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The Landing Page Of The Future

What will landing pages look like in the next 5 years? It is easy to notice that landing pages are becoming more and more efficient day by day. This is due to the lessons that are being learned on a daily basis. You could benefit from these lessons to improve your own landing page.


Landing pages in the next five years will have a more effective call-to-action. More and more people are realizing that the call-to-action is the landing page’s most important component. For it to be effective, it needs to be clear as well as stand out. As soon as visitors arrive at your landing page, they should be able to see clearly and easily the call-to-action.


If not, you will just lose potential customers. Today, an astonishing number of websites do not have a call-to-action that is clear/stands out. However, many are quickly realizing this folly – over the next five years we will see that landing pages with a clear call-to-action that stands out, will be the norm rather than the ideal.


Landing pages after 5 years will also feature the excellent use of images. User experience gets enhanced with the use of good images. However, landing pages of the future will not just feature ‘good images’ but also the ‘right use of good images’. To illustrate – you may have used a good image on your landing page, but what if it ends up being a distraction and diverts attention away from the all-important call-to-action?


Another example of the ‘right use of good images’ is the use of original images. People are beginning to understand that it is better to use original images than stock photography – the latter may be high-quality but does not build credibility or lead to conversions like the former. Landing pages of the future will have high-quality original images which perfectly complement the call-to-action.


Landing pages after 5 years will also feature high consistency between the content in the ads and the content in the landing page. Everyone is learning about the negative effect created by the inconsistency between ad content and landing page content. It is now being understood how to maintain consistency between ads and landing pages.


One way to do this is consistency in keywords – by simply being consistent with the keywords in the ad and the landing page, a great difference in lead generation can be created. Another way is not to ‘disappoint’ the visitors. Many are beginning to realize the folly of using whatever ‘bait’ necessary to get visitors to the landing page. Now the wisdom of using ads for communicating clearly to visitors what to expect once they reach the landing page, is being widely understood.


Landing pages after five years will also have faster loading times. Everyone is beginning to understand how shaving just a few seconds off the loading time can significantly increase landing page conversions. This decrease in loading time can be achieved by decreasing HTTP requests, using CSS instead of embedded images, reducing the number of elements (like images) etc.

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