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Linking Developers And Designers

It is not ideal to look at designers and developers as two separate entities. Let us look at how to link designers and developers.

How designers can help developers:

Developers may find it difficult while working on design implementations. Load performance is a challenge and there is no one solution for all issues. Developers may feel overwhelmed by the number of options available for design implementation. Designers should be able to produce usable graphic assets after thoroughly understanding the available options. Let us look at how designers can help developers in design implementation.


One of the best ways designers can help developers is by organizing design source files. Only giving a developer a simple JPG or PNG may not suffice as he might need to use the source files for various reasons like enhancing loading performance by adjustment of image compression settings. A developer may need the source files to extract pieces that they may need to use somewhere else.


A developer may also need to treat the text and background as separate layers. Such tasks can consume a lot of time if the designer has not organized the layers properly. It is important to name every layer, to group layers which are related, and to order them properly so that they can be used with ease by someone who is not too well-acquainted with the project.


Designers can help developers by using Smart Objects for grouping together layers which are related to a separate design file while maintaining raster image quality. A PSD file which has each section divided by Smart Objects can be easy to use for developers. Another thing that designers need to keep in mind is smaller screens. If a graphic asset has been designed for a large computer screen, it might be difficult for the developer to implement the design for screens which are smaller.


Legibility could be an issue after scaling down the graphics. Designers should consider web font typography while designing because a replacement of the text layer with real text font may occur while producing the website. Therefore, it is important to consider that scaling down of the font size may decrease in steps while the background decreases in percentages.


Designers can also help developers by saving files in the optimal specifications. Looking at preservation of the highest quality that is possible and producing graphic assets in dimensions which are above what is necessary may come at a price.

Now let us look at how developers can help designers:

Developers can provide tips, context, tools etc to designers so that the latter gets to completely understand the medium. Before design assets are created by designers, developers can help them understand how the graphics will be used by providing context. By not providing enough context developers could end up with graphics which can’t be implemented. By providing sufficient context, developers can ensure that both they and the designers are on the same page.


Developers can also save a lot of time by showing designers how to use browser developer tools – this will help designers handle web technologies in a better way and become more independent of developers. Developers can help designers improve their understanding of the translation of design elements into modular elements, by making them walk through CSS documentation of Bootstrap.


As you can see, developers and designers can help each other for maximum productivity.

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