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Regardless of the type of industry, you are due to, at eSparkBiz, we hold the capacity to develop and manage your apps. Striding through the development path right from Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies to auditing the processes before going live on multiple systems and aiding start-ups to raise ICO, we are your companion.

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Blockchain <em>Application </em><br />

Blockchain Technology

The gushing of the Blockchain Technology is remolding the entire business processes around the globe. Blockchain Technology is grabbing the limelight due to its simplified business process. It is famous for transparency, immutability, and security. eSparkBiz is finely calibrated for the increasing demands of blockchain technology that are piloting the differentiation in today’s enterprise. eSparkBiz’s benefaction is a perfect match with the global requirements that are framed across industries.

The elevation of the company reflects its cutting-edge and world-class standards in the development of distributed ledger technologies under the umbrella of blockchain to maximize the profits. As a leading Blockchain Development Company in India and USA, eSparkBiz supervises a team of skilled Blockchain developers and designers to match the needs of business and society.


  • Trustworthy since third-party involvement is absent in transactions
  • The changes to the system are available to all involved in this transaction thus making it transparent
  • Blockchain reduces transaction time to minutes and is processed 24/7
  • Since there is no involvement of third-party in the transaction overhead costs are reduced

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Blockchain Development Services

The services we provide at eSparkBiz become an integral part of your business thus making us one of the top Blockchain Technology companies. The services we provide are as follows:

Minimal Viable Product(MVP) creation

Just like the layer of ice is checked before skating, dApp MVP is tested before the launch of a full-fledged dApp.

Smart Contracts Development and Audit

If you want to avoid conflicts irrespective of industries you are associated with, Smart Contracts comes to your rescue.

Crypto Exchange Development

Want a hack-proof system for exchanging crypto currencies on Android and iOS platforms? We will aid you in this.

End-to-End dApp Development

We are your companion throughout the entire process right from the planning phase to design and from coding to final launch.

Private Blockchain Development

Our development team has expertise in restricting the participation in open source distributed ledger.

Initial Coin Offering Services

In this category of service, we aid right from preparing your ideas to the promotion of ICO.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

To integrate with your mobile apps, we provide customized blockchain solutions.

Crypto Wallet Development

We help in developing a crypto wallet to carry your cryptocurrencies. The information like wallet balance and purchase history is also included.

Hyperledger based Solutions

To provide a scalable, immutable, trusted, and protected range of plugins, we develop Blockchain Applications using hyperledger.

Supply Chain Management

Our blockchain developers are capable of improving traceability and transparency. It not only reduces costs but also covers the entire lifecycle of a block of data.

Finance and Payment Solutions

Security should be handy during transactions. Therefore our blockchain development includes integration of decentralized element of blockchain in your payment app to avoid frauds.

Blockchain in Health-care

In order to increase the quality of care to the patients, the clinical data across hospitals and medical institutes are combined and fragmented in such a way that patients have control over their data.

Blockchain App Consulting

Are you confused whether blockchain is for you or not? We, being one of the top-notch companies for blockchain development guarantees you to answer all your queries.

Types of Blockchain Development

Since Blockchain Development is gaining attention, the types of blockchain development should be known as they are having loads of potential.

Permissioned/Private Blockchain Development

Permissioned/Private Blockchain Development

Private Blockchain is semi-centralized and the main purpose for opting this type is business-to-business. They are authenticated and permissioned. You can enjoy advantages like higher performance, better scalability and support for legal entities.

Public Blockchain Development

Public Blockchain Development

It is decentralized and mainly opted for peer-to-peer purpose. Authentication is not required and also free from permissions. Few advantages of adopting Public Blockchain are transparency, high immutability, and support anonymity.

Consortium Blockchain Development

Consortium Blockchain Development

It has a hybrid access method. Either all or only participants are allowed to access. They are partial decentralized. They are controlled by preset nodes.

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Why Blockchain for Business?

Since Blockchain Development is playing a key role in transforming the face of digital information, it has become a favorite child whom every business wants to adopt.


The need for reuniting gets avoided as a shared system of records is enabled among the business network members by the distributed ledger.

Seal of Approval

Only the members of the blockchain network are authorized. They are allowed to access privileges. The information shared is completely based on the need of knowing the information.


All the members in the network should give the solidarity. Since the transactions are recorded permanently, system administrators too are unable to delete the transactions.

Reduced Cost

The biggest advantage of using blockchain technology is cost-reduction. Thus this results in profit enhancement.


We Base Our App Development On World’s Most Reliable Platforms

Our platform choice is what defines the success of our dApp Development process and your dApp success - making us one of the most trusted Blockchain Development Companies .

Blockchain Platforms

  • ethereum
  • C-RDA
  • EOS
  • coinbase
  • hyperledger global form
  • Multichain
  • Baas

Tech Stack

  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • Go
  • C++
  • Solidity
  • Python
  • Java
  • Web Assembly

Blockchain Technology Stack


UI is a combo of interaction and business logic

  • App Browser

  • Decenterlined Application

  • Programming Language

  • Application Hosting

Services and Optional Components

Provision of connecting application operations with other platforms and technologies

  • Data Feeds

  • Off-chain Computing

  • Multi Signature

  • Goverance/DAOS

  • State Channels

  • Oracles

  • Wallets

  • Smarts Contracts

  • Digital Assets

  • Digital IDs

Protocol Layer

Decision of network participation and agreement

  • Consensus Alogrithms

  • Side Chains

  • EVMs

  • Permissioned & Permissionless

Network Layer

The decision of how the data is packetized, depends on the medium provided to peer-to-peer network which is basically an interface and transportation medium.

  • RPLx

  • Roll Your Own

  • Block Delivery Networks

  • Trusted Execution Environment

  • Peer-to-Peer

Infrastructure Layer

Controlling all the nodes by in-house Blockchain as a service.

  • Mining

  • Network

  • Virtualization

  • Tokens

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