There is no doubt about the concept of an on-demand house cleaning app, which has changed the whole perspective of digital innovation by providing the users with a solution to the most common problem of their lives.

Cost To Create On-Demand House Cleaning App

In the present scenario, users usually don’t get time to indulge themselves into doing the daily home cleaning chores and other household tasks. The reason behind this is that everyone is preoccupied with numerous other works and because of which it becomes tough to handle regular household tasks. It is where an on-demand house cleaning app makes its way into our lives.

Some Of The Most Famous On-Demand House Cleaning Apps

Listed below are some of the most famous on-demand house cleaning apps and each of them has at least a 4 out of 5-star rating on the app market.

Let’s explore? them,,

Tody (iOS)

iTunes App Store Customer Rating: 4.8/5

Tody has a user-friendly design, where users can share tasks over multiple devices, and it also has flexible options/filters to cater to various cleaning needs of the user. Based on the user’s style of cleaning, the app prioritizes every task by the user’s necessity instead of deadlines, and also offers the users to set reminders and due dates.

Home Routines (iOS)

iTunes App Store Customer Rating: 4.6/5

Home routines do not require an active internet connection, users can customize tasks and deadlines, and the built-in timer encourages motivation. Recently the app went through a massive update, and a feature came into the picture which allows the users to create a checklist that displays around seven “focus zones” in their house and the users can also schedule when to complete any particular task.

House Cleaning List (Android)

Google Play Customer Rating: 4.2/5

House Cleaning List has Cloud sync capability, where users can share cleaning tasks with other family members, and the user can create an unlimited list. An internet connection is mandatory to sync the app with the cloud servers. Within the app, the users get many additional templates available for purchase.

Clean My House (Android)

Google Play Customer Rating: 4.1/5

The Clean My House app sends daily reminders, categorizes more than 250 tasks, but does not have sharing capability like other apps. The app allows users to arrange their responsibilities by category and schedule them according to their preference (daily or weekly basis). The app also has a master list and other premium features available at a certain price.

Clean House – Chores Schedule (Android)

Google Play Customer Rating: 4.0/5

The clean house app contains ads, and the app sends a constant reminder. The app presents users with basic household chores, and they can schedule the tasks according to their preference and leisure. Since the app contains a lot of ads, users get an option to remove the ads by paying an amount of $4.99.

This list mentioned above will give you an idea about the competition as well as about the features that service providers should include in their app.

Basic Features Of The On-demand House Cleaning App

Every on-demand service or house cleaning app must have some basic features. Hence, below is an overview of some basic features of the on-demand house cleaning app that all the mobile app developers should watch out:

Online Consultation:

The online consultation feature takes the on-demand house cleaning app to another level. By using this particular feature, users can communicate directly with the cleaners or the service provider.

It enables the service provider or the cleaners to understand the user’s requirement in a better way and also to personalize the service in a manner which focuses on providing ultimate customer satisfaction.


Many service providers may have different services to provide to their customers. For instance, service providers can offer additional services like; washing or ironing of clothes, placing some kitchen stuff, taking special care of your pets, babysitting your kid while cleaning your house, etc.

The users can avail these additional services after purchasing subscriptions provided by the service providers.

Multiple Languages:

If the service provider wants to reach out to more people and connect with them in a more personalized and efficient manner, then they can use this feature. The language feature will allow the user to communicate with the service provider in their desired language.
The service provider can use this feature to connect with users who are not well acquainted with the primary language of their on-demand house cleaning app and keep them engaged.

If you want to develop a house cleaning app in multiple languages, you can contact and hire eSparkBiz’s App Developers. He/She will give you the proper guidance on this subject.


The prime objective of any app has to be as user-friendly as it can be. So, the on-demand house cleaning app should provide the user with seamless navigation. The presentation of services for the user to avail has to be in a very sophisticated way as complex in-app navigation may confuse the users.

Therefore, to provide a user-friendly interface, the app must have buttons that should resonate directly with the apps’ functions and any feature that requires long requests or any payment information filling forms must be avoided.

Offers, Discounts, and Promotions:

The prime perspective of providing offers, discounts, and promotions is to increase user retention with your business through the app.

Offers, discounts, and promotions within the on-demand house cleaning app would prove to be an excellent approach to not only keep the users engaged with your app but also to encourage them to buy the services from you.

Apparently, embedding or deploying such discounts and offers within the app will increase the visibility of your services and it will put your on-demand house cleaning app at the top of the game.

Online Billing and Invoice:

All the services have their price mentioned right below it. After availing a particular service, the users can find the payment and the price structure for the specific service in the billing menu.

The starting date and the joining date are both recorded for both the users and cleaners along with the services availed, to make the billing process easy to understand.

To make the payment system transparent, invoice for each service availed is generated for the users, and also a hard copy of the bills can be delivered on the user’s request.

GPS Tracking:

While developing an on-demand house cleaning app, embedding a GPS will help the user to track a cleaner while he/she is on his/her way. The Google maps can be used to develop this feature, and for iOS platform, MapKit can be used for tracking and optimizing the routes.

Job History:

Cleaners can quickly check their detailed job history on the app. They can check the details of their completed jobs and the ones that are still pending. This feature helps in keeping the cleaner’s schedule up-to-date. 

