Currently, the world seems to be focusing on understanding, developing, and reaching new goals in the field of AI and Machine Learning.

If you are looking to advance your business with modern, scalable, fast-performing, lightweight web and mobile applications, then you should Hire Node js Developers as the best choice.

With that, you might think that the demand for developers in other fields would reduce. But the demand for popular technologies like Node.js developers for hire can never diminish.

Steps to Hire Node.js Developer

A digital product is more like an extension of your business strategies with features and technology. So you must hire node.js developers who are skilled and culturally fit for your business. with their technical knowledge and business acumen, you can mingle the two to enrich your business culture.

Several steps are followed while hiring a developer to work with the Node.js platform. The crucial steps to hire dedicated node.js developer are

Step 1 : Define your Requirements

Before you embark on the journey of hiring node.js developers, you must be very clear about your project requirements. What kind of an app or software do you need, what all features do you want to include in it, how you’d like the process to be, what are your end goals, everything!

Having the project already properly planned will make it easier for you to have a checklist for what sort of a developer you would require. It will also make it smooth for the developer to understand your needs and offer you the best services from his side.

Step 2 : Searching for Node.js Developers

With everyone easily available on the Internet, it is the first place to look for. Especially for hire node.js programmers India. Thus, you can effortlessly reach out to a large number of software developers on online sites, job boards, social media platforms, forums, freelancing sites like Toptal, Upwork, LinkedIn, IT service providing companies, etc.

Here you can browse their profiles, check their presented work samples, & read the reviews of their clients, Hence, it is the easiest, most convenient, & efficient way to reach out to the developers.

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Step 3 : Interview Process

Once you have listed & contacted the desired candidates from any of the above-mentioned mediums, you need to invite them for a detailed interview on a video call or in person.

For a comprehensive interview to judge all the areas before you hire node.js developer, you can establish a clear process for it. It can be in the order of,

– Shortlisting the candidate

– Task-based test

– Technical test (QA form or included with the task)

– Feedback and discussion

– Interview to check their views & attitude

After thoroughly checking them in various manner with your requirements, you can let them know if they are hired or not.

Step 4 : Signing Contracts and NDAs

By now, you have decided to hire node.js developer who is perfectly fitting into your checklist. Hereon, you can discuss & negotiate the cost of the development process, time, and terms & conditions of the project.

As you two parties mutually settle with the terms & conditions, you must sign contracts and NDA to seal them. It would also ensure to protect your data privacy and security.

Step 5 : Commencing the Project

With all that settled, you two can discuss the process in depth to commence its development. Also, make sure that at the end of it, the company/employer is the sole owner of the project and codes. It can be included as a part of the contract that you sign with the developer.

Roles & Responsibilities To Consider Before Hiring Node.js Developers

Like every other profession, the role of top node js developers comprises a defined set of responsibilities. Before you hire node js developer, it is better to have a look at them. This will help you in selecting the best candidate. Also, they help you to update node.js to the latest versions.

Roles Of Node.js Developers

Many people confuse Node.js developers with back-end developers which is not the true cause. Though the environment of Node.js allows you to handle the operation from the back-end, they also run code that is useful in handling the front-end tasks.

Hire Node.js Experts who, while dealing with node.js, are also involved in designing, developing, & deploying app networks. Now, the role of a developer comprises multiple functions, such as connecting third-party services, managing end components, and developing functions that support the front-end development also. Further, the mentioned tasks need their utmost precision and dedication. They include

  • Make sure the developed applications have a high response to the requests made by the front-end programs.
  • Proper data management interchange between users and the servers must be ensured as you hire node developers.
  • Developing a link between third-party services and developed applications.
  • Create logic behind applications for perfect performance.
  • Integration of various tools into apps.
  • Providing support for the developers working on front-end applications.
  • Contributing to improvements in the fields of infrastructure and process.
  • Hiring node.js developers entail back-end services of customer-friendly graphical user interfaces.
  • Maintaining a good customer experience is their all-time duty.

Responsibilities Of Node.js Developer

To make this guide helpful for both technical and non-technical employers, we have listed all the possible responsibilities of top Node.js developers.

You can even mention these parameters in your advertisement as the job description to hire node.js programmers.

Out of many developer responsibilities, writing codes in script languages like JavaScript, IcedScript, and CoffeeScript are the basics. Also, the responsibilities that a node.js developer must possess are:

Benefitting from Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is based on the concept of agility i.e., the ability to adapt to changes. With the help of continuous changes or updates, the performance of software improves. Hence, this methodology is widely used as part of node.js development services to develop website servers or applications on Node.js.

Some common principles of the agile methodology are:

  • Keep developing and modifying the software at times.
  • Analyze the current competition and make the software compelling to the latest trend.
  • Try to finish the work in the shortest possible time.
  • Developers must collaborate with business professionals to yield the maximum output.
  • Taking regular feedback from customers to eradicate loopholes in the software.

The requirements of the user are susceptive to changes. The developers must create systems with an agile method that can adapt to carry out its functions. It simply contains a list of measures of ways of developing software that enhances its productivity. Hire dedicated node.js developer who is well versed in using this methodology and can bring creativity and a high-performance rate to the developed web applications.

Having Front-end Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, node.js is used in both front-end and back-end development. Many developers working in this field are limited to back-end development only.

Hire node.js programmers India to connect these applications to databases with JS and the operations that won’t be visible on the user interface.

And, one cannot imagine a web server or application without a front-end. The front-end of the applications is used by customers. Hence, they need to be developed in a user-friendly way. In the case of Node.js, different frameworks act as the base of front-end development.

It is even used to create NPM scripts, gulp tasks, web pack configuration, etc. This makes it important to set the criterion of full-stack development at the first stage itself. Because if you hire node js programmers differently then it may make the whole process even more expensive.

Writing Clean Codes

Writing a clear code is more than writing just a well-running program. Here, a clean code means a certain way of programming, including object-oriented programming, easily understandable code, error-free code, etc. Wasting time on correcting errors full or unclear codes is considered an inefficient practice.

This is why to hire node.js programmers who write clear code is the best choice. Following this is the responsibility of every software developer, including Node.js ones. Because this trait defines a coder as a professional.

As one developer writes clean code, it becomes easier for other programmers to understand that. Doing so can help to regulate and divide other roles and responsibilities. Also, they serve as great team leaders and hence improve the overall performance of the business products.

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Providing High-security Features

Security is of utmost importance for a system as well as for its users. Nearly all the hacked software has been found to have some flaws in its development framework itself.

And, guess who is responsible for maintaining the security of your software? Yes, it is your developer. As you hire node.js developer, the candidate must be aware of implementing security measures.

Apart from that, in Node.js, features like HTTP response adjustment, module loading blocking, controlling of concurrent requests, etc. regulate the security of the web servers or applications.

To preserve the data of customers and companies, the developer should have a clear understanding of GDPR terms and other data collection policies.

