There has been a steep increase lately in the number of JavaScript frameworks to write front-end code. But Angular is still the most used JavaScript framework. Today, we will talk about AngularJS Development Tools in detail.

As there was a boom of Angular, multiple tools were developed to boost developer productivity. Various new IDEs were built to help developers write code.

Also, various testing frameworks were designed to aid the developers in testing their code quickly and effectively. There are also Angularjs Dashboard Templates that are helpful.

Best Angular JS Tools

In this article, we are going to discuss the most relevant tools which you should use when you are working with an Angular framework.

Sublime Text

Nowadays with increasing workloads and multiple projects on hand, you cannot expect a programmer to code on a notepad. It becomes essential to have a customizable editor in such crucial times.

Premier AngularJS Development Company makes use of this wonderful tool. So, you should also know about it in detail.

Sublime text is just the answer to all these concerns for AngularJS Development Tools. Its strong API and package environment make it a perfect customizable editor.

It has several features like project switching, split editing, definition checking, common palette, etc. It performs optimally for Angular JS projects and other projects as well.


Well, if you are looking for a more customized JavaScript specific editor, then WebStorm would serve that purpose for you. Unlike Sublime Text, WebStorm is not only best suited for your PHP projects but also HTML & CSS based projects.

Its smart IDE would help you to identify your coding errors as well as debug your code as you move further.

This makes WebStorm apt for modern-day JS development practices and hence for Angular Web Development. For languages such as JavaScript, Typescript, and Stylesheet, WebStorm can be a perfect choice.


It is different from the above two as it is not an editor or IDE. It is a collection of UI components that are used in AngularJS Development. This would greatly pace up your work.

AngularUI has twenty-six modules. One of them is UI.Layout. This helps you to split the code and display the program in your favorite layout. It is very easy to use.

You can split the available space into smaller layouts aligned in different directions.


Apart from coding, another villain for a software developer is to test the written code. Testing code thoroughly often takes a lot of time for developers and with multiple projects running simultaneously, a developer might not afford so much time.

Also, a lot of time developers need to test their code on different browsers which are again time-consuming.

Karma is one of the Angular JS Tools that would help you test your JavaScript code effectively in multiple browsers. It supports unit testing, end-to-end testing, and midway testing.

You can also simulate your program on the laptop and mobile devices by using Karma. Hence, you can test your code on several devices as well as browsers using Karma.

It is not a core testing AngularJS framework that supports assertion functionality. It opens up various browser sessions and lets them execute your code. You can integrate it with Istanbul to generate code coverage


Another AngularJS Development Tools that you might use along with Karma is Jasmine. Jasmine is suited for behavior-driven development. It comes with a battery included approach which provides you with a complete framework for testing your code

This has a unique BDD JavaScript Framework that is completely independent and helps you to write tests easily. When Jasmine is paired with Karma it can find classes and functions from your code. Jasmine can aptly figure out the unhandled code and notify you about the same.

It has a very clean syntax and you can easily write your test cases. Jasmine does not depend on DOM which makes it independent. It is also open source and has a good active community.

Generator Angular

With its easy to use commands, Generator Angular is vastly used for AngularJS developments. This is an AngularJS full-stack generator and would completely assist you to speed up the development in AngularJS.

Generator Angular will do all the tasks from setting up a development server to framework testing aids. When paired up with Karma, this can help you with testing.

If you want to output CoffeeScript or TypeScript for your JS code, you will just add one or two commands from this tool. It will set up all the boilerplate code for you.

You need to execute the command “yo angular [app-name]” and all the code would be ready. You now just need to go to the app and change as per your requirements.


Nowadays, as the commonly used browsers are Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari, it becomes very crucial for you to test your code on this web browser to avoid any errors that a user might face using this.

Ng-inspector enables extension for all these browsers so you can see your current page as well as its associated controllers and directives which are present in the scope.

