Django is a python framework for building web-based applications. It is built with a toolbox approach where all important functionalities required to build a web application are already bundled in the framework. Today, we will talk about Django Developer in detail.

The framework allows you to build a scalable and secure web application. Since Django is a commonly used framework for building web applications, it has attracted a lot of developers.

You can find from novice developers to experts. Python Application Examples are proof of it.

It is really important to hire python developer that understands your requirements to build the application. In this article, we will discuss how you should go ahead while hiring a Django developer.

Where to Find Django Developers?

Here is the list of websites that can help you accomplish the quest of Django Developer:


Let’s say you’re left in the middle of the desert where your engineer has left the organization and the deadline for the project is approaching.

You are looking to Hire Django Developer and you surely can’t risk that recruitment going wrong than Toptal is the solution to your problem.

Toptal guarantees highly qualified and experienced Django Developers in less than forty-eight hours.

Toptal rejects around ninety-seven percent of applications entering its freelancer pool. Hence, quality services are something Toptal vouches for.

Django Jobs

Django Jobs will help you hire freelancers, part-time or full-time engineers. It will also list your requirements on,, and


BeDjango is a well-known Django agency trusted by several MNCs like Nestle, HP, Siemens, Accenture, and Turner.

It has established itself as Django web development, edX hosting, and front-end development with React JS and Angular.

BeDjango serves its clients by using agile QA techniques. You might post your requirement here as it ensures its services by providing expert tech, quality assurance, and agile development.

Python Jobs

If you are looking for a Django expert, try looking for a Python expert. Django is a python-based framework.

When you are hiring a Django developer, familiarity with Python structures is quintessential. So, you might want to look for Django developers on Python Jobs.


GitHub is one of the largest source control platforms on the internet. It assists millions of users across the globe to host and review code, manage projects, and make software.

If you are looking for full-time Django developers or freelancers, you can visit GitHub and post your requirements there. Its services are worth spending your time and effort on.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has an answer to all your questions. So, it does for your job search. You might be surprised to know that Stack Overflow has a job search board also where you can post your requirements for Django Developers.

Stack Overflow connects millions of users and helps the newcomers to solve their queries by acquiring knowledge from the experienced.

Stack Overflow connects millions of users and helps them resolve their bugs, look for higher performance tools, and solve other doubts.


With more than 12 million contractors, Upwork is a freelance marketplace. If you want to have complete control of the hiring process and you are especially looking for experienced and polished candidates, you should go to Upwork.


Gigster guarantees polished and premium candidates just like Toptal. You can hire a whole new team of professional, experienced, and well-qualified Django developers from Gigster.

Yet, like Toptal, Gigster does not provide any money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, it has attracted a lot of big names to it and has achieved fame to provide the best workforce.

Scalable Path

If you are looking to Hire Django developer and unwilling to perform the screening process, a Scalable Path can do this as well for you.

Toptal also offers a similar kind of service. Scalable Path has a whole lot of freelance Django developers whom you can hire within a few weeks.

A scalable Path is a perfect place for you if you want to hire a whole team with hands-on experience as a Django Developer. Yet, others may be preferred as they take less time to fulfill your requirements.


Just as the name suggests, PeoplePerHour should be preferred when you are looking for Freelance Django Developers.

Yet not as famous as others, it has helped millions of recruiters in their job search. PeoplePerHour could be considered only for freelancers.

The only disadvantage being the tasks like contacting, interviewing, sorting the candidates has to be done by the recruiter.


You can post your requirements of full-time Django Developer or freelance Django Developers on CyberCodes.

Unlike some other platforms, it doesn’t provide complete assistance. Yet, if you are looking for some experienced Django Developers you can visit Cyber Coders.

Sharing some similarities with Toptal, can help you satisfy the requirements of your Django Developer.

It is slowly moving towards gaining popularity as a top-most job search engine. By far, it has serviced almost twenty-five thousand members.

Though, the money-back guarantee is not provided by as the one provided by Toptal. Yet to meet some of the desirable candidates you can consider this platform.


While AngelList is popular for satisfying the dreams of the newly launched businesses by helping them meet their funding, AngelList also has a job search platform where you can look for some candidates ready to work as a Django Developers.

If you have a new project or fresh team to be made, then you can consider looking for Django Developers at AngelList.


Having got an achievement for Django Development services, 10Clouds is a good platform to look for Python Django Developers.

It will not only help you find the correct candidate as a Django Developer but also it will help you with other strategic planning and design of the product.


If you are looking for a whole team of Django developers and you don’t want to worry about their guidance and career development, then X-Team is the place you should look for.

X-Team is great only when you are looking for a team, but not if you are looking for a single candidate as a Django Developer.


Last but not the least, Linked-in is a new and emerging way of looking for an ideal candidate to join your company, your team, or the company.

This is one of the largest skill-based platforms listing trillions of people and their professional journey.