You must hire node js experts to consider all the scenarios that can jeopardize the system or the users’ confidential data. And come up with preventive solutions to deal with them.

Detecting Bugs and Other Errors

Even for offshore node js developers, coding and development are incomplete without bugs since it is an in-built aspect of every kind of programming. Bugs are flaws or errors that can hamper the working of software or an application. Their occurrence can mar and compromise the functioning of the software.

Usually, companies have a special team for checking the quality of any code. Still, it is the skill of the developer that determines how much time he takes to complete that rework.

Another important aspect you need to take care of is that you hire node js developer who should be versatile enough to fix bugs. It is important to develop a product that is thoroughly checked for bugs & is resolved before it goes on the market.

This kind of professional can come out as a great team leader and will improve the quality of your business software. To search for the right candidate, you can ask them about the Node.js unit testing tools to test their awareness about the same.

This should be done since specialist developers are fond of using these tools to improve the quality of their software.

Adding Third-party Services to the System

Any complex sites & apps or software built for business-related purposes always requires some third-party service integrations to run smoothly. Especially for payment purposes. And you need to make sure that as you hire remote node js developer gets it done efficiently.

For example, in the case of a food outlet website or application, you will need one or more kinds of payment-related services, such as Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc.

Hence, it becomes a responsibility while hiring node.js developers for integration, to reduce cost & time. As Node.js is a scalable platform and is used widely because of this specialty only. It allows for easy integration of third-party service integration with prepared modules. Making the developers write fewer codes for more functions.

This improves the quality of web servers and applications. And this can only be achieved with the help of professional developers.

Working with Database

Do you ever think of how websites and businesses reach the top of the market from scratch? All you need to do is deep and smart research about your customers and past content to help you go in the right direction. And to your surprise, Nodejs developers for hire play an important role in this too. Also, as developers develop the back-end applications, they have to work with databases and records maintaining software.

For this, you need an efficient space in the cloud to store that data. Since Node.js has many libraries and inbuilt drivers, it helps you store data. All such libraries stored in npm even speed up the configuration process. This makes the data configuration and analysis process easier.

One such framework is MongoDB. It is used for the maintenance of the database and adding or receiving data. Thus, to make the right use of data, you need to hire a node.js developer who is familiar & good with the tactics of Node.js database management.

Keeping Up with the Latest Node.js Trends

Technology is all about improving and making things go easier. This is where the concept of updates comes into the picture. So hire nodejs developer who is aware of the new trends and innovations that keep adding to the existing knowledge of programming languages, software, databases, etc.

With time, every online application or software introduces new features with advanced features. Similarly, Node.js releases various kinds of updates with time to improve the efficiency of its platform. Hence, it is crucial to hire node.js programmers that keep on learning new skills and Node.js Development trends.

The development of Node.js is a great opportunity for business software since with new features, comes the power to create interesting things for their customer. It also brings enhanced security, bug improvements, etc. To make complete use of it, you need a professional developer team.

Hence, in addition to regular coding geeks, you need to hire a dedicated node.js developer who is fascinated and comfortable enough to work on the updated Node.js interfaces. As the new additions play a great role in both front-end and back-end development. But worry not, we’ll help you find and hire the best node.js developers for agile node development solutions.

Skills To Look For Before Hiring Node.js Developers

Skills are important when it comes to developing software or any web application. Full-stack development is an honorable profession and requires extreme perfectionism too.

Different fields of software have different skill set requirements. As node.js deals with both the database and UI applications, it requires a skilled developer to develop and manage both.

Before getting into the actual skill set while you hire Node.js Experts, make sure you define the position of a Node.js developer. Based on work and the number of responsibilities, they are categorized into two: junior and senior.

The skills required for a developer working with Node.js change with the designation & experience that the developer has gathered over the years of his professional life. For instance, the skills of a junior node.js developer may vary significantly from that of a senior node.js developer.

We can take a look at both of them for a better understanding as you plan to hire node.js developer.

Skills To Consider In Junior Node.js Developer

Junior Node.js developers are usually newbies in the field of full-stack development with little or no experience. They are usually people who might have done some training courses or built a couple of small projects.

Organizations or software companies hire node.js developers at the junior entry-level position for the new recruits or freshers. Also, they are believed to do more hard work compared to senior developers to gain more experience.

The eligibility for the candidate depends on the skill set that is required for the position. A few of the important requirements, when you hire dedicated nodejs developers, are:

  • Basic knowledge of Node.js platform
  • Programming in Node.js
  • Intermediate JavaScript
  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • AJAX
  • JSON object development
  • Knowing various Node.js Frameworks
  • Familiar with ORM
  • Cloud computing like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, Netlify
  • Database basics such as MongoDB
  • Knowledge of writing efficient codes
  • Understanding front-end technologies
  • Working with authorization and authentication of the user
  • Hire node developers having error-handling skills
  • Creating database schemes
  • How to deploy applications
  • Have a curious & flexible learning curve

Skills To Consider In Senior Node.js Developer

Frequently, hiring node.js developers enriches them with more industry experience. After having worked as a junior node.js developer, the next post they move on to is of senior node.js developer.

A senior Node.js is a bit more reputed designation as compared to a junior developer. In many companies, senior Node.js developers head a team of several junior Node.js developers.

In terms of experience, a senior Node.js developer possesses a minimum of 3 years of experience enabling them to handle individual projects. Here, what makes a senior developer stand different from the junior node.js developer is teamwork.

As an employer, you should look for the following skills in candidates when you hire a node.js developer for a senior post:

  • Expertise in Universal libraries
  • DevOps
  • Client and server-side understanding
  • Ability to build architectural patterns and Microservices Architecture
  • Database handling knowledge with Workflow Automations
  • Version Control
  • Being well-versed with RESTful APIs, error handling, and data protection.
  • Sails and similar MVC Frameworks
  • Identifying APM tools
  • Work with test tools
  • Leverages asynchronous programming
  • Benefitting from high-load project experience
  • Experience in Performance Optimisation
  • Hire Dedicated Nodejs Developers with Big Projects Experience

But to fit in perfectly into a professional environment, the candidate must possess some soft skills too.

Soft Skills Required for Node.js Developers

To hire dedicated node.js developer, having the technical skills does not suffice for an efficient development process. Certain soft skills to sustain the collaboration are desired.

As these fall under the non-technical sections, a candidate is generally tested for them while being interviewed for any job offer. It includes every field of life in which a candidate can be tested to see if they are a perfect fit for the company culture.

Being a developer does not mean being good at coding and programming only. It also means being able to convey your ideas to others, and collectively working on achieving a common goal. Some of these skills are;

  • As you are about to hire senior node js developers, they must be good communicators to convey their thoughts to the team, understand their feedback, and collectively try to implement the designed strategy. Such a developer & his team is more likely to achieve their set goals.
  • Good network in the market
  • Social interaction skills along with interpersonal skills
  • Mentorship
  • Innovative mind
  • Team-building and collaboration
  • Character, Personality traits, and Attitude of the candidate
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Qualities like Time management, Leadership, Commitment, and Open-mindedness

Additional requirements in the soft skills section include:

  • Thinking like an engineer
  • Having a Result-oriented attitude
  • Having Critical thinking and Analytical ability
  • Showcasing Resilience and Commitment

So, for any candidate that is found to meet this skill set, you can easily hire Node js developer for your project.

