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You don’t like cooking every day. When you get only one day in a week to do housework, you won’t think of stepping into your kitchen even if your youngest darling wants you to make his favorite dish. There is just one day in the week which you get for a lot of things.

Eating out is all good. Dining in an excellent restaurant is pleasant. But not when you have so many things to do at home. So, what do you do when you can’t cook? Gone are the days when you have to call your nearest restaurant and have a long conversation. All you need is a smartphone and a few food delivery apps.

1. Why Have Food Delivery Apps?

Food delivery apps are a convenience you will find on everyone’s smartphone. They have almost become a necessity nowadays. There may be days when you cannot cook. You may discover cooking difficult. Food delivery apps help you get food from your favorite restaurant.

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Getting food when you are not cooking is not the only advantage. Today every city offers you food from all parts of the world. Cooking different cuisines may not be your forte. You may want to taste different food items. Nobody likes to eat the same stuff every day.

There are restaurants which cook different cuisines. But you may not know where they are. What do you do if you want to eat Sushi? What will you do if the Japanese restaurant is far away? If you have just come back from the office, you certainly won’t enjoy a drive through city traffic.

Consider another scenario. Guests make a sudden appearance at your house. You are not prepared to cook food for them. Taking them out for dinner is not a good option. The best option will be to get food at home. You can sit and chat with them while the food is on the way.

You don’t need any particular reasons for getting food from outside. If you feel lazy to cook, the only option is to get food from outside. Food delivery apps are the best way to get food delivered at home.

“One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well”

– Virginia Woolf

Getting food delivered at home has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • You don’t need to cook. You get food of your choice delivered at home.
  • Very useful for people staying alone and not knowing to cook.
  • The disabled and elderly who can’t go out can also have their favorite food.
  • You can get food of your choice even if the weather doesn’t allow stepping out of the house.
  • You can try food from different cuisines
  • You can have healthy food as most apps will give you the calorie value of the food.
  • The food may not be as tasty as it looks.
  • It can arrive cold.
  • You don’t know the place and in what condition they cook the food.
  • The menu for delivery is limited. You could get bored soon.

2. Food Delivery Apps Vs. Phone Ordering


Today every restaurant has a system of accepting home delivery orders. There are dedicated phone numbers provided for this purpose. With communication having developed well it is not difficult to place an order over the phone. So, what is the problem?

The first problem starts with customers having to deal with impatient staff. The staff in most hotels are overworked. They don’t like to be holding the phone for a long time. It causes them to behave impatiently with customers. That is the reason why there is a massive demand for Business Mobile App Development in the food industry.

One of the most significant problems is miscommunication. Everyone doesn’t have the same accent. They can misunderstand the order when you place orders for many items one of them could be missed out. Voice communication is not the clearest one.

You may miss out specific details like not making your curry too spicy. When you are making a conversation, you can’t think about everything. Sometimes you may even miss an item. Asking the hotel staff to repeat your order is not always received well.

Instead of a long phone call, it is easier to order through a food delivery app. You can see all the details. Even the pictures of all the items will be there. You can see the individual prices. You have the facility to check your order before placing it.

3. Restaurants Benefit From Apps Too

There are many advantages that restaurants derive from food delivery apps. It increases their reach and gets them more sales.

  • Sales will see an increase
  • They get a broader market reach.
  • Orders are clear. There is no misunderstanding.
  • The ordering system is thoroughly integrated
  • It is a cost-effective system
  • Good customer service
  • No need to attend to calls
  • Very cheap marketing tool. Helps in getting new customers.
  • Restaurants don’t need to bother about the delivery system. Apps have their vehicles and drivers.

4. Identifying The Best Food Delivery App

With so many food delivery apps, it is not difficult to download one to your smartphone. But which ones are good? How do you know which can be fully trusted? There are many issues like prompt delivery, good delivery people, believing the food that they deliver are right, payment issues, etc.

The best way to choose the best ones is to see how many restaurants support them. You should find which of these apps are supported by the reputed restaurants in the city. You should download an app that is available in more cities. That means they are popular and trusted by people.

The next thing to see is the details they display on the app. You should check whether you can get all the features you want on the app. Are their pictures of the food? Does it describe the food well? Does it give you the nutritional values of the food?

Ease of use is the next thing. You should download an app that offers a good user experience. Searching for food should be easy. Making the order shouldn’t be difficult. It should offer multiple payment methods. Quick personalization should be possible. Deals and offers must be available.
Based on the many parameters let us see the best food delivery apps.

5. The Best Food Delivery Apps List


Caviar App

This app is for those who want something more than just fast food. You can order from a wide variety of food items. You can order from many fancy restaurants. There are affordable ones also on the list.