The Structure Of The On-demand House Cleaning App

Usually, this type of  mobile app has three user interfaces:

Admin Panel

The maintenance element of the app which allows grouping both the services and providers, tracking payments, user access etc.

Online Schedule Management:

The admin manages all the scheduled bookings, cleaners and the users registered.

Customer Service:

The admin has the option to communicate with the users to identify the problems and work on improving or improvising them in a better way.

Dashboard and Analytics:

Admin controls the major part of the app. Therefore, all the data such as the number of cleaners registered, most bought offers, apps usability, types of services purchased, etc. are tracked and managed by the admin.

Managing Service Providers and Users:

The admin manages all the service providers and users using the app.

Managing Services and Prices:

The admin manages all services and prices. Admins can change or update the price and services rendered according to the user’s requirement.

Assigning Tasks to The Service Providers:

Admin can delegate the task to the cleaners attuned with the app.


Admin manages all the transactions. Admins generate receipts for the services rendered, and then the receipts are sent to the users.

Cleaner’s Payment:

As the admin manages all the payments, after receiving the money from the users, it is transferred to the individual cleaners accordingly.

Monetizing The App:

Admin manages and monitors all the in-app purchases, promotions, email campaigns, templates, and advertisements.

User Panel

The interface where the customers search for the services they need, find reviews, pricing and track their orders.

Registration/Sign Up:

Users have to enter their basic details and then register by either using their social account or their network credentials.

One Tap Booking:

Users can search for cleaners by tapping the search cleaners’ button. After pressing the search cleaner’s button, the app will project a list of all the cleaners according to the user’s requirement.  Then the user can quickly send out requests to the specific cleaner instantly.

Filtering Cleaning Type:

Users can browse through the services and pick whatever service they want. Users can also filter cleaners according to their skills, as some cleaners work better manually, while some cleaners are well equipped with the knowledge of using modern equipment like vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and all. These filters allow users to make a compelling choice.


Users receive all the notification associated with their payments, promotions, and offers, etc.

Review Bookings:

Users can see all the details regarding their bookings like destination, schedule, and payment, etc.


Users can cancel the booking at any time.

Secured Payment Methods:

The on-demand house cleaning app is well equipped with many secured payment modules such as net banking, credit/debit card, eWallets, etc.

Cleaner Availability:

Users can check the cleaners’ time slot and availability before sending the request.

Service Provide Panel/Cleaner Panel

The interface where the service providers place their portfolios, service descriptions, and communicate with the client as well.

Register/Sign Up:

Similar to the user version, cleaners also have to register via email or their social accounts.


Cleaners can manage their profile just like updating a portfolio. Cleaners can add their experience and areas of expertise to attract maximum users.

Accept/Decline Request:

According to their schedule, time slots and the number of requests, designated cleaners can accept or decline a user’s request.

Order Request:

Cleaners can manage all their requests according to their time slots and schedule.

Payment Receipt:

With various payment modules integrated within the on-demand house cleaning app, cleaners can easily receive payments from the users. The cleaners can also monitor all their completed and pending transactions.

Reviews and Ratings:

Ratings and reviews help cleaners to improve their services as required.

Booking notifications:

Cleaners will receive notifications for order confirmation or payment.

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Technologies Required To Develop An App

The size of the app and the preferred platform determines the technical requirement of the On-Demand House Cleaning App.  A few technologies are listed below for various purposes:

  • Operating System: Debian
  • Cloud Environment: AWS
  • Programming: GWT
  • Data Management: Datastax
  • Database: MongoDB, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Text message and Voice Verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Email (subscription/marketing): Mandrill
  • Push notifications:, Google Cloud Messaging Service
  • Analytics: Apache Flink, Hadoop, BigData
  • Payment: Ewallets, Paypal


Team Members Required To Build The House Cleaning App

Developing the best and most efficient on-demand house cleaning app requires finding the most reliable and the right mobile application development company. The team members required to develop the on-demand house cleaning app are:

Project Manager

The person with managerial skills and who is capable of identifying the most efficient solution for your business.


iOS App Developer, Android App Developer, and Back-end App Developers


Expert Graphic Designer and UI/UX Designers


A group of skilled QA experts to test and deliver a smooth and user-friendly experience to users.

Finally, what is the cost of developing the on-demand house cleaning app?

Mostly the companies charge according to the hours and manpower they deploy while developing the app. In Australia, companies and the app developers usually cost around $190 per hour, whereas, in Europe, the rate is $130 per hour and developers in North America charge somewhere around $150 per hour.

According to the above price, India is the most affordable country to get the on-demand house cleaning app developed at a reasonable rate of $80 per hour. The cost can be somewhere around$15000-$20000 for developing a full-fledged on-demand house cleaning app.

But the final cost may vary in case you decide to add some additional or advanced features of a mobile app.


The on-demand house cleaning app is a multi-user platform which connects the house owner or general user to the cleaners with a swipe on the tablet or smartphone. While the users get a solution to their house cleaning problem, the app opens a plethora of opportunities for the cleaners to earn and make high revenues.

Therefore, if you pretty much liked the idea of developing an On-demand cleaning app, then you should consider the above set of attributes, technologies plus the cost that will incur in the house cleaning app development. So, if you are thinking of developing an on-demand house cleaning app, then you should approach any enterprise mobile application development company.