Please note that we have not mentioned some of the basic programming skills here. Since full-stack developer candidates are presumed to have some basic programming skills such as algorithms, object-oriented programming, encryption basics, debugging, etc.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Node.js Developers

While you hire node.js developers in India or any other region for your project, there are certain questions that you can focus on during the interviews. It will give you a clearer understanding of their knowledge, skillsets, and outlook on technology and trends. Let’s look at a few samples of them.

Node.js is mainly a server-side scripting tool based on JavaScript and used by many developers across the globe. It is useful for creating small to enterprise-level web & mobile apps. Hence, we can say that Node.js is a go-to choice of startups, SMEs, and enterprises for making excellent applications.

If you are looking forward to hire Node.js programmer for your project but don’t know about the type of questions to ask, we’ve got your back.

eSparkBiz is a professional Node.js development services provider with years of experience in building applications using Node.js. Hence, we know what goes into hiring Node.js developer.

To begin with, a well-learned node.js developer should know all the elements of Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, & databases like MongoDB, MYSQL, SQL, & Oracle, to be able to use them smartly. Therefore, we have compiled a list here of fundamental to advanced questions that you can ask as you interview to hire nodejs developers.

Here we go.

Technical Interview Questions to Ask While Hiring Node Developers

What do you understand by closures?

A Closure is a bundle of functions that has access to other variables that are present in the outer scope. It can be used to convert global variables into private variables.

Can you explain Modules in Node.js?

Modules in JavaScript are the functions that can be reused. Also, they have their conditions and surroundings that cannot be interfered with by other modules. It helps the offshore node js developers to rapidly & securely build the architecture.

What is a Cluster?

It is a process that is used to handle the load during thread execution when working with multi-core systems.

Why is Node single-threaded?

It has been observed that single-thread operations run better than multi-thread operations. Using single-threaded architectural pattern operations can help to improve the performance of Node.js. And your hire remote node js developer must be well-versed in it.

What is Node Package Manager?

NPM or Node Package Manager is used to install and manage Node.js repositories and packages.

What is Node.js? How it is used?

Node.js is an open-source framework built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It runs JavaScript instantly into native machine code. Enabling the web applications to run outside the client’s browser.

This lightweight framework is highly useful in building server-side applications. And also expands JavaScript API to develop standard server-side functionalities.

Apart from these, Node.js is highly useful to create data-intensive applications such as real-time apps, Network apps, etc.

What is the difference between Asynchronous & Non-Blocking?

This is the basic question to ask & get answers to as you hire dedicated node js developer.

Asynchronous in Node.js enables developers to carry out asynchronous HTTP requests without waiting for the server to respond. So the app simultaneously works on the remaining blocks and replies as soon as the server response is made.

Non-blocking functions are mostly utilized along with the I/O Operations. And these functions instantly respond with any data that is available and operate based on the requests. By chance, if any answer couldn’t be obtained, then the API responds promptly with an error.

What do you mean by the Callback function in Node.js?

Node.js is an asynchronous JavaScript framework, which depends hugely on the callbacks.

Callbacks are usually called after the completion of the assigned task. It enables the other code to execute parallelly and stop any blocking. Due to this, a Node.js application has the power to manage a wide range of I/O operations simultaneously.

What is package.json?

Package.json is a Node.js file kept at the core of the Node.js system. It is a file that holds the metadata for a specific project. Hence, the package.json file is present in the root directory of the Node application or module.

Here is how the package.json file appears instantly as soon as you create a Node.js project with the help of the command:npm init.

You can later edit the parameters as soon as you form a Node.js project.


“name”: “node-npm”

“version”: “1.0.0”

“description”: “A demo application”,

“main”: “index.js”,

“scripts”: {

“test”: “echo “Error:no test specified” && exit 1”


“author”: “Taha”,

“license”: “ISC”


What is Callback Hell?

Callback Hell is popularly known as the pyramid of doom. It occurs because of the actively nested, unreadable, and uncontrollable callbacks that result in difficult-to-read and debug code in the Node.js applications.

The main reason why this takes place is that developers haven’t executed asynchronous logic effectively. Also, offshore node js developers can state that this can be taken care of by using a modular process. Here, this process breaks down callbacks into separate functions that do not rely on each other.

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What are Promises?

Promises are nothing but an alternate way to write asynchronous code. Plus, they assist in managing asynchronous functions in Node.js applications.

Despite promises initially launched in the 80s, they got attention only after the evolution of JavaScript. And now, they are utilized in the latest programming languages.

In short, promises can be utilized to get an error or a result. Also, same as the classic If-else function, developers are needed to utilize the <.then> function to implement promises in a Node.js application.

What is Control Flow Function?

Anytime you write asynchronous code in Node.js, you must integrate many callback functions. If you are building a highly complex application, there is a strong possibility that you might cross the max limit of the callback function, which is 63.

After this, you will face callback hell. Hire nodejs developer who knows that one of the most effective ways to deal with this situation is to utilize the control flow function. It assists in arranging the asynchronous code by which your app doesn’t go through the callback hell.

Here are some of the things in which the control flow function can assist you:

  • Fetch data
  • Manage the execution order
  • Integration limit
  • Call the next step in the program

Lastly, you will have enhanced control over the code in your Node.js application.

Why should we use Node.js?

It is a subjective question in which the offshore node js developers can present their views about the tool and its advantages. As there are many essential advantages, a candidate can mention all the necessary things or the ones that reap the maximum benefit.

Several things that one can list about Node.js is: it is a quick, asynchronous, unified programming language and data type, etc.

In general, Node.js is a highly popular tool in the industry for developers for doing server-side development based on JavaScript.

What are Stubs?

Stubs are certain functions or programs mainly utilized for stimulating the specific module or component behavior. Also, if you hire node developers, they frequently use these in test cases because they offer answers that resolve the issues that might originate in the modules.

In short, stubs are mainly objects that keep preset data and utilize answer calls at the time of tests.

What is an Event?

The event is a primary feature of Node.js. They represent several actions that are being carried out on a web page. Moreover, they are managed by an event handler that writes the necessary code that runs the events.

What is Event-driven Programming?

Event-driven programming is a type of programming that utilizes events for activating various functions. Here events include small to big actions like a mouse click, keypress, etc.

As soon as an event gets activated, a callback function is executed that is registered with the element. This method works according to the publish-subscribe pattern. As for event-driven programming, Node.js uses it efficiently in contrast to other technologies.

What is Single-threading?