There are exclusive offers like free delivery on Caviar. Supply of food happens within half-an-hour. They have new foodstuff and healthy stuff. You can also choose restaurants by cuisine. You can see the restaurants serving a particular type of food.

The app is very convenient to use. Entering details is quick and easy. You can quickly fill the address for delivery. Searching for your favorite food or restaurant is comfortable. You can clearly see the eateries in your area.

Caviar stands out in that every dish has an image. So, you know exactly how your meal looks. How food looks like is very important for most people. There is also a provision to make special requests.

In your cart, you can see the price for each item. You can also see the delivery charges. Delivery charges depend on the distance between your place and the restaurant. Tracking progress is possible.


Doordash App

It is an app that covers the maximum cities. It is available in 1200 cities across the US and Canada. It has menus from around 110,000 restaurants. The coverage of eateries if very good. You get both local and international chains on the restaurant list.

The app is available in both Android and iOS. You can register with your name, phone number and email id. Fill in your delivery details. The app has a very appealing user interface.

You can find food from 30 cuisines. That is a wide selection even for those who want a variety every day. There are featured partners, free trials and free delivery restaurants. You can also buy spirits, wine, and beer from liquor stores.

The delivery charges can be a little prohibitive. They charge an extra service charge sometimes. During busy hours there is a hike in delivery charges. It can be a bit unwelcome. But their spread of food and fast delivery make up for these small things.

Uber Eats

Like their online cab service, On-Demand Food Ordering App is available in almost every major city in the world. You can sign up with your existing Uber account. That will allow the app to find your location. It helps to locate nearby restaurants.

The interface is easy to use. There are around 70 different cuisines to select. You can choose food by ethnicity, food type or as per your dietary requirements. You can ask for delivery to arrange to pick up from the restaurant.


The photos on the app and the reviews will surely make your mouth water. Once you add your items to the cart, you can confirm the delivery address. You can see the delivery fee and the total amount to be paid. The delivery charges can go up during busy hours.


The app delivers food from over 50,000 restaurants in 1100 cities across the US. The main feature of this app is that it doesn’t charge you any delivery fee. If there is a delivery fee on any item, the restaurant charges it.

You don’t have to register to get food delivered. It will show you the restaurants nearby as soon as you enter your delivery address. You can search for your favorite dish and get it from any of the restaurants.

The app offers search by different categories. You can search by restaurant, by food item or even by restaurants that have discounts. You can read the reviews for any restaurant. Sometimes you will also get promo offers.

You can pay using any of the popular modern payment methods. It will automatically save your payment method and use it the next time. The app allows you to track your order quickly. They will send delivery updates to your phone.


This app is another free delivery app. You can download the app in both your Android and iOS phones. You can get food delivered in many cities across North America. The app is comfortable to use. The navigation is very smooth. It has an appealing interface.

The app allows you to pre-order your next meal. You can select by food, restaurant or location. People of New York love this app. The search is effortless. You get updates about the status of your delivery.


postmates App

Postmates delivers food, alcohol, and groceries. They also supply a good number of other things. You can get food at your place or pick it up from the restaurant. You can register using your Facebook account. You need to feed in your delivery address only.

With Postmates you can satisfy your food craving any time. They deliver food 24/7 using their tie-ups with some of the most excellent restaurants. The search is smooth. The navigation through the app is very quiet.

The app offers free delivery for a month if you join their Postmates Unlimited program. You pay $9.99 and get all shipments above $20 delivered free. They are available in almost all cities in the US and Mexico City. You can download the app in both Android and iOS phones.


Another popular food delivery app, delivers your favorite food pretty fast. The app is mainly available in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. It is available in both Android and iOS platforms.


They are available in over 50 countries.
You can select food from cuisine. It offer almost all types of food items. You can place the orders very conveniently. They accept different methods of payment. You can track your delivery live.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above, there are many favorite apps like Swiggy and Zomato. There are many apps which pertain to particular restaurant chains. Pizza chain Dominoes has its app. Many local restaurants also have their delivery apps.

You can choose the best company and ask them to create a custom food delivery app for your business. It all depends on the area. Everyone probably has more than one app on their phones. You should select the app that covers most of your favorite restaurants. The apps should be able to bring you your favorite food items.

The convenience that this Food Delivery Mobile App offer makes them the favorite of every urban dweller. You can order your food when you are on your way home. You get hot fresh food as soon as you have reached home.

These apps are a boon for the restaurant owners too. The coverage is wide. Even if they don’t have enough space for dine-in customers, they can do their business. Orders are very accurate. Payment is confirmed.

Looking for an IT company that can craft a customized food delivery app for your restaurant, then Try This Out.

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