs for innovative augmented solutions.

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Design Magnetic Virtual Realities to Stimulate your Users with a Top AR VR App Development Company

Our real world is rapidly mingling with the virtual world. So, engage users with your brand by meeting their demand for distinct experiences with our sensational AR VR apps.

We are a leading AR VR app development company shaping high-end, imaginative AR VR solutions. Uniquely, we tie the best augmented virtual reality with your specific business needs in a limited time & budget. And create immersive AR VR apps that give your users memorable, real-world-like interfaces. So the businesses enjoy loyal and lasting customers.

Virtual & augmented reality is the simulated environments that give life to an idea with images, motion & senses. Significantly, AR VR app development uses 3D design models & algorithms to produce overlaying virtual content. It allows businesses to build winning virtual apps that instantly get the user’s attention.

Given our years of experience, we craft high-end, measurable AR VR products that are capable of smart functioning. Further, these customized solutions deftly utilize user data to improve your business growth.

Outrun your competitors with our AR VR software mingled services & products for your business. With our AR VR development services,  you are assured of one-of-the-kind, engrossing AR VR apps.

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Enhance the Virtual Experiences of your Business with our AR VR Development Services

Our complete AR VR software development services seamlessly use scripts to design 3D models, product strategy, & blend IoT and AI to create augmented reality for you to engage the users with your brand. Plus, our provided AR VR solutions overcome blockages & object recognition during content creation, simplify your retrieving data storage, secure all forms of communication, sync various data, collate & process information, & other business functions. So leverage the power of AR VR with an expert software development company.

AR/VR App Customization

Looking to develop highly customized AR/VR apps? Let us help you. With our AR/VR app customization services, we will help you take the market by storm with unique, never-seen-before customizations.

Apps for Data Visualization & Computer Vision

Take data visualization and computer vision to next level by infusing AR capabilities in your apps. So, create meaningful AR data visualizations and computer vision apps that make deriving insights fun and easy for every user.

Sensor-based AR/VR Desktop and Mobile Applications

Our sensor-based AR VR app development services will help you leverage all the data from your end user’s device sensors. And then translate them into meaningful experiences using AR and VR technologies for outstanding UX.

Location-based VR and AR Development Services

Target a niche audience and appeal to them based on their location with our location-based VR and AR apps. Further, we can help you develop AR/VR applications that effortlessly cater to a specific audience under a particular location boundary.

Visual Recognition Solutions

Looking to upscale interactivity with visual recognitions? You are at the right place. We provide visual recognition services powered by AR technology. With that, we can boost your customer’s experience by recognizing the objects around them. As a result, we can offer them output based on the object’s properties.

Face and Gesture Recognition Platforms

Strengthen the security of your platforms with face recognition using AR. Along with that, increase its usability by incorporating gesture recognition. Interestingly, our virtual reality software development team can help you build platforms with face recognition capabilities. Here you can add all types of filters to the face and unlock endless possibilities.


Make IoT exciting by integrating AR/VR with it. To make that easy, we can help you build a virtual factory that you can control from the VR app and combine it with your IoT network. This means you can experience working in the factory right from your home with just a few clicks.

AR & VR App Support & Maintenance

Sign up for our AR/VR support and maintenance services to keep your apps updated and running all the time. Moreover, our maintenance team will ensure that all errors are solved before it even impacts anything. So you can sleep peacefully knowing some experts are backing your AR/VR apps.

Augmented Reality App Development Company in India

Bring your workforce, tools, & processes into a new era. Efficiently, we combine the real & virtual world with AR VR solutions from the most innovative augmented reality app development company in India. As we choose the most appropriate techs & frameworks for your projects, it gives your employees an easy learning curve.

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Partner with eSparkBiz and get excellent digital services for your business. We have a qualified and trained team of AR VR Developers for hire that strive to deliver the best solution for your business at an honest price.

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  • Why Choose AR VR for Business?

    Virtual & augmented reality is an emerging technology that is fusing life into digital experiences. It has made the interactions more life-like, paving the way to a new world of Metaverse.