Single-threading enables developers to carry out asynchronous programming. Here, if the developer works on the standard web loads, a single thread provides higher performance and scalability as compared to typical thread-based execution.

What are worker processes?

Worker processes are mainly the processes that are executed behind when you are busy working on some other tasks. Also, they perform various activities like sending emails, fixing variables, etc. So, they are highly beneficial for developers as they finish many tedious tasks.

What is Express.js?

Even though this question is not directly linked with Node.js, it is an important question you should ask when you want to hire Node.js developer. Because a developer should know what Express.js is. As it is explicitly built for Node.js.

Notably, Express is mainly an adaptable Node.js web application framework that offers many features to create web and mobile applications.

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What is a Demultiplexer?

This is one such question that a developer, who is beginning his/her journey with Node.js might not be familiar with.

The demultiplexer is mainly a notification interface present in the JS host. It is utilized to fetch details about particular events and form quests, consequently offering the supposed Event Que.

What is REPL?

The full form of REPL is Read Evaluate Print Loop. It mainly displays a computer environment. And looks like a Windows console or Unix/Linux shell where the command is entered. This shell is widely beneficial to run specific JavaScript statements.

Does Node.js have sub-branches?

Several questions might surprise Node.js developers for hire and this question is one of them.

In case the response is NO initially, then the candidate is incorrect. Even though Node.js is a single-threaded service, it also consists of child threads. But it doesn’t showcase them to the developer.

These questions help you to identify whether the candidate has a better understanding of Node.js.

How does Node.js work?

This is something your candidate must know if you are planning to hire node js programmers for your project. First of all, the client transmits a request to the webserver to communicate with the web application. Requests are mainly blocking or non-blocking operations that include querying, updating, or deleting.

Node.js collects all the requests made by the clients & transmits them to the event loop. The event loop is mainly a functionality that looks after all the external requests & turns them into a callback function.

At the time of executing a request, Node.js links up a callback function and transfers it to the back-end. As soon as the response is available, an event is involved that activates the linked callback function to share the response.

And this is how Node.js functions.

What are the applications of Node.js?

Hire nodejs developer to build several applications on Node.js like

  • I/O bound Applications
  • Data Streaming Applications
  • Data-intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT)
  • JSON APIs-based Applications
  • Complex SPAs (Single Page Applications)
  • Internet of Things
  • Microservices architecture

One of the most important things here is that Node.js is not proper for building complex apps that require more CPU usage.

What is NPM?

NPM is referred to as Node Package Manager. It mainly looks after various packages and modules present in Node.js.

Also, it comes with two of the most essential functionalities:

  • It has an online repository for node.js packages/modules that are available inside it.
  • NPM offers a command-line utility tool to install Node.js packages. And look after the version management and dependency management of Node.js packages.

Apart from NPM, there are various other packages of Node.js, which are also extensively used by the developers.

What are Modules in Node.js?

Modules in Node.js are similar to JavaScript libraries and are highly beneficial in applications to integrate a specific group of functions.

Node.js has various built-in modules which can be useful to add various primary functionalities to a web application. Here is the list of some of them:

Primary Modules Description
HTTP Consists of classes, methods, and events to build a Node.js HTTP server
util Comprises utility functions beneficial for developers
fs Contains events, classes, and methods to handle file I/O operations
url Consists of various approaches for URL parsing
query string Consists of techniques to work with query string
stream Contains techniques to manage streaming data
zlib Consists of approaches to compress or decompress files

To add a module in Node.js, take advantage of the require() function along with the parentheses that consist of the name of the module.

Which database is used with Node.js?

MongoDB is a widely used database along with Node.js. It is a NoSQL, open-source, document-oriented database that offers top-notch performance, better availability, and high flexibility.

What are some commonly used libraries in Node.js?

Hire node developers for using popular libraries in Node.js like

Express.js: Express is mainly a Node.js library available through the npm registry. It is a rapid, adaptable, and minimalistic framework that offers some essential features useful for developing web & mobile applications. It is a library that offers real-time, duplex, and event-based communication between browser & server.

Mongoose: It is a Node.js web app whose core task is to attach an app to the required database.

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What are the pros and cons of Node.js?

Here are some of the most well-known pros and cons of Node.js:

Pros Cons
Asynchronous event-driven IO supports managing multiple requests. Doesn’t work well with CPU-intensive tasks.
It utilizes JavaScript, which is quick & effective to learn. The callback function is problematic, as you might have to deal with some nested callbacks.
NPM offers extensive packages useful for an application. It is challenging to handle relational databases in Node.js.
It is highly favored for streaming large files. Problem with scalability.

Which command is used to import external libraries?

To import the external commands, mainly, the required command is utilized. For instance, “var http=require (“http”)”. It will load the HTTP library along with one exported object via the HTTP variable.

What is an Event Loop in Node.js?

An event loop enables the Node.js to carry out non-blocking I/O operations, even though javascript is single-threaded. All these things can be achieved because the event loop removes procedures to the system kernel anytime possible.

What are two types of API functions in Node.js?

The main two types of API Functions available in Node.js are as follows:

  • Asynchronous, non-blocking functions
  • Synchronous, blocking functions

How to use URL Module in Node.js?

The URL module of Node.js offers different services for URL resolution & parsing. It consists of an inherent module that is useful in separating the web address in a readable format:

var url = require('url');

For instance:

var url = require('url');

var adrs = 'http://localhost:8082/default.htm?year=2019&month=april';

var q = url.parse(adr, true);

console.log(; //returns 'localhost:8082'

console.log(q.pathname); //returns '/default.htm'

console.log(; //returns '?year=2019 and month=april'

var qdata = q.query; //returns an object: { year: 2019, month: 'april' }

console.log(qdata.month); //returns 'april'

How to create a simple Express.js application?

To build a basic Express.js application, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • The request object showcases an HTTP request. And consists of all the qualities of the request query string, parameters, body, HTTP headers, etc.
  • The response object portrays the HTTP response, which an Express app shares when it gets an HTTP request.

What are Streams in Node.js?

Streams in Node.js are mainly a group of data that looks like arrays or strings. They are mostly objects that allow you to read data from the source and write data to require destination simultaneously. However, this data may not be displayed immediately and doesn’t have to adjust to the memory.

How to install, update & delete a dependency?

Here is the syntax you need to run to install, update, & delete a dependency respectively in Node.js.

C:Nodejs_WorkSpace>npm install express

C:Nodejs_WorkSpace>npm update express

C:Nodejs_WorkSpace>npm delete express

How to implement async in Node.js?

As represented below, the async code requests the JavaScript engine running in the code to wait for the request.get() function to finishing before shifting to the next line for execution.

async function fun1(req,rest){

let response = await request.get(‘http://localhost:3000’);

if(response.err) { console.log(‘error’);}

else { console.log(‘fetched response’);


What is the purpose of module.exports?

A module in Node.js is utilized to combine all the associated code into one whole unit of code. It can be read by moving all the related functions into one file. So, you can export a module with module.exports, which enables it to be imported into a different file utilizing the needed keyword.

