Let’s put the first things first: what is web development? The overall procedure to build a website is called web development. Today, we will talk about Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer comparison in detail.

Starting from defining a rough wireframe, preparing the photoshop documents to convey the look and feel of the website. It also involves the tasks to develop dynamic UI/UX based on the approved designs in the photoshop document, including various features and functionalities as per the client’s requirements, coding, and testing, etc.

Not only developing a web application, but the web development process also includes tasks like assigning a relevant domain to the website, hosting on dedicated servers, maintaining the application in terms of speed for loading, efficiency, and performance, user interaction, ease of navigation, etc. after making it live.

A Top-Class Web Application Development Company can assist you in performing these tasks with accuracy as well as efficiency.

In addition to the tasks mentioned above, web developers also need to take care of, not compulsorily, but if assigned, digital marketing techniques, search engine optimization, etc. for the website built.

Hence, the web development process is a complete planning and processing package to build a dynamic web application.

Full Stack vs Front End: Analyzing The Differences

What Is Front End?

Whatever is visible to you on screen is called the front end of the website. It is also known as a client-side interface where users can view and access the content placed on the website like text, graphics, videos, etc.

Users can also interact with the web admin or the server-side, which we call as a backend of the website, using various features and functionalities, depending upon the niche of the website.

Hence, even when you type a keyword on any search engine and, in turn it displays a list of results, this is also classified as a front end. Having an idea of Front-End vs Back-End difference helps you a lot in the long run.

The backend process is the one that searches for the results after processing the keywords on the internet and gives a command to display it on the device’s screen.

Role Of A Front-End Developer

A front end developer has to design the website in such a way that it is smoother to operate, have a professional look, concerning its niche, and can be accessed even from mobile devices apart from laptops.

Earlier, it was only a matter of HTML plus CSS to look after front end development. Web pages built using HTML were considered to be the skeleton of any web application, while the CSS was known for its outer skin

Developers were able to design this “skin” of the web pages using various elements and attributes of CSS scripting language. Preferences for the color, style, background, etc. for the web pages were fulfilled by CSS.

With the advancement of the latest technologies, various tools and frameworks are introduced to reduce the task for the front end developers with their automated drag and drop options. This will be useful for Full Stack vs Front End difference.

You can build a website as simple as a static one or as complex as an E-commerce website with dynamic UI and UX parts using these frameworks like WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

The user interface developers also contribute to the front end development for the website. They utilize various scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other similar frameworks to develop the UI.

Various skills needed to develop a front end for the website are HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, frameworks like React, Angular, Ember, etc.

What Is Full-Stack?

Full-stack development is defined as a package containing the building of the front end as well as backend.But, knowing the Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer difference will help you to understand these things in a better manner.

Here, with backend, we mean the server-side application development that handles all the background processes running while the user does the interaction with the front end of the website.

The front ends, as well as the backend, are known as layers to make the development process stack. Hence, the full stack can now be understood as the process of executing both of these layers to develop a dynamic web application.

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A fullstack developer is expected to acquire the knowledge of developing both- the front end as well as the backend for an application development process. So if you’re planning to find and hire fullstack developer will help you a lot.

Role Of A Full Stack Developer

The task list of a full stack developer can include: client-side as well as server-side logic building, hosting of the application, data modeling or structuring, designing of dynamic user interface and user experience.

In addition to the fulfillment of all the requirements that can be covered with the features and functionalities as decided by the client, etc.

The bucket list of a full stack developer’s skills includes the knowledge of Javascript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Java, HTML version 5, Ajax, CSS version 3, Linux, Python, Ruby, and many more.

Stating the roles and responsibilities of a full stack developer starts with finding efficient tools for development concerning the features and functionalities finalized with the clients. So, this can be a decisive point for Full Stack vs Front End comparison.

It continues with leading the project team, solving the issues, dividing the project into various modules according to the functionalities, assigning the same to different team members, coordinating with the client through regular communications and updates, etc.

The main advantage of becoming a full-stack developer is that one can have an overall knowledge of the web development process.

Hence, the company need not hire different people for varying layers of the development stack. This also benefits the full stack developer in terms of monthly payments.

Hence, the profile of full-stack developers is much in demand, and this is the reason why most of the web developers have been taking certified courses for the same so that they can get better opportunities in the near future.

Key Skills For Front End Development

Let’s dive deep into the pool of front end development skills. It has been well said that a front end developer has to play on the presentation part of the web application.

They need to have a strong visualization over the data that can be implemented in an application.

This could only be possible if the front end developer is well-versed with the knowledge of HTML plus the CSS scripts, along with a few preprocessors for CSS like SASS, and web development frameworks like Angular, Vue or React that is based on Javascript.

As discussed above, front end developers take care of the content that is being displayed on the screen, look and feel, and user interaction on the web page.