Using Ng-Inspector, you can test, debug, and understand the issues prevalent in your AngularJS application. Ng-inspector helps you add an inspector pane to your browser to make testing easy for you.

When you install this extension, a button next to the address bar is added using which you can control displaying the panel.


As you might guess from its name, Djangular is a combination of Django and Angular to help you generate content for your ongoing Angular application. Rather than integrating each Angular project with Django, it becomes easy for you to write directly in Djangular.

It allows you to use AngularJS content per application. Before Djangular was introduced, the whole application was created by a single massive AngularJS application in Django which made it very difficult to maintain the code.

It allows you to create a namespace inside your application so that it easily maintains code for each project.

You can enforce a uniform structure for your application using Djangular. Djangular also uses CSPF protection which enhances the security standard of the application.


Famous for its accurate reporting and flexibility, Mocha.js is another testing framework that you can use. It is best if you want to test your asynchronous code. It maintains the uncaught exception by clearly indicating which exception belongs to which function.

Mocha comes with several features like test coverage reporting, source-map support, browser support, and a lot more others. Mocha.js is simple, fun, and flexible to use. With all these features you can do your testing with ease.


If you are using restful APIs to fetch data, then NGX Rest Angular will be a perfect fit for you. Ngx-rectangular helps you to customize HTTP methods when you want a very specific response from the server.

It allows you to write interceptors using which you can intercept the calls and any functionality like authentication in the intercepting code. It allows you to define names for the URLs and utilize the nested Restful entities also.

Ngx-rectangular supports both promises and observables. You will be easily able to send commands like GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE. You can also send these requests to any service or servers.

Angular Eclipse IDE

Angular IDE is conceptualized and developed by CodeMix only for Angular. It works as both simple as well as powerful IDE depending on the users. It is based on TypeScript IDE.

Angular IDE is enabled with several features like TypeScript 3x coding validation, Angular CLI integration, Debugging, and also provides advanced coding of HTML templates validation. It does so by extending the WTP HTML editor to support Angular2 syntax in HTML editor.

Amexio Canvas

Developed by Amexio, Amexio Canvas IDE is a drag and drop environment, having 230 UI Features and Components, 130 themes, and free and open-source which create responsive web and Angular JS/Angular Application. This provides the best layouts.

Some of the top features of Amexio Canvas are creating a responsive web design, accessibility support, contextual menu, calendar, and strip wizard. Amexio Canvas also has server-side rendering, creative cards, and progress bars. And the list goes on.

Visual Studio

Built by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, the Visual Studio is the best source-code editor AngularJS Development Tools.

It has several services to offer such as editing and debugging applications on any Operating System, built-in GIT support. It has matured over a period of time. So, it is one of the finest AngularJS Debugging Tools.

If you want to create a strong webpage, Visual Studio should be your first choice due to its vast advantages. It offers several advantages compared to others. It has a powerful source code editor tool which can be used to edit or debug any source code.

Vim Editor

Vim Editor is open source and freely available to download AngularJS Development Tools. It helps developers in not only editing but also creating and changing codes efficiently.

Some more benefits of Vim Editor are its multi-level undo tree, syntax highlighting, and many others. It has an extensive plugin system. Vim Editor supports almost all file types.

It has a very good search and replaces the mechanism. You can easily add tools to Vim. It has a very active community also.


Aptana is an open-source IDE based on Eclipse. It helps developers to code quickly. It is developed by Aptana Inc and written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Aptana is pretty fast, extensible, and customizable.

It provides remarkable support to develop code in HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript. It has a very supportive deployment wizard.

Aptana also has the capability to automatically publish the Ruby on Rails application code on hosting services such as Heroku and EngineYard.

It also has integrated GIT support and built-in terminal. You can easily customize Aptana IDE as per your needs. It also had an integrated debugger.


If you want to create the best web application with angular, Brackets is one of the best AngularJS Development Tools to use. It is a lightweight application, but at the same time, is also very powerful.

Brackets blend the visual tools with its editor in a very smooth manner. It is an open-source project and has a very active community.