What is the difference between Fork() & Spawn()?

Here is the difference between fork() and spawn() function:

Fork() Spawn()
k() function is said to be the sample of the already present spawn() function. The Spawn() function is utilized to form a new process and launch it by accessing the processor’s node module.
Spawning makes sure that there are various workers on a single active worker node to manage many things simultaneously. It doesn’t form a new V8 instance, and just one copy of the node module is running on the processor.
child_process.fork(modulePath[, args][, options]) child_process.spawn(command[, args][, options])

What is Buffer Class in Node.js?

A buffer class is mainly utilized for saving the raw data in the same way, just like an array of integers. However, it matches with a raw memory allocation that is not available in the V8 heap.

Moreover, the buffer is a global class. Hence, it can be quickly accessed in various modules of the whole application. So, the Buffer class is widely utilized, as pure JavaScript is not suited for binary data.

What is Piping in Node.js?

Piping is a method utilized to join the result of one stream to another stream. It is mainly utilized to fetch data from one stream and forward it to a different stream.

What are flags used in Read/Write Operations in files?

Flags utilized for the read/write operations in files are as follows:

  • r: Unlock file for reading. An exclusion happens if the file is unavailable.
  • r+: Unlock file for reading and writing. An exclusion happens if the file is unavailable.
  • w: Unlock the file for writing. The file is formed(if unavailable) or condensed (if already present).
  • w+: Unlock file for reading and writing. The file is formed(if unavailable) and condensed (if already present).
  • a: Unlock file for attaching. The file is formed if unavailable.
  • a+: Unlock the file for reading and attaching. The file is formed if unavailable.

What is a Reactor Pattern in Node.js?

A reactor pattern in Node.js is mainly a theory of non-blocking I/O operations. It offers a handler that is linked with every I/O operation. When an I/O request is formed, it is sent to the demultiplexer.

The demultiplexer is an interesting notification that can manage concurrency in non-blocking I/O mode. Moreover, it supports fetching all the requests like an event and then placing every event in a line. Hence, forming a generation of the Event queues. In the same way, we desire an event loop that duplicates the events available in the event line.

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What is a Test Pyramid in Node.js?

A test pyramid is an approach used to identify the total number of test cases operated in unit testing, integration testing, and combined testing. This is retained in order to make sure that many test cases are performed for the overall development of a project.

Let’s have a brief about each of the components:

  • Unit Tests: They test the overall units of the code in separation.
  • Integration Tests: This test is meant for incorporating diverse units.
  • End-to-end (E2E) Tests: They test the entire system, including the user interface, to data back and then reverse.

What is Middleware in Node.js?

Middleware is a practical function that possesses the capability to manage incoming requests and deliver response objects.

In short, in an app’s request-response cycle, these functions have full power over different request & response objects, including the cycle’s upcoming function. And the upcoming function of middleware is showcased using a variable, mainly named next. Some of the basic tasks that are done by the middleware functions are as follows:

  • Carry out all the kinds of code
  • Modify the request & response objects
  • Put an end to the request & response cycle
  • Call the upcoming middleware in the stack

What are different types of HTTP requests?

HTTP lists several request methods utilized to carry out certain actions. Here are some of the things done by request methods:

  • GET: It is helpful to fetch the data.
  • POST: Highly useful in updating a change in the state.
  • HEAD: As the GET method, however, asks for the response without any need for a response body.
  • DELETE: Utilized to remove any predetermined source.

How to connect MongoDB Database with Node.js?

To form a database in MongoDB:

  • Begin by developing a MongoDB Client.
  • Mention the connection URL, including the correct IP address and the name of the database you wish to form:
var MongoClient = require (‘mongodb’).MongoClient;

var URL = ‘mongodb://localhost:27017/mydb’;

MongoClient.connect(url, function(err,db){

if(err) throw err;

console.log(“Database Created!”);


} );

What is the purpose of NODE_ENV?

NODE_ENV is an environmental variable that refers to the node environment present inside the express server.

When a project is in the production stage, Node.js facilitates the convention of making use of the NODE_NEW variable flag to it. This is useful in making a practical decision at the time of the development of the projects. Moreover, as soon as you keep your NODE_ENV to production, your app runs 3x speedily.

What are LTS Releases of Node.js?

LTS refers to the Long Term Support version of Node.js that gets every crucial error bug fixes, including security updates & performance improvements. These versions are supported for 1.5 years and emphasize more stability and security.

The changes carried out in the LTS versions are limited to bug fixes, security upgrades, np, documentation updates, etc.

What is Libuv?

Libuv is a multi-platform support library of Node.js that is mostly utilized for asynchronous I/O/ It was mainly built for Node.js; with passing time, it is highly used with other systems such as Luvit, pyuv, Julia, etc. Libduv is primarily an abstraction related to the libev/ IOCP based on the platform, offering users an API as per libev. Some of the essential features of the Libuv are as follows:

  • Fully equipped event loop backend
  • File system events
  • Asynchronous file & file system operations
  • Asynchronous TCP & UDP sockets
  • Child processes

What is ESLint?

ESLint is an open-source project built by Nicholas C. Zakas in 2013. Its main purpose is to find a linting utility for JavaScript via a plug. Linters in Node.js are mainly useful for finding bug classes, notably those linked to a specific scope. Regulations in ESLint are highly configurable, and modified rules can be determined and loaded. It looks after the code quality and coding style problems.

Why do we use Google’s V8 Engine for Node.js?

We can use Google’s V8 Engine for Node.js as it immediately converts the JavaScript code into the native machine code. Hence, it enhances the app execution and response process and offers a high-performing app.

What do you mean by Global Objects in Node.js?

In Node.js, every object that is global in nature is termed global and is present in every module of the application. A developer can utilize these objects instantly in an app instead of planning to add them separately.

These global objects can be modules, functions, strings, objects, or anything else. Also, several objects can be in the module scope rather than the global scope.

How does Node.js handle child threads?

Node.js is a single-threaded process and no anymore discloses the child threads or thread management methods. However, you can still access the child thread by utilizing spawn () for several particular synchronous I/O tasks that run in the background. And don’t run any JS code or impede the primary event loop in the application.

In case you wish to utilize the threading idea in your app you can integrate a module known as ChildProcess.

What is Punycode in Node.js?

Punycode in Node.js is an encoding syntax that is useful for converting the Unicode (UTF-8) string of characters into the simple ASCII string of characters. It is highly essential because the hostname can decode the ASCII codes. Even though it is being utilized with various earlier versions, you can effectively use it with the following code:

punycode = require(‘punycode’);

What is the difference between Node.js and AJAX?

Before talking about the main difference between Node.js & AJAX, let’s look at what is common between them. Both Node.js and AJAX utilize the modern implementation of JavaScript.

The main dissimilarity between Node.js and AJAX is that Node.js is a server-side platform. However, AJAX is a client-side technology.

