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Hackers And Mobile Device Security

Mobile device security has become a much-discussed issue after the occurrence of many security breaches. A common reason why mobile device security is breached by hackers is due to mobile users not being aware of many facts and not taking the required precautions. Many cyber security issues can be immediately resolved through a few simple precautions.


Just because one hasn’t become prey to a hacker yet, does not mean it will never happen. Great setbacks have been caused by security breaches like the Staples hack. Hackers are become smarter and smarter by the day. Mobile users need to become aware of the risks posed to their personal and professional data.


Loss and theft are among the biggest threats to mobile devices. Needless to say, your mobile falling into the wrong hands is a great risk. Another threat is communications which are not secure. Using app stores which are not secure is yet another risk. Development frameworks which are vulnerable are a big risk as well. There are increasing cases of mobile theft being reported. Another menace is that of mobile malware attacks, occurrences of which are increasing day by day. The access to enterprise resources using mobile devices it is a great security risk.
Hackers And Mobile Device Security


The primary target of many hackers is financial accounts. They see your mobile data as a route towards financial accounts. The distribution and execution of malware is one way through which they attempt to access your data. Another method is social engineering. Using Wi-Fi networks to access data is yet another method.


Common SMS attacks involve scams and phishing. Such SMS attacks lure users into giving their confidential information involving their financial accounts. Many individuals have fallen prey to such SMS attacks. Many of these users would not have ended up as victims if they were more knowledgeable about such attacks – if they were, they would’ve immediately noticed something fishy in the SMS.


Let us look at the precautions one can take to avoid becoming a victim of hackers. The first step is the enabling of PIN or password for accessing your device. One should use a security and malware program for running scans on a regular basis.  Mobile device locator and anti-malware services can help in locking the mobile device and even clear data in case it gets lost or stolen. Encryption of data is also a good precaution. It is very important to use only the most updated OS versions – this applies to mobile applications as well.


Upgrading to the latest firmware is also important. One should click on ads on one’s mobile only after carefully assessing the risks. It is important to make sure that the mobile is configured to not allow installing apps from unknown, suspicious or unreliable sources. One should only download apps from reliable sources. Every company might have BYOD (bring your own device) policies – strictly adhere to them.


The police and your service provider must be alerted immediately in the event of your mobile device getting lost or stolen.

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