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Cloud Being Used By IT Organizations

The cloud has now become an extremely important tool for information technology solutions. In fact, statistics indicate that a large percentage of fresh software being created is made for the cloud. Cloud computing is being used by nearly 90% of IT professionals. Needless to say, there has been a visible change in how IT organizations are reaching business goals due to this shift towards the cloud.


Earlier, a large part of an IT organization’s focus was devoted not to the solution but to the tech behind the solution. But now with the help of the cloud, IT organizations are focussing on a problem’s solutions and not the tech behind the solutions. Now they can direct innovation towards the streamlining of business services, look at how well the services are working, and look at ways to reach customers in better ways.


With all data shifting to the cloud and with the help of application programmer interfaces, IT is becoming more and more relational and application ecosystems, as well as IT systems, are being used for deriving solutions. Application ecosystems, third-party developers etc are now playing a part in solutions which used to be insular. The cloud helps to boost an IT team’s developmental capacity, and also helps in better teamwork between IT and an organization’s various departments.


Cloud has helped development and experimentation of applications to become faster. Cloud has actually changed the way the conversion of ideas into applications used to be carried out by IT teams. The time taken for the creation of applications has been reduced from months to weeks or even days.


At first, reduced costs were seen as cloud’s main advantage, but now organizations are seeing cloud’s main advantages as productivity and flexibility. It is now apparent that cloud is greatly helping in accelerating IT innovations. An app can be developed quickly and on demand due to the cloud acting as a common platform, without time and energy having to be spent on the acquisition and configuration of hardware. This really helps the top people in a business to test what works without having to invest much time and having to learn the hard way. This really aids in innovation.


The ease of development and flexibility granted by the cloud is allowing organizations to convert business processes which are manual in nature to workflows which are automated. Automation translates into time saved. Cloud really helps save time and boost productivity as employees do not have to waste time sweating over spreadsheets or email. Thus cloud helps an organization to make full use of its resources.


If one looks at consumers, we can easily see the influence of cloud. Even though the change is great, it is at the business end where the change caused by the cloud is phenomenal. Technology’s participation inside an organization is increasing day by day thanks to the cloud, helping organizations reach goals more efficiently and in less time. In short, the cloud has become an indispensable tool for organizations, giving it innumerable benefits like enhanced speed, productivity, and flexibility.

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