In short, Node.js helps build server-side software that is mainly performed on the servers rather than web browsers. AJAX is mainly utilized for changing the webpage contents without any need of refreshing it.

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Does Node.js provide any Debugger?

Node.js consists of an inherited TCP protocol and a debugging client. In case you have any plans to debug a file, you can utilize the debug syntax given below, followed by the js file name you want to debug.

What is Event Emitter in Node.js?

Node.js has an EventEmitter class that consists of objects that can emit events. These objects consist of an eventEmitter.on() function utilizing which various functions are associated with the event emitted by the object.

As soon as an EventEmitter class throws an event, every linked function to the particular event is called upon synchronously. Refer to the syntax given below to utilize EventEmitter in your application:

const EventEmitter = require('events');

class MyEmitter extends EventEmitter { }

const myEmitter = new MyEmitter();

myEmitter.on('event', () => {

console.log('an event occurred!');



Does Node.js support cryptography?

Node.js support cryptography via a special module known as Crypto. This module offers multiple cryptographic functionalities such as cipher, decipher, sign, verify, and several wrappers for SSL’s hash HMAC, etc. For reference, check the code given below:

const crypto = require'crypto');

const secret = 'akerude';

const hash = crypto.createHmac('swaEdu', secret).update('Welcome to Edureka').digest('hex');


By asking these questions to hire node.js developers, you can test their overall knowledge of Node.js. Also, it will help you make the process of hiring quick and efficient.

Soft Skill Questions to Ask While Hiring Node Developers

In the professional world, soft skills are as important as technical knowledge. A good technical grasp of the domain defines the knowledge of a professional.

However, good soft skills determine the quality of that individual as an employee. As you plan to hire node.js programmers, these projects are generally long-term. The candidate needs to possess good communication skills, time management skills, team spirit, etc.

The soft skills of a candidate are evaluated thoroughly during the hiring process itself. They are to be considered equally important as the tech questions before you hire node.js experts.

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While you are out to hire node js programmers, some types of soft skill questions that are usually asked in an interview are:

  • What is important to you in a job?
  • How would you tackle an extra burden of workload?
  • How would you explain some difficult tasks to your team?
  • When was the last time you became the leader of a team?
  • Do you consider yourself a multitasker? Have you worked on more than one project at the same time? How did you manage everything at that time?
  • Have you ever handled a fuzzy, demanding client?
  • Have you ever had issues with a colleague who was working with you? What approach did you take to communicate with them about the work-related updates?
  • Has it ever happened that the expected task didn’t go as planned? How did you deal with the situation? What was your take on it?
  • Give an example of any important project goal that you achieved. How did you achieve it? What plan did you follow?

So, this was a short bunch of questions that you can ask your interviewee to test their soft skills.

The answer to these questions will determine the qualities and abilities in terms of leadership quality, time management, team spirit, problem-solving skills, communication skills, etc. And confirm what kind of node.js development services you will be receiving.

Therefore, it will be a great way to hire nodejs developers in the form of professional employees.

Options for Hiring Node.js Developers

So far, we have discussed the role, responsibilities, and the selection process to hire node js developer.

Now it is time to discuss & define your needs and options available to you as an employer while selecting top node js developers.

Based on the project requirements, you can hire node.js programmers under various methods. If your project is small and less complex, then it is better to get a freelancer to get your work done. But if your project is demanding skills & experience due to complexity, then you can get in-house developers or hire node js development team.

There are three main hiring criteria for developers. So, go through them and find the right one for you.


The first and most widely opted category is freelancers. Because they are simple to hire and work with them for a particular time. Moreover, you can find them on the internet at freelancing platforms like  Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, and more to hire node js developers.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers their services to companies, startups, or other organizations. Hire node.js programmers India who takes up the project on a monthly or yearly basis. Or charge their time on an hourly basis. All of them work for the short term only. This means you need to hire each developer for every new project.

Although, the selection of the right freelancer. It is difficult to judge a professional based on a few ratings and online reviews. However, on the other hand, many good-quality professionals in the market can guarantee the best quality of work.
In a nutshell, the following are the various advantages and disadvantages to hire node developers freelance.


  • Reduction in Cost and Risks
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Increase in Global Reach


  • Weak Deadlines
  • Chances of Fraud
  • No Authorization
  • Issues with Security and Dedication to the Project

Away from all these pros and cons, many online platforms offer trusted and verified freelancers at affordable rates. So you can hire node.js developers in India too from websites like Freelancer, UpWork, Toptal, Codementor, etc.

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In-house Developers

The second option is a bit of a trusted one if you are unsure about freelancers. As the name suggests, in-house developers are your employees.

You can hire nodejs developers as an employee for the in-house company working as permanent members of the team. In this way, you can have a controlled vision of the working status and the performance of the developer.

So, this might sound like a trusted and most secure option. But it demands some extra money too. As you hire an ‘employee’, you need to set up monthly salaries, housing allowances, conveyance allowances, etc.

This will cost you money if you are not a big company or organization yet. In short, this option is not feasible for small-scale businesses/companies.
However, choosing a developer in this manner comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Anytime Access for Getting the Work Done
  • Trusted and Verified
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Control of Development Process
  • No Communication Issues
  • Better Management


  • Long Hiring Process
  • Demands an Expensive Expenditure
  • Monthly Wages Irrespective of the Contribution
  • May, not Gel Well Within the Team
  • Flexibility Issues

In the case of in-house developers, you can hire developers or hire Node.js Development team from Hired, Indeed, Stack Overflow, etc.


Outsourcing is the middle ground between freelancing and in-house developers. If you do not want to go freelancing and cannot spend on in-house developers, this is the right option for you. As these are developers from another country or geographical location.

It is the process in which a company or an organization hire node.js developers in India or any other region as third-party services in software development. Hire NodeJS Developers from the adroit company and they will surely sign a proper contract as well as ensure the completion of the deadline without any failure. Here, you also get to choose the number of specialists for your task for fast product development.

It has become a popular way of employing a skilled developer with the current advent of global outsourcing development. Some of its benefits and drawbacks are,


  • Reduced Production Cost
  • Easy Discussions of Projects with Product Managers
  • Accessibility to Best Quality Developers
  • Improved Quality of Work


  • Language Barrier
  • Data Threat
  • Communication Issues due to Different Time Zones
  • Maintaining Financial Relationships

Staff Augmentation

To speedily upscale your development process is by augmenting your team of hire dedicated node.js developers at your convenience.

Team augmentation comprises well-seasoned, expert developers, project managers, testers, and related resources, who altogether will take care of the end-to-end process of your project. Also, it has proven to be the most hassle-free way of getting dedicated node js developer India of your choice from a reliable company.