Some of its specialties are that it has inline editors to enable quick editing and its live preview helps to work directly with the browser. It is designed to keep front-end developers in mind.

IntelliJ IDEA

Built with some wonderful features like deep insight into your code, smart completion, chain completion, and many more, IntelliJ IDEA makes developers more productive. It is one of the Angular JS Tools that has static code analysis and ergonomic design.

Apart from this, it also has language injection, cross-language refactoring, static members completion, and shortcuts for almost everything.

It has a lot of built-in AngularJS Development Tools such as decompiler, bytecode viewer, and FTP. IntelliJ IDEA has built support for GIT. It also allows you to run tests and get coverage.


Protractor is one of the open-source AngularJS Tools for testing Angular JS application. The protractor is based on Node.js. The protractor allows testing a real browser. It can test like a user. It can enable testing such as executing the next step.

Protractor is built on top of WebDriverJS which uses native events to test your application as a real user. It supports angular-specific locator services using which you can test specific elements easily.

And one more advantage of Protractor is you do not need to add sleep time. It automatically waits for all the tasks to execute before executing the current task.


Due to its impeccable features, Angularfire is an official library used for Firebase. Some of its noteworthy features are server-side rendering and its angular fire store.

You can also Create Your One Library In Angular using Angular CLI. It provides you the level of customization that you need.

AngularFire Store helps to automatically save data offline. Another remarkable feature is its real time-binding. Real-time binding allows us to sync data in real-time.

It also provides you with authentication capability. It helps you to store the data when the user is offline. You can easily send push notifications using AngularFire, one of the AngularJS Tools.

You can also directly call serverless cloud and the user context is automatically passed. And the best part of it: it is completely modular with size under 2kb if gzipped.

Angular Commerce

Featuring the abilities and strength of Google Firebase, AngularCommerce helps you to build up-to-date e-commerce applications. It provides several benefits to make such applications.

It is used to store components online which are written in Angular. All these components are separated from each other.

Although they all have mostly dependency on Data Abstraction Layer. It uses an Elastic search to execute Database queries. It is fast and can easily execute complex queries. Thus, hire angular programmers to boost your results.


If you want to create full-stack JavaScript apps for mobile and desktop, you can use both Angular and Meteor together. One can build several mobile applications implying Ionic, Angular, and Meteor together.

With Meteor, you can easily write applications in the modern JavaScript which can send data over the wire instead of HTML. It allows you to easily integrate an open-source library of your choice.

Meteor actively keeps adding the best features present in the ecosystem which brings the best part of the JavaScript community to you seamlessly.


This is the best UI component to be used with Angular. It has a comprehensive and fully featured data grid. Also, ag-Grid can deal with both small and large data sets.

It has developed and deep documentation. What makes it best compared to others is its ease of integration. Below is how the grid implemented in ag-grid looks like

These below features are what make ag-Grid stand out.

  • It allows you to group row together
  • It lets you build your own custom filtering mechanism
  • If you have a live stream of data, it can easily render the data.
  • You can customize each row, column, and cell.
  • It has excellent keyboard navigation.

Angular Material

Angular Material will boost your web, mobile, and desktop applications with modern UI. It provides tuned performance as it has fully tested and functional features. It has dynamic usage so all types of users can take advantage of this.

Angular Material provides a tool using which developers can build custom components with common interaction patterns. It has a very standard consistent API so you can easily learn it. It is built by an angular team so it can be integrated seamlessly.


ng-bootstrap is a simple and user-friendly AngularJS Development Tool. It is specifically designed for the Angular ecosystem. Being similar to Angular and Bootstrap CSS, it is famous for widgets like a carousel, tooltip, popover, etc.

It has no dependency on any 3rd party JavaScript. It is built using only Bootstrap CSS and the APIs are designed for Angular. All the code is tested with 100% code coverage.

The keyboard navigation is also properly handled in ng-bootstrap. Also, it has a very active community.