    It has specifically fueled the gaming and animation world. And is now expanding to other business worlds & platforms, redefining customer service approaches.

    iTechArt, Oculus VR, Microsoft, VironIT, Samsung, Apple, and many more are enjoying a lasting user base today with their AR VR-powered apps and software.

    Similarly, engage your users with enchanting AR VR software for continuous growth, with the help of a dependable AR VR app development company.

    1. Rich User Experience

      Using AR in your applications can give an immense boost to the user experience. Notably, the first sign of a rich user experience is happy users. Because AR/VR apps make usage more effortless, this drives happiness among the users.

    2. Personalization

      A big reason to use AR/VR is the level of customizations that are possible with this technology. Using AR/VR, you can provide a personalized experience to every user without making any changes. This becomes the driving force behind the widespread adoption of these technologies.

    3. Brand Awareness via Social Shares

      Something unique is surely going to grab the attention. Developing something that catches everyone’s eyes is pretty simple using AR VR software development. Develop unique applications, and when people love them, they’ll share them across their social media channels, which will increase your brand’s awareness.

    4. Enhanced Customer Retention

      You lead the market and retain the loyalty of your customers when you keep on providing better experiences to your customers. Enriching AR/VR experiences can help you gain a good grip over your customers, and customer sustenance can be enhanced pretty effortlessly.

    5. 3D Vision

      Whether you decide to build AR or VR apps, you’ll leverage the power of 3D. Using 3D is highly recommended when you are creating product pages. So that the people can experience the products before they purchase. When you start using these 3D integrations with AR/VR technology, you make a giant leap in customer experience. This will definitely give an excellent boost to your business.

    6. Easy Visualization

      Use AR technology to visualize large datasets effortlessly. As a result, AR and VR remove space constraints and help people to visualize data at their convenience.

    7. Marketing

      AR/VR can help your customers experience your offerings before they actually purchase them. As you do this, you’ll see good results in your marketing as the brand gets noticed more and people interact more with you.

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Why Choose eSparkBiz as an AR VR App Development Company?

In-demand team of 45+ AR VR Developers with a 4.9 Clutch score

eSparkBiz is a leading virtual reality app development company creating bespoke user experiences for effective ROI with safe & detailed planning of successful software.

Our team of 200+ experts leverages the latest techs & their vivid imagination to produce user-friendly solutions. The results have helped businesses to enhance overall working processes.

Our AR VR experts exploit all the latest tools like CryEngine, Unity, Amazon Sumerian, ArKit, ARCore, Unity, Vuforia, AppGameKit VR, & more to give you flexible & modern AR VR solutions.

Looking to build the best-looking VR game? Get in touch with our sales team today, and get a personalized costing plan for your project.

  • 12+ years of Industry Experience
  • 250+ Qualified Senior Technology Architects
  • CMMI Level 3 Company & ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Powerful Data Security: Firewall System (Palo, Alto), VPN, Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software, Access Control and Data Recovery
  • State-of-the-art Facilities
  • Agile Methodology
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Conveniently Augment your Dedicated Development Team
  • 170 Working hours/Month with Flexible Hiring Models
  • 100% in-house Team. No Freelancers
  • Expert Developers with Rich Portfolio in Web, Mobile Application and Software
  • 15-Day Risk-free Trial
  • High Engagement with Cut-rate Workforce
  • Long-term Client Retention with 90% Returning and Referral Clients
  • Strict NDAs Signed for Complete Privacy
  • Supervise your Project with your Exclusive Team
  • Intensely Devoted Environment for Persistent Production
  • Committed Retention of Developers till the Project Completion
  • Cross-out Miscellaneous Expenses Related to the Project & Developers
  • Cost-efficient with the Rapid Market Launch
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Our AR VR Expertise Extends Across Multiple Industries

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Krupal Puchhadiya
We chose eSparkBiz for their competitive pricing & experience. It was very attractive to see them eager to hear our project scope & follow through with what they said. With the best of techs, tools & teams, they gave us the best custom CRM system we could imagine.
Robert Jongebreur
Being very professional, their quick responsiveness complimented their efficient management style is what impressed me the most. Especially, the workflow between our teams was seamless and excellent delivering exceptional products with all the requested elements.
Paul Fletcher
They have a very friendly, welcoming, & knowledgeable team following a proficient management system. We had easy effective communication with a hands-on approach & expertise. eSparkBiz turned out to be a highly reliable, friendly, and efficient partner for our desperate needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between AR and VR?