  • Scalable, talented developers
  • Rapid development process
  • Dedicated developers working on your project
  • No overhead costs


  • Long-term costs
  • Onboarding
  • Limited your business culture knowledge
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Cost to Hire Node.js Developers

Different designations for the job offer different salaries. Because the roles and responsibilities of a particular job title are different from the others. Moreover, the cost to hire node developers is budget-friendly depending on their profile, experience, & region. Significantly, node.js developers for hire are often said to receive a high amount of salaries due to their specific skills and the number of technologies they deal with. Also, except for in-house developers, nearly all types of Node.js developers charge money on an hourly basis.

However, the charges for their services vary notably across regions. Places like the USA or the UK have costly developers. While if you are to hire dedicated node.js developer in India or other Asian countries, they have a vast talent pool of developers at cheaper rates.

It can be beneficial to you if you are well aware of the salary estimates that developers across the world charge for their services.

Junior/Senior Node.js Developer Hiring Rate

Offshore node js developers’ rate differs from region to region and for the post that the company is offering. For instance, if you intend to hire senior node js developers, their rates may be more because of their experience & skillsets who would also be delivering quality. For details, the salary in the $/hr pattern across the world is as given below.

Regions Hourly Rate (Junior) Hourly Rate (Senior)
North America $130 – $230 $150 – $170
Central Europe $30 – $65 $45 – $80
Eastern Europe $20 – $30 $30 – $60
South America $30 – $60 $50 – $85
Asia $20 – $30 $30 – $50
Africa $20 – $25 $30 – $45
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Node.js Developers Outsourcing Rate

The rates for hiring employees or to be precise, to hire nodejs developers from an outsourcing firm are different from the rates that are offered to In-house developers. Outsourcing rates differ for different regions across the globe as well.
The approximate rates in the $/hr pattern are as mentioned below.

Regions Hourly Rate (Junior) Hourly Rate (Senior)
North America $61-80 $121-140
Latin America $41-60 $61-80
Western Europe $61-80 $81-100
Eastern Europe $50-60 $61-80
Australia $95-175 $121-140
India $20-35 $40-$80
Africa $41-60 $81-100
Asia & Pacific $61-80 $81-100

In-house Node.js Developers’ Salary

Node.js developers for hire as an in-house team have an average annual salary that is calculated based on the estimated hourly income. Its approximation, provided in a $/annum pattern is as mentioned.

Regions Annual Salary ($)
North America 1,134,650
South America 100,000
Western Europe 80,620
Eastern Europe 36,330
Australia 140,000
Asia 58,788
India 40,017

In all the forms, one can assume that availing of the services of a dedicated node js developer India can prove to be easy, affordable, and beneficial for all sizes and types of your projects.

Things to Consider Before you Hire Node.js Developers

The popularity of node.js has made it convenient to build IoT apps, real-time chat apps, SAPs, real-time gadgets, streaming apps, microservices & dynamic PWAs.

As a result, influential companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal, NASA, eBay, Groupon, Walmart, and many more, are powering their tech stack with Node.js.

Such a favorite advent has resulted in a high rise of node.js developers for hire. Hence finding one is not a difficult task. However, finding the right one that best fits your project, can become a little tricky.

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Amidst all, there are a number of things that you should consider and be clear about before selecting a certain candidate. Some of them are:

Define your Needs

Clearly define your needs and plan your project. Based on that, check if you need to hire node js developer who is in a senior or a junior position as per your project size.
If you are planning to compile a team, it is advisable to have at least one senior developer on board to lead the team with their intelligence and experience.

Check the Tech Skills

Shortlist the technical skills & years of experience that are mandatory for the successful completion of your project. So you are clear about which skills are negotiable while you hire node developers.
For instance, whether you need a full stack developer expert in MEAN & MERN or a back-end specialist. Someone who must be aware of all the Node.js frameworks like Express, Meteor, Sails, and DerbyJS. And also, must have familiarity with various testing tools, cloud computing, as well as DevOps.

A few other tech skills you need to focus on are:

  • Solid JavaScript Knowledge
  • Understanding of Run-Time Environment
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Application Monitoring Tools
  • Understanding of Front-end technologies
  • Knowledge of Node.js Frameworks & Node.js Full stacks
  • The efficiency of RESTful APIs
  • Ability to Create Database Schemas & work with ORM tools
  • Handling Errors
  • Test Runners and Tools
  • Experience in NPM and Alternative package Managers

Data Protection

Data security and privacy must be your top priority as well as of your node.js developers for hire. It is an important feature that any software must offer. So learn what methods and steps your developer can follow to ensure the utmost protection of your data.
Whether they follow, encryptions, multi-layer security, authentication, authorization, etc. for security purposes.

Efficient Programming Skills

One non-negotiable aspect of a developer is good & efficient programming skills. As it is the basic structure of any development process. Especially, their node.js programming.

Additionally, their codes must be economical, clean, and clear. And can be easily read, understood, & implemented for smooth functioning. This you can also know by checking their earlier developed apps or software for functionality. Significantly, hire node.js developers in India who are known to follow ethical coding and asynchronous programming practices to build excellent products.

Culturally Fit

Hire node.js programmers who are technically sound is good. But all would be rendered useless if they cannot fit into the culture of the organization. it will get difficult for them to understand the workings of the company, values, & principles to contribute effectively.

It enables easy communication between the developer and the employer. And establishes belongingness within the developer to take full accountability for the project.

So you can list a few qualities like open-mindedness, being passionate, humility, team member, proactive, etc. as desired qualities to consider them culturally fit for your company while you intend to hire node js programmers India.

Soft Skills

Only when they can think independently, think strategically & critically, make their own decisions, are open to new perspectives, and can they work holistically on the project. Such a project would be human-centric, keeping the best of the user and the company in their mind.

So while hiring node.js developer, you can emphasize innovation, decision-making, critical thinking, resilience, problem-solving, organization, constant learning, and more as a must skill.

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Node.js Staff Augmentation Model

Sometimes, in-house developers are not sufficient to successfully complete certain projects. In such cases, you can hire node.js developers instantly from eSparkBiz for your complex, large-scale project demanding expertise & experience. Besides, you can augment your node.js developer’s team that scales conveniently as per your project requirements.

With a seamless process & access to resources, you can hire dedicated node.js developer on an hourly basis or full-time to extend your existing team. Or establish a cross-functional dynamic team at your flexibility within budget. And begin your development depending on your project with our offered hiring models like,

  • Dedicated Developers/Team
  • Fixed-price Model
  • Time and Material
  • BOT Model (Build, Operate, & Transfer)
  • Project-based Model

Moreover, our Staff Augmentation engagement model allows you to flexibly acquire remote node.js developers according to your time zone to enhance your technical developmental capabilities.

So you can outsource your various software development with our skilled node developers on demand in easy steps and interviews. Along with their skills, you get exclusive access to our exhaustive resources, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and best-class support and maintenance services. Plus, you get to enjoy a 15-day risk-free trial to experience our services to satisfaction.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Node.js Developer

Mistakes made while you hire node js programmers India can cost you a lot if the wrong candidate is chosen. Some of the mistakes that should be avoided during the process are,

Less Research

We must research the background of the candidate thoroughly before you hire nodejs developer. To be sure of the skills and capability the developer possesses. Lack of research may lead to fraudulent candidates resulting in a costly loss.