Linkedin can provide you immense exposure when you are looking to fill a position in your company.

How to Find Out a Great Django Developer?

After you have decided where to post the job requirements and you have started getting replies from a bunch of candidates, the next step is sorting the finer candidates from the rest of the candidates.

This can be done by looking at the following criteria:

Portfolio & Related Projects

Relevant work experience is the major point of difference between the polished and the unpolished candidates.

The candidate with relevant work experience is the one that you are looking for. You will always want to hire a developer who has worked in similar projects or the same domain at least.

This sorting can be done by looking at their portfolio. While some websites do categorize the developers based on their previous work knowledge.

If categorization is not done by websites, you might have to manually do this work to look for a candidate that will match your requirements.

Feedback from Clients

While in this fast-paced world and emerging cut-throat competition across all the fields, honest and good reviews can help you determine the best in the herd.

Similarly, looking for the reviews or feedback the candidate has been given by his/her previous employer can help you judge the flexibility and adaptability of the candidate.

Feedback is crucial for any one’s development and only by considering the feedback the person can move further. You can read the reviews given by the previous employer in case you are hiring a freelancer.

Whereas, in case you are hiring a full-time Django Developer you might want to ask the previous employer how recipient and positive is the candidate about the feedback given.

Technical & Soft Skills

The following can be the quintessential skills in a Django Developer.


Since Django is written in Python, you should hire a good python developer. Python also has an object-oriented paradigm by supporting classes and objects. You should make sure the developer you hire understand object-oriented principles


Since you are hiring a Django developer, the bare minimum skill needed for a developer is to understand Django.

He should not just know Django but should understand the internals of the Django framework. He should also understand various tools that are available with Django

Object Relational Mapper

For any application to work smoothly, its database should be fast and secure. Django applications connect to the database using Object Relational Mapper (ORM). You should hire a developer who possesses good ORM skills.

Multi-Process Architecture

In this competitive environment, you can make your application run faster by using multi-threaded architecture.

You should hire a developer who has a good understanding of threads. You should always check his debugging skills on multi-threaded applications as they are very difficult to debug.

Restful API applications

Most of the network connections built by the application are nowadays based on Rest architecture.

You can do POST, GET, and PUT calls using Rest framework. You should hire developers who understand all these calls.

Apart from technical skills, a candidate should also possess soft skills to succeed. Some of the soft skills that should be looked for are as follows:


Communication is the key to survival in this world. Similarly, for the success of any project, communication is crucial.

One should be able to understand the other person aptly and should be able to respond accurately. Gaps in communication can lead to disaster.

A candidate should possess skills to express him/her in a team and collaborate with others.


A candidate should be motivated and enthusiastic to perform any task given. The motivation to move further and progress further has to be present in a person to be a better developer. One can develop, innovate, and try new things only if one is motivated.

Responsibility and Time management

A developer should be able to take up the responsibility of the given task and he/she should be able to deliver accurately.

In case of any failures or disasters, he/she should be ready to be accountable for and handle the issues.

Time Management is another significant skill to be looked for in a developer. A developer should be able to perform in a given time set and under pressured conditions. A developer should know the value of time and should be ready to abide by the deadlines.


Software development can only excel when a developer is looking for opportunities to solve the problem.

Analytical thinking and problem-solving attitude are the two major pillars to develop any new software or application. A candidate should possess these skills to fulfill the given tasks.

Interviewing Django Developers

As the sorting of the desirable candidates has been done based on the skill set, you would move on to interview the candidate.

Interviews can be conducted in person or on video conferencing. While interviewing, also make sure to check the skill set as mentioned above.

The interview questions, however, could be based on the project for which you want to Hire Django Developer. So, you can draft out the questions based on domain knowledge and the undergoing project.

The questions should be a combination of both theoretical as well as practical approach so that you can test the knowledge and the application of the knowledge by the candidate.

If you are not into Python or Django, it will be advisable that you leave the interview to any third-party agency or freelancer.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Django Agency

While deciding whether the hiring process should be given to a Django agency or a freelancer, we should look at both pros and cons of each one of them.

Pros of hiring a Django Agency

Long-term association

As you associate with any Python development company, it will help you not only to do the hiring process but also handle other technical issues like fixing a bug or providing support and updates.

When you hire an agency, the whole process has been taken care of. A team comprises a leader and certain followers.

As the leader, which in this case can be a project manager, decides the timeline of the whole project, the followers, or the developers, in this case, will be able to follow a clearly defined path for the same.

Being a novice in software development, it might become a little tricky for you to define the prospect of the given project. Yet, if you hire an agency, the agency could help you determine the project requirements.

Hiring an agency can help you get the complete package. From designing, developing to testing all the tasks can be taken care of by the well-versed professionals.

Cons of Hiring a Django Agency

Though hiring an agency can be a lot more helpful to you, the cost is a major issue to worry about. The charges of hiring an agency are slightly at the higher end.

