Web application and mobile application development are on the boom in recent times. And all the development work requires both front-end and back-end engineers. Today, we will talk about the Full Stack Development Trends in detail.

Nowadays organizations have realized that instead of hiring both front-end and back-end engineers, they can hire full-stack engineers. It would definitely help you to save time as well as money.

In this article, we will discuss the latest full-stack web development trends. In the end, we will also share important tips that can help you become successful full-stack engineers.

The Ride From Full Stack To Stack Of 2023

The journey of full-stack development started many years ago with a variety of technology stack coming into the picture. The popular ones were MEAN, LAMP, MERN, WAMP, XAMP, JAMStack, and many others.

Nowadays full-stack development is not only limited to OS, Database, HTTP, and scripting languages. In the modern era, skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have also been added to this list.

However, there are some old technologies which we left as we moved towards the modernized technology stack. Some of the examples are Photoshop, Illustrator, AJAX, SASS/SCSS, Web Pack, etc.

One who wants to be a master of full-stack development needs to keep up with the latest technologies. He/She also needs to know the latest trends in the market. Now, we will explore the top trends in full-stack development.

Trends To Watch Out In Full Stack Web Development

Low Code Development

It is important to understand that standard coding practices involve a lot of code to be written. Low Code Development is one of the classic Full Stack Development trends.

With ever-changing regulations, policies, and procedures, the adoption of software code is very challenging. Any Leading Web Application Development Company finds it difficult to manage a huge codebase.

To solve this problem, most of the full-stack code is not happening using configuration. If you use standard code that supports configuration, all you need to do is just change the configuration and the problem is solved.

This not only allows customers to understand the code easier, but it also allows them to easily customize it by just changing the configuration.

But remember, if you want an extremely customized solution, changing configuration would not be good enough but you also need to change the code which can be a daunting task.

Real-Time Example:-

Let’s understand the low-code development approach with a real-time example. Bendigo Bank is one of the largest retail banks in Australia used a low-code development approach to transform the customer experience.

With the help of Appian – A Low Code Development Platform, they designed 25 different customer-centric apps. Each app had a specific functionality. Due to this approach, their customer experience improved drastically and they were able to manage their customers in a better manner.

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

By 2027, the global AI market size is expected to be around USD 733.7 billion. In simple terms, it just means to encode human behavior in a machine and the end result is that the machine is faster, efficient, and more intelligent than a human.

Every Industry just wants to join this bandwagon. They are all excited to build AI-based systems. It has become almost a necessity to be a part of this trend.

It gives them an edge as compared to competitors. Also, AI is not limited to the IT industry, it is applicable across all industries such as healthcare and manufacturing.

Changing Language Trends

JavaScript is the most preferred language for writing full-stack code. Almost all the developers prefer JavaScript because of the ease with which they can code their web application.

Always at the start of the project, it is very important to identify a language that you are going to use for the complete project.  It is one of the most important decisions and it directly affects the outcomes of the project.

There are various surveys that are conducted to determine what most developers prefer. In a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, it was found that Node.js is the most used language for building web applications.

AngularJS comes at the second rank, as compared to others. Other popular frameworks are ReactJS and Vue.JS. All these are part of Full Stack Development.

The Rise Of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things or commonly referred to as IoT is an amalgamation of multiple technologies to make every device connected to the internet. It has huge potential and is currently used widely in new-age cars and industrial appliances.

As per a survey, by the end of 2024, most of the cars would be connected to the internet. A lot of industrial appliances are now managed by sensors. This not only reduces the mistakes which occur due to human intervention but at the same time they are very efficient.

As per the veteran Cisco executive, more than 127 devices are connected to the internet every second across the world. This explains the massive impact IoT has on the industry.

So, knowing the latest IoT Trends in detail would be of prime importance.

More & More Usage Of Blockchain

Blockchain is used to manage secure transactions. They keep track of any changes happening to transactions and you can always trace the transactions. It does not allow you to change history or delete it.

It is used widely across the banking industry. More and more companies are now adopting Blockchain technology to secure their transactions. This field has many new opportunities popping up every day.

Development Of Progressive Web Application

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Application is a new trend in the field of web applications. It is a merge of both traditional web applications and mobile applications.

Users do not need to install the mobile application and still the traditional web application is served on mobile as it is a real mobile application.

They are very easy to use and load much faster as compared to traditional web applications. They come with amazing features such as push notifications.