Make sure your instructions are clear, precise, and in a language that your developer can easily understand. Because miscommunication can mar the development and implementation of any project. Thus, it should be avoided.

Quick Hiring

Recruitment processes, if carried out in a haste can lead you to hire nodejs developers who may not be properly checked or may miss out on crucial information about each other.


Avoid any sort of presumptions and biases that you may have regarding the technology or developer before you hire dedicated node.js developer. You are most likely to end up making the wrong decision if your thinking is clouded by any unpleasant thoughts.

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Time Difference

You can depend on proper communication to avoid any issues when working with your developers or companies in different time zones.

Handling these shortcomings will make sure that you have the right candidate at the end of the process. Someone who will help you get your project through successfully.

Why To Hire Remote Node.js Developers From eSparkBiz?

eSparkBiz is a node.js development provider with multiple Node.js solutions to give an innovative edge to modern businesses globally. Also, we make use of various node.js development tools to build and provide efficient web applications and software programs.

We provide world-class result-oriented node.js development services based on the agile methodology & server-side environment to build scalable, performant, networked mobile & web applications. Also, these services help you in upgrading or enhancing your existing apps, migrating your legacy systems, & maintaining your systems and apps for seamless function & user experience.

Additionally, we house 25+ in-house experienced node.js developers for hire. Also, they are pre-vetted experts, with in-depth experience in working with every aspect of node.js. Blending their skills and business talent, they design node.js solutions that ensure high conversion & growth.

With our easy hiring process and suitable engagement models, you can effortlessly hire dedicated node.js developer for part-time or full-time purposes. Or even hire node js development team to upscale your digital strength significantly.

So you can benefit the most from the versatile node.js framework while you hire node.js developers and boost your business operations to new heights.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should hire nodejs developers with eSparkBiz to avail of world-class node js development services.

Benefits that you Get with eSparkBiz:-

  • Connect With Industry Experts
  • On-time Project Delivery
  • High-quality Services
  • Daily Reporting
  • 24*7 Support & Assistance
  • Total Control Over Proceedings
  • Work According to your Time Zone
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eSparkBiz is a hub of talented, certified node.js developers for hire in India who can dedicatedly deliver your dream projects within a timeline. Our junior node.js developers are equally adroit in developing robust software solutions as our senior node.js developers in using agile methodology for future-ready  node.js solutions.

Hire certified developers who are eager to learn and implement new techs to innovate solutions for your business niche. Experts with 3+ years of experience have an impressive profile in working with Adonis, Sails, Hapi, Next.js, Express, Meteor & world-class quality node.js development services aligned to business strategy. Equally flexible, our experts are efficient to augment your team or work as your core in-house asset on your product.

We enable global exposure to our node.js developers to get inspired, learn & experiment with their ideas in our high-tech facilities and nurturing environment. Making them supremely equipped to streamline and speed your Node.js projects.

Besides low-cost hiring solutions, we hire only the best candidate which gives you eSparkBiz advantages like,

  • Remove the sourcing process
  • Zero overhead cost
  • Screened & pre-vetted experts with on-demand upscale
  • Save on operational & infrastructure cost
  • Confidentiality and Compliance
  • No pre or post-hiring burdens
  • Easy access to only the best talents
  • No Obligation Selection
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Hire remote node.js developers to get cutting-edge, low-latency apps that work seamlessly on all platforms, full-cycle node.js development services, migration, staff augmentation, and maintenance support. Besides their technical expertise, they are known for their dedication, business acumen, communication, and transparent work style. So you can effectively outsource your node js software development with our full stack node developer as per your preferred time zone and desired budget.

Ensured Code Quality from our Node.js Developers for Hire

Along with the vast industry experience of serving global clients, the top node.js developers at eSparkBiz are set distinct in their clean & simple codes. By now, we have understood the utter importance of good coding which is the base of any functional program. As you hire node js developers, you see the difference in the quality.

So you get to witness the exceptional results of clean and easy coding that makes ensures the seamless performance of the product. And at later stages, you can update it easily for more advanced features by hiring node js developers.

Some of the distinguishing features of coding by our node.js developers are

Industry-best Coding Practices

  • Our top nodejs developers follow the coding standards of W3C and ECMAScript for all of their projects.
  • Critical code reviewing before deployment.
  • Using various code quality checking tools like JSLint, Review Board, Crucible, GitHub, etc. intensively at all stages.
  • Properly defined & divided codes with named variables in each unit.
  • Hire dedicated nodejs developer with clear code indentation along with DRY coding abilities.
  • Each set of codes is followed by detailed comments to document to make it self-explanatory.
  • Codes bifurcated for low coupling as well as high cohesion for functionality & performance.
  • Extensive referencing from the vast APIs of the frameworks, third-party libraries, etc.
  • Portability of the code is highly emphasized for future advantages.
  •  Hiring node js developers with us will get you Automation and standardization with reasonable coding.

Unit Testings

  • Each module is tested with well-organized tests for rectification & documentation.
  • Besides they imbibe automatic & functional unit testing as an unprescribed rule for all the projects.
  • Hire dedicated node js developer to do the unit testing that follows 100% code coverage as units and not integrated sections.
  • Rerunning unit tests with each major code change.
  • Our node js developers for hire are also engaging in modern age headless testings in the cloud for faster & accurate results.
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Get Secure, Error-free Coding as you Hire Node js Developers

Developers at eSparkBiz promise bug-free, extendible project codes

Code Review Practices

  • Engaging and effective peer review process maintaining positive code review culture.
  • Compliance to the best of the code review standards & project specifics as you hire dedicated nodejs developers.
  • Audits
  • Management reviews to maintain the company standards.
  • Inspections and thorough walkthroughs.

Metrics for Code Quality

  • While you are hiring node js developers with us, they focus on Qualitative as well as Quantitative quality metrics for the efficacy of the codes.
  • Quality metrics cover the subjective aspects of the code like clarity, readability, formatting, extensibility, documentation, efficiency, etc.
  • Weighted mico-function points are used to check the complexity of the code.
  • Maintainability Index
  • To keep a check on the computational complexity of the program measurements node.js developers for hire utilizes measures like Halstead complexity measures.
  • Whereas, they also employ cyclomatic complexity measures to determine the structure of the program.
  • Class Coupling


A good Node.js developer is the foundation of good business software, which later builds a good business. Therefore, as an employer or the head of a company, you need to be careful while hiring Node.js developers for your projects.

Be it a whole consultancy or just a single developer, make sure to check all the parameters including skills, experience, and cost.

We also hope that this guide has helped you to get a basic idea of the important parameters of Node.js. So, get your job campaign ready to hire Node js developer to accelerate your business growth.