Pros and Cons of Hiring A Django Freelancer

Now, to look on the other side of the picture, let us have a look at the pros and cons of hiring a Django Freelancer.

Pros of Hiring a Django Freelancer

  • The cost of hiring a freelancer is lesser than hiring an agency.
  • You can get the freelancer perfectly oriented to the task or the model you are designing for.
  • Freelancers usually don’t have a schedule so there will be no time constraints. They might adjust their schedule as per your schedule.
  • You can find the freelancer specifically according to the project’s requirements with the help of any websites or freelance platforms.

Cons of Hiring a Django Freelancer

  • The freelancer might not work sincerely. You might have to use certain tools or techniques to detect their performance.
  • As you might have sought a freelancer according to the required skill set for a project if any other skill set is required you might have to dive in the hiring and searching process for those candidates.
  • You would have to develop the timeline for the project on your own.

Difference Between Agency & Freelancer

Factors Freelancer Agency
Remuneration You will pay less to a freelancer than an agency. Though costly this could be a viable option for a long-term or big project.
Managerial Skills As a freelancer might only specialize in his skills, you might have to do the project management on your own. Here, the whole management of the projects is taken care of by the agency. You would not have to worry about anything.
Tenure of the association With freelancers, you would generally have a short-term association. With an agency, you might have a long-term association.
Proficiency Freelancers are experts in their field. Here you have a whole team, each member an expert of the respective field.
Guaranteed Quality There is no guarantee of the quality of the work when it is given to freelancers. You might be asked to monitor the work also. You should be assured of the guarantee as a whole team is involved and they represent not only work for themselves but the whole organization. Hence, quality is assured.
Confidentiality There is a risk of maintaining confidentiality. Here there is a full proof guarantee that the task given will be confidential.
Support You might not expect support from the freelancer. The support can be expected from the agency.

How to Make Your Django Hiring Process a Success?

Here are some expert tips to make your Django Developer hiring a success.

Haste makes waste

Well, just as this proverb, haste in the hiring process can make you take wrong decisions and end up in a soup. The hiring process has to be given its team and decisions are to be taken wisely.


While you want to Hire Django Programmer you should be clear about what kind of qualities you are looking for in a candidate.

The interpersonal qualities, domain knowledge, and feedback from his/her previous employer can be some of them. You should keep these qualities as a goal of the hiring process is to keep the focus.


Yet, while setting the goals you should keep in mind that you are looking for a candidate and you cannot build a robot with the required skill set.

You will have to take certain decisions practically and be humane in the hiring process towards the candidate.

Django Freelancer vs Agency – Summary Table

If you are still confused about whether to hire a freelancer or an agency, here is the final list of requirements you should look for.

Project requirements Agency Freelancer
Future modification x
Continuous help x
Project lead x
Cost restriction x
Several experts x
Concise x
Lengthy x

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Cost to Hire a Django Developer

The below chart clearly explains the average hourly rate of Django developers.

1 15
As we can see from the chart, a lot of developers charged between $41 to $80.  Some of the experienced Django experts even charge between $141-160 on the high end.

These are real experts and can deliver you even in time crunch situations. Those who charge between $41-80 are typically just starting or having some amount of experience.

Average Salary of a Django Developer


The chart above typically talks about freelancers but when it comes to full-timers, the below chart gives a complete picture.

The starting salary to Hire Django Programmer is $29,250 per annum. Once a developer gains a certain amount of experience, the salary jumps to around $73,692 per annum. The topmost Django developer typically earns around $120,000 per annum.

The price also varies as per the region. For instance, in Pennsylvania, a Django developer gets a pay of $110,000 per annum, whereas, in New York, a developer earns around $87,750.


When you are developing a Django based project, it is important to choose the right team and hire good and competent developers

In the article, we have explored various job searching sites on which you can hire dedicated programmers.

We have also discussed what technical and non-technical factors you should keep in mind while hiring a developer.

We also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an agency or freelancer to complete the project.

In the end, we talked about a typical salary for full time and freelance Django developers. We hope you had a great experience reading this article and it proves to be of value for any Python Web Development Company. Thank You.!

Harikrishna Kundariya

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What A Django Developer Should Know?

    Python, Django, Object-relational Mapping, Multi-Process Architecture, RESTful APIs, Python Applications, etc.

  2. How Much Do Django Developers Make?

    There can not be a fixed amount that can be associated with a Django developer. However, the average salary is around $101,000 per year.

  3. Do I Need To Learn Python Before Django?

    It’s not necessary to do that. However, if you have already learned Python, then learning Django would become easier.

  4. How Do I Increase My Django Skill?

    Simply do a pilot project for Django apps. Try to add, edit & delete posts when starting. Then, move to an advanced level and practice hard.

  5. Is Django Front-End or Back-End?

    Django is neither front-end nor back-end. It’s a framework based on the Python programming language that allows you to create web applications.