It is very easy to build PWA and more and more companies are now investing in building progressive web applications.

Demand For IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Benefits

Most organizations now prefer outsourcing instead of hiring internally. A recently conducted survey was able to depict the size of the global outsourcing market. The IT industry also had a major chunk of outsourced projects as per this survey.

All major industries are now outsourcing their projects to third party vendors. There is a great demand for Full Stack Development.

Almost all outsourced projects require full-stack developers. Projects in healthcare or financial business are also looking for full-stack engineers nowadays.

Era Of Mixed Reality

One of the most sought-after experiences in today’s world is a mixed reality. Earlier all the ideas shown in sci-fi movies are now turning into reality.

With advancements in the fields of graphic design, visualization power, and GPU speed, the imaginations are now turning into reality.

Full-stack developers are greatly in demand for building these technologies. Finding & Hiring Correct Full Stack Developers will help you in developing web applications that will embed mixed reality into the applications.

More of the industry is now building multimedia projects using this mixed reality technology.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the next-gen products which make sure we are virtually able to be a part of the thing we are just seeing. It recreates the whole virtual environment we are part of and helps us in imagining those parts.

A lot of advances have happened in the field of AR/VR. It is also integrated with web applications and this is where Full Stack Development come into the picture.

Most multimedia companies hire Indian programmers to integrate their AR/VR solutions with web applications.


JavaScript Frameworks On Rising

Web applications have matured a lot and because of its maturity which is achieved by the JavaScript framework, it has rapidly evolved in the last 10 years and is the go-to language for a full stack developer.

Multiple JavaScript frameworks are available in the market. Node.JS is the most sought-after JavaScript framework to build web applications.

A lot of developers also prefer Angular over Node because of the ease with which you can code in Angular.

Other newer frameworks such as  Vue.JS and ReactJS are also gaining popularity among full-stack developers.

Challenges Of Data Security

Apart from front-end and back-end technology, it is very important to take care of data security also.

Any security break or leak of personal data can bring your company in a negative light and may also induce fines from the government. It is important to store as well as transmit your data in an encrypted format.

Full-stack developers also need to learn about security and how one can build a web application that can prevent multiple attacks. And learning about data security is always an ongoing process.

Newer security attacks are being developed daily and you need to keep enhancing your software so that it is not vulnerable to these newer attacks.

Tips To Keep Up With Full Stack Development

Irrespective of whether you are a fresher or an experienced developer, you need to continuously evolve yourself and learn technologies to stay relevant in the field of full stack web development.

The more up to date you are with the latest trends and technologies, the more valuable you are to the industry. Updating The Full Stack Development Skills can help you in the long run.

Here are some tips which you should know as a full stack developer. This would enhance your skillset for full-stack web development.

Technical Tips

  • It is really important to understand version control. Git is a version control tool that is used commonly across the industries. It might seem a daunting task at the start, but it would be of great help.
  • Understand UI better and keep experimenting with interactions.
  • Always dig deeper into the web technology that you’re working in. You should scale both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Try to look at open-source projects and if possible, try to contribute to them.
  • Websites such as Airbnb are a good place to learn good coding practices.
  • Always learn SEO technologies. Remember the end goal is to reach as many customers as possible.
  • During earlier days DevOps role was a special one but now even full-stack engineer needs to have DevOps skill. Docker and Kubernetes are a must for a full-stack engineer.
  • Always try to do it right the first time. Practice and Learn as much as you can.
  • Participate in various conferences in which newer technologies are being discussed.
  • The faster you learn new technologies, the better your application would be.

Non-Technical Tips

  • You should be a stern follower and believer in teamwork.
  • Learn to effectively manage your time.
  • You should have good communication skills. You should be able to express your ideas clearly.
  • Critical thinking is an important aspect of a full stack developer.
  • You should have a high emotional quotient.
  • Always do a rough experiment before starting the project.
  • Be creative and imaginative while building an application.
  • Do not hesitate while adapting to new technologies.
  • Hire people who are willing to adapt to change.


Most of the devices are connected to the internet and generally perform their functions using web applications.

There has been an exponential increase in the number of web applications in the recent past. Because of this increase, there is also an increase in the number of full-stack developers.

But it is really important to stand out among the full-stack developers. You need to learn newer technologies to stand out.

In this article, we have discussed various full stack web development trends. We have also provided various tips that you can use to excel when you will Hire Full Stack Developer India.