How Businesses Can Use APIs To Connect With Customers

POSTED ON May 1, 2015 / IN API

API refers to Application Programmer Interface. The importance of connected business is something that most are aware of. This importance is being emphasized on a daily basis with the help of success stories (and failures as well). API is all about symbiosis – using the services of other companies through integration. This aids in internal development. APIs help with the transfer of information between internal systems and third-party internal systems.

Dependence on manual processes will lead to one being left behind in the competition. In this era of cut-throat competition, one must be connected. One of the major benefits of APIs is how they help businesses connect with customers in better ways. This truly is a great tool in an age of advanced competition. When competitors are getting smarter and smarter and using the latest tools at their disposal, one simply can’t afford to not be connected. APIs allow companies to use the resources of partners to grow their business. APIs can be a simple yet powerful tool. Let us look at how businesses can use APIs to connect with customers.

One way that APIs can help businesses to connect with customers is integrated CRM. APIs helps information to travel from software applications to legacy systems, thus helping a business to reach customers in a better way. APIs help application vendors to connect with vendors and the latest technologies – this gives great flexibility to customers. Another way that APIs can help is through third-party touch-points. A partner’s markets can be reached when the partner company’s services and data is utilised by a business. Thus, new customers can be reached simply by the pairing of an application with the API of a partner company.

API can be used to reach a specialized market by powering an affiliate program. For example, the luxury demographic can be reached by a hotel booking business by using API to pair with a luxury travel service. Thus, you can see that API doubles your current capacity – because why should you try to rise on your own, when you can use the resources of your partners. This makes getting ahead that much easier.

A connected business truly has a great competitive advantage. Any business that is not connected well enough, is risking failure. Better user experience can be created by using API to combine different data sources. Another advantage that API offers is accessibility across platforms. Core business assets spread over different platforms can be accessed using API. This also allows services and products to reach new markets faster.

In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, we are witnessing a situation where companies that do not use tools like API, facing great difficulties. Such tools really do make things a lot easier. A business’s success is how smartly it uses the tools available. API offers great flexibility which allows businesses to reach customers in a variety of ways. More and more ways to use API are being created, so we can say that this is just the beginning.

By Henry Kundariya

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