2014 Design Trends, That Take Web Designing to The Next Level

POSTED ON November 21, 2014 / IN Internet, Technology, Web Design

This article is a collection of features or trends that we can expect to see in the coming year. The year 2012 was a very creative one indeed and it has passed on several features that have to be played around with and refined to give amazing results. So this year I expect to see great creativity and a lot of new features to pop-up


  1. Home page Tours and sliding images

Websites are constantly trying to keep their users positively engaged and engrossed. Sliding images and demo videos are an interesting way of going about the same. They have to be carefully and craftily constructed and integrated to keep the user engrossed and not annoyed. If properly used this works well on Landing pages and can even look very good on a web page. These little tours give valuable info to the user and in a way can improve the learning curve of your website.


  1. Sliding Webpage Panels using CSS

There was a time when dynamic websites with their fancy flash and ActionScript were a rave. But the flaws soon began to show and so these effects sort of died down. However, nowadays JavaScript /JQuery influence the way in which websites are designed. One such technique which is soon gaining popularity is the sliding panel.

Some websites ingeniously use this in their navigation. CaptainDash implements navigation such that the page is loaded like a sliding panel from right to left. If it can be integrated with responsive techniques it could be a really cool effect to put on your website.


  1. Mobile Navigation and Toggle

This is an excellent feature especially for responsive designs where space is a limiting factor. You would be able to build a solid navigation, give direct access to the important links on your site even if there are a space constrains. You can use a toggle that temporarily; hides the navigation until it is needed.

This feature is very important for mobile phones. This year I expect to see a lot of mobile toggle menus.


  1. Fullscreen Typography – pretty effective!

Another trend that seems to be catching on is the use of big oversized typography that spans the entire screen of the browser. But this feature needs to be implemented carefully. You have to use the right layout and have the text perfectly fitted using rich text effects from CSS3. Make the website easy to navigate and balance the other elements on the page proportionately


  1. APIs & Open Source

Open source software has revolutionized the web and continues to do so. These Application Program Interfaces allow designers to prototype layouts, animations and other page effects. JQuery itself has numerous number of plugins for free downloads on the internet. It’s now possible to get access to a variety of open source software like web page widgets, layouts and several other dynamic effects.

So we could watch out for free templates, layouts or CMS software like WordPress.


  1. Deep Box Shadows using CSS3

CSS3 box shadows I presume will continue to present itself in various forms, integrated with a number of design elements. They give some amazing effects and go well with the general aesthetics of the website.

Previously, it was difficult to implement box shadows using JavaScript, but ever since the CSS3 it’s ‘been a piece o cake!’ so, this year round I expect to see some creative use of the shadow box.


  1. CSS3 Animations

The CSS3 has some very useful properties like the transition which enable dynamic effects similar to JavaScript. Animation is now possible using CSS properties. Similar to the hover effects and form input fields , this time I hope to see a lot more happening.

There is plenty of potential here and I hope to see the results soon.


  1. Vertical Navigations

This is a relatively new trend, arranging all the navigation on a vertical axis was not done before and could look quite different . But, if implemented craftily it could really make your website look great. Sort and arrange your design layout accordingly and use the right colors and graphics and you could pull of an excellent design.

My personal favorite is the Riot Industries. They have categorized and neatly and distinctly made proper borders to understand what they are conveying.


  1. Circular Design Elements

Circles have appeared throughout 2012, but this year I’m expecting to see more of it and more creative uses for the circle. Circles are neat and fit into any layout block, so basically circles could be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to build patterns and then fix the other page elements into circular designs.


Final Thoughts

The user interface of a website is one of the major parameters on which the design is made. The layouts, navigations, images, content and its presentation are all made with the user and the functionality in mind. These are the design trends I hope would be seen through a majority of websites this year.

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By Devashree Parikh

Devashree has a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern websites & graphics, She’s always keeping an eye on the latest trends over typography, shapes, colors, fonts etc.
She has been working as web-designer (studio) for over 4 years, and have done lots of work over that time. her skills cover many aspects of graphic design, web design, illustration and technical knowledge, She is rather skilled on hardware, software, and computers knowledge too.

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