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The Importance Of Social Media In The IT Industry

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives. It has transformed the way we interact with our friends, colleagues etc. In fact, we see it as in indispensable tool. Social media has indeed become a game-changer. It is not only a great tool for our personal needs but for our professional needs as well. In fact, social media has great importance in the IT industry.


In the early days, associations and events were the tools for interaction within the IT community. Today, IT professionals use social media to share information not only with their peers but also individuals who exert influence. IT marketers and publishers are using the information posted on social media by IT professionals to learn more about effective engagement with IT professionals.


IT professionals are not just using social media websites for their personal needs. They also use it to share information and resources. They use social media to share content which they believe has value. IT professionals find a lot of content on technology content websites which they depend on for news, reviews etc. They use technology content websites a lot more than technology vendor websites, technology-based print publications etc. The reason why IT professionals prefer technology content websites is because they perceive it to be more reliable.


The evolution of conventional advertising is still going on, but IT marketers need to look at a much larger picture to strike a chord with the target audience. Social media is becoming more and more important day by day. This growing importance is what made IT marketers think of joining in the discussions happening in the world of social media.


‘Marketing collateral’ is acquiring a whole new meaning as IT marketers are beginning to understand how good content is not just restricted to paper. Good content in the context of social media refers to a material which is reliable and shareable. On social media, any content that is posted receives instant feedback – everything is very democratic. If the content posted is not perceived as quality content by the audience, it will receive instant criticism. Therefore, IT vendors and publishers are always on their toes as they have to ensure that the content created is up to the mark.


IT vendors are given more channels and options by social media for contributing to technology content websites. Social media is a great platform for publishing all kinds of content, and hence it is a good place for IT marketers to form partnerships. Content is seen as more credible when there is an association with reliable sources.


However, IT marketers need to be careful while using social media – they should not try to create monologs. Instead, they should try to participate in the discussion. Having experts on the subject as participants in the discussion will build brand credibility much more effectively than typical marketing lingo which will not fool anyone. Social media is a great place to build brand credibility – but at the same time, efforts can backfire if one doesn’t go about it the right way.

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