VR is a technology using which you can simulate real-world environments inside a computer system. VR technology is pretty much like role-playing games where you are exposed to another virtual world.

On the other hand, AR helps you place and experience virtual objects in the real world. AR is primarily used to provide the experience of a specific product or service from the comfort of your home with the use of projecting and placing technologies.

What is the cost of developing an AR application at eSparkBiz?

As an experienced AR VR app development services provider, we know that the cost of any application depends on many different factors. Namely, the complexity of the project, the tech stack to be used, and the number of resources employed play a significant role in deciding the cost of the application.

Giving out random quotes is not our thing. So we insist you contact our sales team and explain your AR/VR development needs to get a proper pricing structure.

Which language will your developers use in creating AR VR applications for my project?

Our developers can create your VR applications using Unreal Engine, Blender, Unity 3D, and other leading programming engines and languages. To know the complete list of languages we work with as an AR VR app development company, drop a mail to us.

Which hiring models are available at eSparkBiz?

As an augmented reality software development company, we have worked with businesses on varied needs. Due to this, we understand that everyone requires multiple hiring models to choose from. Some days you may need to hire part-time developers for maintenance activities, and when the development begins, you might need full-time developers.

Hence, we provide part-time, full-time hiring models for developers. Also, we allow you to hire entire project teams for end-to-end project activities.

Will AR VR application usage be relevant in the future too?

Absolutely yes. AR VR is the future of business and customer interactions. And we can guarantee you that this technology will be used heavily in the future. Getting started early on will provide your business with a much-needed modern boost.

Do you undertake support projects for AR VR technologies?

Our AR VR development services are expanded into many parts, and one of them is for the support services vertical. Definitely, we can take up support projects and employ our AR VR masters who can help you keep the applications up and running consistently.

How can developing an AR application help my business?

By developing an AR application, you can provide your customers with one-of-a-kind experiences on your products and services. Moreover, AR applications are futuristic. So they make you emerge as a technologically advanced business among your customers, and they get attracted.

On the other hand, developing AR applications will decrease dependence on offline experiences, which will cut down business costs significantly.

Are there any benefits in outsourcing AR VR app development projects?

As you outsource projects to an AR VR app development company, you get immense cost benefits. That will help you divert funds to things that are better for the business. Moreover, you get to employ the best brains in the industry without being bombarded with any HR issues.

Will you provide post-deployment support on AR/VR projects?

Yes, all our augmented reality app development services come bundled with six-month post-deployment support. During this time, our team will always be available to work on any enhancements or troubleshoot problems that you face.

What are the ways if I don’t like your developer’s work?

At eSparkBiz, we take due care that all your requirements are met in the best possible way. But if somehow you don’t like the developers’ work, you can stop project work at any time. Moreover, we also provide a risk-free trial period on our projects wherein you can assess our developers in all the ways you like.

Can you help me build location-based AR filters for my camera app?

Yes, with our AR VR app development services, we are able to develop and deploy all your custom location-based filters effortlessly. Hence, drop a mail today to know about the exciting AR projects we have worked on.

What is the average experience in your AR VR app development team?

As an experienced augmented reality app development company, we hire the best developers to ensure that all the clients get the best quality work. Currently, the average experience in the AR VR app development team sits around 3+ years. It is a blend of designers, 3D developers, and experienced project managers.

Will I get project managers for my AR VR project?

As you hire full-time developers or approach us for end-to-end virtual reality software development, we will set you up with a dedicated project manager. He/she will lead your project to completion without any hassles.

Which 3D development tools will you use?

To create bespoke VR AR applications, we use 3D development tools like Maya, Blender, Unity 3D, and Unreal Engine too. However, we have many expert developers ready to work on the tool and create your AR VR applications, no matter which development tool you prefer.

Can your team help me build one of a kind VR application?

Yes, we value how crucial the development of unique products is for every company. Due to this, all our designers and developers will work towards making your dreams come true by creating one-of-a-kind applications.

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