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How Email Marketing Is Still Relevant In The Era Of Social Media

Today we are witnessing an age where social media has become an extremely important part of our day-to-day lives. Businesses are now using social media as a tool to promote their brands, products etc. In such a scenario, has email marketing become redundant? Or is it still relevant? Well, despite social media’s increasing importance, email marketing still remains relevant.


The fact is that people have more email accounts than social media accounts. In fact, the number of purchases through email is more than that through social media messages. Also, a company trying to promote its brands through social media can find itself limited in its ability to reach the target audience. This is even after the audience has liked the company’s pages and agreed to receive its messages. Such limitations are not faced in an email.


Another reason why email still retains its relevance is due to the fact that email remains far more personal than messages on social media which are addressed to an audience and not to a single person. Email allows you to give individual attention and let the reader feel like a ‘person’ and not ‘one among the audience’. It is truly this personal touch that helps email marketing stand on its own without being in the shadow of social media. People love to receive emails which are addressed to them – emails allow companies to give potential customers individual attention.


In social media, you have to face a situation where your business messages get lost among very casual elements like funny videos. In emails, a company is able to maintain correspondence that is far more formal than what is possible over social media. Since emails target individuals and not audiences, they have a greater response rate than social media marketing. People are much more prone to respond when they have been addressed directly. In fact, one should add keep adding to one’s email list by utilizing social media marketing.


When you do not send enough emails to potential customers, it can be easy for them to forget you. One should use email to constantly remain in the consciousness of potential/existing customers. It is one of the most direct ways of engaging them and keeping them engaged. When your social media page is liked by someone, they are in expressing interest in your company/brand and have given you the go-ahead to send them correspondence regarding your brand, products etc. They are letting you know that they would like to know you better. Therefore, one should utilize the opportunity completely and engage them via email.


There is a greater chance of your emails getting into a customer’s inbox than your social media messages getting viewed by those who have liked your social media page. Also, you can measure more clearly how successful your email marketing has been than how successful your social media campaign has been because at this time email autoresponder software possesses better analytics than social media.


It is thus easy to see that email marketing remains a relevant and potent means of engaging potential/existing customers.

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