Even though mobile development is quite on a rise these days, one cannot ignore the rising demands for a web application. Due to this, the technologies used in developing web applications is also on the rise. Laravel & Django are two such technologies. Today, we will provide you with a feature-based comparison of Laravel vs Django.

There are multiple technologies to choose from and each of them comes with loads of functionalities. There are varied requirements for each business and thus there is no permanent formula using which you would be able to choose the right technology.

Therefore, based on your requirements, and after knowing all about Laravel and Django, you should choose the best framework that suits your needs.

Overview of Web Frameworks: Laravel Vs. Django


This is a Model View Controller (MVC) framework that is built with PHP and is one of the most popular languages when it comes to web applications. It can basically be used so as to develop a Content Management System (CMS) application.

Considering more traffic, Laravel has more upscale features. There are multiple features that ease out the work of the developers and also helps in saving their time, thus developing a web application from scratch is a much easier task with Laravel.

Due to these functionalities, nowadays there is a massive demand of laravel programmers for hire in the IT industry. And, you should also start giving importance to this framework.


It is a framework for web development that is open source in nature and is written in Python language. The architectural pattern here too is Model View Template (MVT).

This is used for developing web applications that are complex in nature. It is used in some of the most well-known websites like Mozilla, Instagram, etc. If you analyze Python Web Development Companies , Django would be their favorite choice, mostly!

This is not only lightweight but also has some stand-alone features. The main aim of this framework is to make complicated web applications easy so that they can be developed within less time.

Laravel vs Django: Exploring The Differences

Based on various parameters, we have tried to find out the differences between both the frameworks:

Criterion #1: Type


This is a free and also an open-source web application framework that comes with a very elegant syntax.

The aim of this framework is to make the process of web development simple, easy and fast. This also encourages web developers to create the best coding.

They would not have to take the pains of some common tasks like authentication, routing, sessions, etc.

If you wish to create powerful and large apps, then Laravel comes with some of the best features like an inversion of control container, tightly integrated unit testing support and so on.


This is one of the most loved open source frameworks and is always preferred by the developers. This was initially created using the Python language.

One of the best things about this framework is that it comes with libraries, templates, etc. and also has a natural up-gradation feature. This one also has numerous app plugins.

Criterion #2: Programming Language


This follows the Object-Oriented Programming or the OOP approach along with the Model View Controller approach.


This one follows the Model View Template approach as opposed to Laravel.

Criterion #3: Learning Curve


This one is quite intuitive and you would be able to master the development of modern PHP with database migrations, Eloquent ORM composer and so on.

There are abundant learning resources for this but the only catch is that you would have to master them taking into consideration the steep learning curve that it bears.


There is no virtual existence of the learning curve for Python, thus it is pretty evident that one can easily learn to use this framework. The code comes with readability and hence new developers are at ease working with this one.

Criterion #4: Security


Salted hashed passwords are the ways by which web applications are usually secured. They also have the right mechanisms to protect their users in situations like cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection vulnerability, and so on.

SQL injection vulnerability and so on. That is the reason why Uplifting Business with Laravel Web Development is a fine art.

But concluding the facts, the security measures in Django are far more superior than that of Laravel.


Coming to the security measures, Django would definitely need a special mention. It also makes the developers aware of the common mistakes and helps them to avoid those.

Rent a coder who has the proficiency with the stacks and is also well-versed with the security components which would help you safeguard your development project.

From cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injection vulnerability, and so on, everything is taken care of by this framework. Security is also provided while managing the user accounts and passwords in this framework.

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Criterion #5: Speed


This is indeed fast but is not comparable to the speed of Django.


Python is indeed a very speedy language and hence this is one of the fastest frameworks available in the town.

So, in the comparison of Laravel vs Django, Django wins the race in terms of speed.

Laravel vs Django

Criterion #6: Library


This has a good library and you can build multiple websites from this. This one is quite extensive and comes with thorough documentation.


This one comes with an extensive library and has a lot of self-contained packages that have multiple reusable features.

Criterion #7: Features


Talking about routing, it is quite simple in the case of Laravel. It boasts of ORM and delivers high-level abstractions on a relational database.

This helps the developers to write Python code instead of the SQL ones to modify data and schemas quite easily.

One of the best things about this framework is its speed and in-house support. In fact, there are also some ways to Uplift Business With Laravel. So, you should think about that in detail.


Routing can be a bit difficult in the case of Django as it doesn’t come with in-built structures.

You would either have to do it yourself, or you would have to use the Django REST framework.

One of the features to look forward to is that it would help the developers to build the site area automatically along with creating, changing and deleting the records.

To conclude this point about Laravel vs Django, the framework has a dynamic administrative interface and an extensible authentication system.

Criterion #8: Scalability


Even though this supports cross-platform, it becomes limited when we talk about high scalability.


This not only supports cross-platform but also high scalability, which means this one can handle higher work inflow.

Criterion #9: User Communities


It has a very huge active community that contributes greatly to the GitHub.


This one also has a huge and responsive community that contributes to GitHub, the biggest platform for developers.

The reason behind that is, it is one of the top Python Web Development Frameworks for the year 2024.

Criterion #10: Maintenance


It is maintained by the developer who created this under a free software license.


This is maintained by the Django Software Foundation.

These are some of the common differences between the two famous frameworks.

If you look at Google Trends, the popularity of Laravel has surpassed that of Django, but that does not mean you too should follow the lead. It would all depend on your requirements.

Thus, it would be important to understand your requirements first.

Laravel vs Django: Making The Decision

To help you understand the situation, it is important that you understand the benefits and demerits of both frameworks.

Exploring Pros & Cons of Laravel


  • This offers a significant level of security even though a lot of that depends on the developer who is writing the code.
  • Looking at the recent market situation, more and more companies are opting for this framework. The dynamic capabilities of this framework make it so popular.
  • It comes with Blade Templating Engine and hence creating some impressive layouts is quite easy from here. For knowing more about this subject, you should contact and Hire Laravel Developer.
  • This is one of the most convenient frameworks used by the developers and hence coding can be done easily from here. It simplifies complex coding and thus saves a lot of time.
  • Laravel helps in creating multilingual apps that would cater to the needs of a global audience. It also helps to scale the apps across all browsers and platforms, increasing the reach of the business.

Laravel Pros And Cons


  • It comes with much lesser in-built support due to its lightweight nature. This can, however, be solved by integrating third-party tools. However, this is not the right thing to do for heavy and tedious websites.
  • As it is still being developed, you might find some bugs at multiple stages.

Exploring Pros & Cons of Django


  • The speed of Django is noteworthy, it is designed to make applications really fast. It creates applications that are efficient and cost-effective.
  • It is loaded with lots of extras like RSS feeds, site maps, etc. that help in executing web applications easier.
  • This is one of the most secure frameworks available and has user accounts and password authentication to manage everything effectively.
  • It is important to manage heavy traffic properly, and Django does that quite efficiently.
  • From content management to scientific computing platforms, all are managed well and effectively in this versatile platform.



  • This is very monolithic.
  • All of it is based on Django ORM.
  • All the components here get deployed together.
  • You would need to have the knowledge of the full framework in order to work with this.


As mentioned earlier, both frameworks have their own set of pros and cons. Depending on your requirements, you would need to choose the one that would suit your needs.

Make your decision of Laravel vs Django depending on the beneficial features of the programming language and the framework. But do consider the overall factors before making your final decision.

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