Startups need to rely on a proper development platform for their websites and applications. In the present time, several cross-platforms and open-source platforms are present for developing the business websites.

With these platforms, there is no need for hardcore coding. Here in this blog we are going to explain you benefits of node.js and why most of the startups are switching to it.

Amongst all such development platforms, it is Node.Js which is becoming the most popular. Since it’s built on the JavaScript engine version V8 of Chrome, Node.Js allows you to develop lightweight websites and apps. It works on the events and hence, the codes can be divided into smaller modules.

Having said that, we should now focus on how Node.Js can help in starting up your business and give the much-needed boost.

How is Node.Js suitable for the new start-up businesses?

If you are planning to launch an application or develop a website for your business, Node.Js is undoubtedly the platform you can count on.

Below we have given some real-time facts about how Node.Js is helping global businesses.

  • More than 2 hundred thousands websites are built with the Node.Js platform.
  • Paypal’s monthly visits have increased to 567.8 million, thanks to Node.Js features.
  • Over 90% of businesses have seen a sharp incline in productivity after shifting to Node.Js platform.
  • Node.Js can reduce the page loading time by 60% maximum.

Many Startups approach Nodejs Development Company to build their desired application or website with much more added value and that too in budget-friendly manner.

How Node.Js can benefit the startup business to grow and flourish?

When it comes to Node.Js startup business, one can count several reasons for the choice. Despite the platform being dependent on the JavaScript version, it works faster and more efficiently. And that’s what a new business website or application needs to stay in the competition.

In the below section, we will discuss the major benefits of using Node.Js for your startup business.

Helps in faster prototype building or designing

prototype building a great Benefits of Node.Js

One of the major benefits of using the Node.Js platform is its ability to transform an idea into a prototype faster than any other platform. No matter what business process we are talking about, using the Node.Js, one can write down the codes in no time.

Once the code is done, one can easily execute the same, and check the draft functionality. You won’t have to wait for the entire code to get completed in weeks and test before handing it over to the production team.

Similarly, while designing the UI, Node.Js helps a lot in speeding up the process. As it is based on JavaScript, HTML codes can be implemented for frontend designing. This reduces the time for UI designing and helps in faster testing of the functionalities.

Allows to make changes in codes easily

auto attach

Business processes need to be updated continuously. Failure to do so will make the business stagnant. And such a situation won’t be good for the startup since they are new in the market and yet to face the fierce competition.

This is why using Node.Js will help them to make changes to the codes easily. Even though other platforms using the MVP protocol allow the implementation of the changes easily, it is Node.Js which has proven to be more efficient.

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Here, the codes are written in smaller modules, with each module handling a certain function of the business process. When changes need to be introduced, only certain tweaks in the code need to be done. There is no need to work on the entire module which might affect the dependable functionalities.

Provides high business scalability

Node JS Scalibility


Another major advantage for the Node.Js startup is that it allows scaling the application or the website. Usually, other cross-platform development tools allow the scaling in either vertical or horizontal direction.

But with Node.Js, you can scale the development product in both ways. Horizontal scaling will allow you to deploy the website or application to multiple devices at the same time. It will show whether or not the product can handle the traffic coming from different connections.

Vertical scaling means performing multiple tasks on the website or the application simultaneously from a single machine. It is to check the response time of each functionality associated with the app or website when used by a single user.

Perfect for single-language full stack development

Node.Js is based on the JavaScript framework. Since JavaScript is used in both backend and frontend development, Node.Js can make the work easier. It allows the startup businesses to handle both the parts using a single programming language.

There is no need to implement multiple teams for handling different languages for the backend and frontend. One team skilled in Node.Js will be enough to handle all the work with ease.

If you are outsourcing the development or management work to a third-party company, you won’t have to hire multiple firms. Just hire Indian developers proficient in Node.Js who will do the work with great added value. It will further help in reducing the total costs.

Can handle other tasks during an I/O call

Node JS IO Call

When a website or application is performing on a single thread, complications arise during the I/O calls. If the thread receives an input or output request, it will immediately halt the current function. And then the thread will start working on the I/O function.

During this time, you will have to wait for a response. The worst part is that the wait can be for a couple of minutes or for half an hour. This is why implementing Node.Js startup is feasible.

Node.Js uses a non-blocking I/O single thread platform. It means even if the thread receives the I/O call, it won’t halt the current task. Both the calls will be handled simultaneously without creating any block or delay.

Helps in easier and faster marketing

For startup businesses, it is very essential to market themselves or the product. But it can’t happen until the development and testing is complete. This is where Node.Js comes to the rescue.

The platform is known for its speed. You can develop the codes easily and transform the idea into the needed prototype. Once done, testing can be done and then the product can be launched in the market.

This will help you to get quick responses from the production team about the glitches in the prototype. You can also understand the audience’s behavior for your business. Analyzation will become easier which will help you improve the website or app in a better way.


Node.Js is a revolutionizing technology. It is helping the startup businesses to launch themselves earlier than expected. Also, it is helping in cutting down the costs of the startups.

With Node.Js, one can not only develop the websites and applications faster and easily but also manage the updates and changes without any hassle. So, if you are planning to switch your business to a new programming platform for handling the backend and frontend tasks, hire node.js developer from eSparkBiz Now!

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