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A product or service can be sold automatically by building a website and using automation. Effective automation of email marketing may sound too good to be true, and with the right strategies and approach, you can make sure that it becomes as good as it sounds.


Nurturing a relationship with a customer can take time – you will have to build trust strong enough to convince them to make a purchase, otherwise, prospects will remain prospects and never turn into customers. Automation of email marketing gives you the time to spend with clients towards relationship-building.


Email marketing and the traditional sales cycle have many similarities. Four steps constitute the usual sales cycle – the first step is that of using their attention following by transforming attention into interest. However, interest alone is not enough to make a sale, unless one can evoke desire in a prospective customer. The final step is that of a call to action to seal the deal.


In a world that is getting increasingly disconnected, many are becoming aware of the increasing importance of relationship marketing. After all, it is all about trust – buyers should be able to trust you before they can buy anything from you. Instead of concentrating on that one sale, concentrate on building the relationship.


Relationship marketing constitutes of 4 steps – first the prospect should get to know you. The next step is getting them to like you. After all, it is far easier to trust someone you like than someone you don’t. The next step is getting them to trust you. If you have done well so far, you will not have much trouble with the fourth step – getting them to buy your product or service.


Social media and online searches are the tool’s prospects will use to know more about you, while your website is your tool for making them to like you. From there, you will have to strike the right notes to build trust, and eventually a purchase. Strike the purchase note too soon, and the earlier feelings of like and trust may evaporate. You must time everything properly – not too soon, not too late. Of course, getting the timing and formula right may require some time, but if you keep at it, you will get there.


Initiating a fresh automated email marketing campaign may seem a little scary in the beginning, but the fruits are well worth the leap. It is a simple process from prospect to customer. The first step is that of the prospect arriving on the landing page followed by signing up for the email list. The next step is that of the prospect receiving the offer followed by them getting follow-up emails culminating in the crucial email with the sales pitch.


If your build-up has been good so far and the pitch is delivered well, the prospect will turn into a customer by clicking on the link in the email and making a purchase. Of course, do not expect great results in your first attempt. Keep improving and testing until you hit the right note.

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