They mainly work on HTML as well as CSS-HTML for building the outer skeleton of the application, whereas the CSS takes the task of covering the same with a skin, whose graphics as well as designs are finalized, keeping the niche of the website and the client requirements in mind.

So, the basic skill set of a front end developer may consist of HTML, CSS, in addition to Javascript. You should have a piece of sound knowledge on these three scripting languages to have a good career in this profile.

Working With Front-End Development

From the languages mentioned above, Javascript is the most important one. This can be said to be the most needed and crucial skill for a front end developer to acquire. Remember these things for Full Stack vs Front End difference.

It works along with HTML-CSS, adding some dynamic and must-needed features to your applications, some of them being the date and time settings and the “add to favorites” button that is placed in almost all E-commerce web applications.

Apart from these three main skills, other skills that can be good to have to survive, that can get an entry in the bucket of the skills for a front end developer is jQuery, UI/UX portion in the designing module, AJAX, etc.

Also, the developer needs to have a grip and an understanding of the important aspects of developing web applications like security, performance, event-based user interactions, etc.

Various frameworks like AngularJS, Foundation, Backbone, EmberJS, Bootstrap, etc. are also helpful in building dynamic front end, and hence developers are advised to start getting sound knowledge on these frameworks.

Key Skills For Full Stack Development

Let’s summarize the key skills for the full stack development. As mentioned above, a full-stack development process is the addition of front end development and the backend development, undertaken by a single person, i.e. full-stack developer.

A full stack developer needs to observe all the aspects of building a web application from all angles.

Studying the pros and cons of the technologies, the logic for the backend and the front end development and its feasibility and scope, determining the application of the logic, etc. comes as the primary role of a full stack developer.

If you are a full-stack developer, then it doesn’t only include learning of the latest trends and technologies for developing the frontend and backend. So, the skills required can be a major difference in Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer comparison.

Still, it also includes various managerial skills to lead the project teams. The developer needs to know each phase of the web development lifecycle.

Summing up the above discussion, the skill set of a full stack developer includes the stages like project execution planning, database management processes, building dynamic user experiences and interfaces, arranging of data into appropriate data structures, solving runtime issues faced by the team members, etc.

Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer: Summary Table

Full Stack Developer Front-End Developer
Expert in both front-end & back-end Code the front-end of a web app
Well-versed in business logic & UX Ensure responsive design
Innovative, disciplined, multi-taskers, etc. Creative, imaginative, innovative, etc.
Master of front-end & back-end languages Knows HTML, CSS, JS, Foundation, etc.
Focus on the overall development Put emphasis on what user looks at

Front End Developer Salary

How much does a front-end developer earn? The salary will vary as per the location, experience and company.

In fact, the pay scale of front end developers depends on the various factors. Your experience and skills can help you to get better pay.

Your experience plays a key role; with more experience, you will earn a higher salary. Location of the employment also impacts the salary. Let us move towards the number.

The most curious question is, what is the front end developer’s salary? The front end developer profile is one of the most profitable job profiles.

A developer for the front end profile located in the United States earns an approximate payment of USD 109,657 per annum. Comparing Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer salary would also help you to determine the right thing.

Full Stack Developer Salary

Now the next question is; what is the full stack developer’s salary? When we talk about the salary of the full stack developer, there are various factors that affect.

Because of the broad spectrum of knowledge, most of the IT professionals are chasing full-stack development. Any full-stack developer in the US can earn almost in the class of $112,005 per annum, depending on their expertise.

Full-stack developers have a tendency to make a demand for higher packages as compared to the front end or backend developers. So, the salary can be a factor for Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer comparison.

Even the company policies have pre-decided higher pay for the full-stack developer profile, since looking at the business point of view, it is more advantageous and profitable to hire a full stack developer instead of hiring separate developers for frontend and backend.

Hence, a fresher in the field of web development must consider enhancing his expertise in the profile for full-stack development for a bright career ahead.

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From the Full Stack vs Front End comparison, we can conclude that the roles and responsibilities of both the full-stack developer and the front end developer are equally important in an organization, based on the requirements of the project.

So, after comparing Full Stack Developer vs Front End Developer, you will get a better idea of when to opt for which person for your project.

So choose as per your expertise and skills. We hope you find this article helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Is The Difference Between Front-End Developer & Full-Stack Developer?

    Front-End Developer can handle everything related to UI and UX, while Full-Stack Developer can handle both Front-End and Back-End tasks.

  2. Which Is Best: Front-End Developer or Back-End Developer?

    There can not be a fixed answer to this question. Both have their own importance and it all depends on the liking of an individual.

  3. Do Front-End Developers Make More Than Back-End?

    This is a myth. Both developers can learn a similar amount of money. It all depends on the skill as well as the experience that you possess.

  4. Which Is Harder: Front-End or Back-End?

    Front-End is harder than back-end as it requires a lot of innovation and arbitrary UI decisions.