Semantic UI

Slowly coming to the limelight, Semantic UI, and AngularJS Development Tool, provides lightweight user experiences. It has 50+ UI elements and 3000+ CSS variables.

Below is the list of some of the common components of Semantic UI:

sm-button sm-input sm-textarea sm-item
sm-loader sm-checkbox sm-progress smDirTooltip
sm-message sm-rating sm-card sm-list
sm-popup sm-dropdown sm-shape sm-search
sm-segment sm-select sm-tabs & sm-tab sm-flag

It allows you to build websites at a faster rate. It has intuitive JavaScript and allows you to debug code easily.

The code can be easily scaled, and the code can be easily rendered on multiple devices. You can easily integrate the components with your Angular Code and the API are also consistent.


When Electron is used with  Angular, it enhances consistency and ease for developers. You can create a robust application for any OS like Mac, Linux, or Windows.

You will need several components to make Electron functional. They are as follows:

  • Angular v2
  • es6-promise
  • es6-shim
  • reflect-metadata
  • rxjs
  • js

It combines the chromium rendering engine and the Node.js runtime. There are several processes involved including the browser process and several ‘renderer’ processes. is used to add mentions and macros widget independently on jQuery.You can apply directive directly to any element. It also accepts selectable text inputs.

The mentioned macros keep observing the ngModel for any element changes. As soon as the user starts entering the characters, the typehead menus will appear. There is only one menu that can be displayed on a single page at the point of time.

Angular Kickstart

In order to kickstart your project and add boilerplate code, you can use Angular Kickstart. It will add all the boilerplate code. Angular Kickstart can help you develop code easily and test your code.

It also helps in keeping your code consistent. Angular Kickstart is an AngularJS Development Tool that helps you build and deploy your code production-ready.

You have a dependency on gulp and bower along with node.js. It has SASS continuing compiling. It has Unit and e2e testing support. The LiveReload functionality is provided by BrowserSync.


Angular Seed is a bootstrap AngularJS Development Tool which you can use to quickly bootstrap your project. It adds development and e2e environment. All the boilerplate code is added, and it installs a couple of development and testing dependencies.

It does not add any specific code. It just adds couples of controllers and views, posts which they will wire them together. You need to install node.js and its package manager npm before you can use Angular Seed.

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Angular DeckGrid

A lightweight masonry-like grid for AngularJS Development Tool. You can design your grids by using Angular DeckGrid. It is very simple to use.

You can install it using the command ‘bower install –save angular-deck grid’. Once it is installed, you can include it in your HTML code.

<script src="<your-bower-components>/angular-deckgrid/angular-deckgrid.js"></script>

Last to add DeckGrid would be to include that module in your application.

angular.module('your.module', [




We have also touched on a few layout tools that you can use to effectively use all the space available on the screen.

Also, we have discussed various kickstart tools using which you can quickly create projects. Before starting the project, it would be great to have a glance at these tools and choose the right one.

We hope you had a great time reading this article and it proves to be of great value for any AngularJS Developer in the near future. Thank You.!

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Are The Top Tools For AngularJS?

    The top tools for AngularJS framework are listed as below:

    • Sublime Text
    • WebStrom
    • AngularUI
    • Karma
    • Jasmine
    • Generator Angular
  2. What Is The Best Editor For AngularJS?

    Angular IDE, Webstorm, Visual Studio, etc. are some of the best editors available for the AngularJS framework.

  3. Is AngularJS Worth Learning In 2024?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. AngularJS is alive and kicking in 2024 and the future seems bright as well.

  4. What Are The Essential Tools For Front-End Development?

    The essential tools for front-end development are listed as follows:

    • Sublime Text
    • Chrome Developer Tools
    • jQuery
    • GitHub
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Angular.js
  5. What Is The Main Purpose Of The AngularJS Framework?

    The main purpose of the AngularJS Framework is to create dynamic front-ends for the modernized web applications.