The programming language is one of the essential pillars of software development across the platforms. It is used as a way of communication between an app programmer and a computer. There is a long list of languages which that cater to the specific needs of a particular niche.

Selecting the significant programming language for a project is a daunting task as it involves numerous factors that should match the need of the project.

As there is a lot of buzzes around which language to choose, this article will explain two of the major languages in detail, i.e., Python vs Golang. Our Professionals have shared their key insights on the vital features of both these technologies, making it clear for you to choose the best one for your business.

Overview of Best Programming Languages :

What is Golang?

Golang is termed as one of the fastest-growing programming languages. It is developed and maintained by Google. The syntax of the C language is the base of Golang. And that’s why Golang doesn’t support garbage collection of C++.

Go is statically typed with ample features like typing indicator, type inheritance, and operator overloading. Also, it delivers unmatched performance with lightning speed. Do not forget Go Web Framework which is one of its kind. It has built a lot of robust web-apps and mobile apps.

The distinctive features of Golang are as follows:

  • Superior Debugging Quality
  • Executes Cross-platform Application
  • Best for Ethereum Docker Project Development
  • Compilation of Code is Easy

The features not only beautify the language, but the pros and cons also play a significant role:

Golang Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Python?

Python is both a popular and a potential programming language. The developers leverage it for building robust server-side development. Also, it can be used for cognitive technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more.

As per the recent survey, the Python has retained its first position for two consecutive years in IEEE Spectrum. The credit goes to its versatility and easy learning.

It has numerous libraries that bolster a particular niche such as mobile apps, desktop apps, cognitive technologies, etc.

Following is the list of libraries of Python:

  • Scikit
  • Pandas
  • NumPy
  • SciPy

Apart from the libraries, let’s also have a glance at the benefits that can be leveraged and pitfalls that should be taken care of:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Python

It is obvious that when the two powerful and potential languages come together, there has to be a tough competition. Golang vs Python is one of the debatable topics that require deep understanding. Let’s dive deep into and acknowledge it.

Golang vs Python: A Parameter-Based Comparison

Criterion #1: Performance

Performance stands out to be a vital factor as it indirectly affects user-acceptance, UX/UI, growth, scalability, etc. Any application that does not deliver swift performance will have to face huge criticism in the market. As a result, the user diverts to the substitute apps.

Golang is a compiled programming language, and that’s the reason why it is known for quickly developing apps. On the contrary, Python is not capable of delivering similar performance as compared to Golang.

Golang wins the Python vs Golang Performance battle because of its superiority in enhancing UX/UI. Also, it is important to know how both the programming languages deal with concurrency. Python and Golang are leading languages with distinctive features where the former is not as efficient as the latter.

Criterion #2: Applications

The inception of programming languages is meant for specific purposes. For example, JS is known for its web development. Similarly, Kotlin can be leveraged for building full-stack Android app development.

Apart from JS & Kotlin, Python is one of the one-stop solutions for cognitive technologies. Building AI, ML, web development, and deep learning, it can construct any type of apps.

On the other hand, app programmers can reap the benefits of Golang for cloud & cluster computing, system programming, and app development as well.

It is a win-win situation for both the Python vs Golang programming languages. They are proficient in their respective fields.

Criterion #3: Implementation

Debugging is a step-wise process of detecting and resolving bugs and errors. And the implementation/execution of the project is said to be accomplished when the project swiftly performs without any glitch or hassle.

Here, two of the programming languages are evaluated based on their bug detection approach. Python, being dynamically typed, uses an interpreter to forward the information. It may lead to sending/receiving in an unusual way that may leave a bug or error.

While Go utilizes compiler and is also statically typed, which itself is an advantage as the variables are highlighted precisely. It helps in finding even trivial errors which are less important but can hamper the performance.

Hence, Go wins the Golang vs Python performance competition in being the preferred language for implementing the projects.

Criterion #4: Scalability

Concurrency and Parallelism are the two imperative elements of Golang and Python, respectively. But when it comes to scalability, Go wins the battle of the most debatable topic – Python vs Golang.

It is advisable to reap the benefits of Golang if you want to scale your application. Even the parent company has considered scalability as an important factor while building Go.

On the contrary, Python has threads that execute Parallelism, which divides the application into small parts. These parts are then parallelly processed for offering scalability. As a result, it becomes an arduous task for the developers, and that’s why they don’t opt for it.

Criterion #5: Libraries

The library is something that an app programmer requires while building software. Also, the frameworks play a vital role in shaping the idea into a virtual platform. Selecting the best framework is as crucial as selecting the library for project development.

If we talk about Python & Go, then the former is filled with rich frameworks and libraries. It focuses on crafting cognitive technologies, forensics, and many more. Therefore, AI App Development With Python will be a future trend.

Moreover, each of the earlier mentioned Python libraries has its own distinctive functions, viz:

NumPy: it bolsters multi-dimensional arrays and matrices

Scikit: it focuses on deep learning

Pandas: it handles data analysis

Scipy: it is used for technical & scientific computing

On the other hand, Go has the libraries and frameworks for web development that can become the helping hand of the developers but could not match the level of Python Development Frameworks. Here, the senior programming language, Python, wins the race.

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Criterion #6: Community

Python has huge community support. It is one of the oldest programming languages which has evolved and has contributed a lot in the IT industry.

The community is not only growing but is also keen to learn and understand new things. If you hire python developers india they make us updated and well-versed with technology advancements. Also, they are ready to provide help and support whenever required.

If you specifically focus on what the Python community has, then it has ample libraries, extensions, and an array of tools.

While Go is quite new to the industry, yet it is a famous programming language. But, that doesn’t suffice it, the language should have a ubiquitous and strong community that can be helpful and provide enough support.

Go would face some difficulties in its formative stage, but later on, it will rule the IT industry.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, both programming languages perform well in their respective fields. It is unfair to declare either of the two leading languages as not so competent. It depends on the app developers to choose the right one for project development.

The article can only elaborate on the nitty-gritty of both languages. With this, we hope we have provided you detailed information about a specific programming language.

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