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The Benefits Of Independent Software Testing

What we are witnessing today is technology advancing at a pace which we have to struggle to keep up with. More and more applications are seeing birth every day. Today, the common model involves the development team and test team working under one roof. So, the development team works on developing the application, which is then tested by the test team, before going live. Let us look at some of the problems which such a model has.


Firstly, there is the pressure of delivery deadlines, which may end up in testing not getting the time it requires. Development time can often take over testing time little by little until only very little time is left for testing. Another problem is that often development is prioritised over testing. Another issue that often crops up with development and testing teams working under one roof is that the testing team starts thinking like the development team, and might end up mistaking a defect for functionality. Another challenge faced when both teams work under one roof is the tendency to conceal defects.


In such a scenario, independent software testing offers many benefits. Firstly, being a separate entity, independent testing is impartial. If there are defects, they will be brought to light without any tendency to hide the same. Independent testing does not suffer from management pressure or from lack of time, unlike the in-house testing team. Thus, through independent software testing, you will get accurate, impartial and reliable results.


Another benefit of independent software testing is that it eliminates the need for hiring testers and making sure that they are trained well enough to handle the challenges. Surplus staff will also not be a worry. One also doesn’t have to worry about cross-training testers. Independent software testing need only be used whenever the need arises, which is very cost-effective. The cost of training in-house testers can be high. Instead, why not approach a testing team which is already well-trained and aware of the latest updates, without having to worry about training them? Independent software testing services are specialists in software testing with many years of experience and a huge knowledge base.


Not only do independent software testing services eliminate the cost involved in maintaining in-house testers, it also does away with the need for having the hardware and software that are needed for the testing process. Why spend money on such an investment, when independent software testing services have the latest resources and infrastructure required for quality testing? Another advantage is that of time. Independent software testing services have the right skills and resources in place to ensure swift results, so that the product can be marketed that much faster.


However before hiring independent software testing services, one must make sure that the team is effective and responds swiftly to challenges. One should also check whether the project team has subject matter experts allotted to every application module. There are many who may claim to be competent in the field of independent software testing, but one must always check everything before selection.

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