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Logo design may seem very easy at first – while it is true that logo design strives to create logos that ‘look’ simple, it is far from simple as a craft. The reason why companies and businesses are ready to pay large sums for logo design is due to the fact that a logo is a crucial element of a brand’s identity. If you look at brands like Apple and Nike, you will see that the logos of the companies are enough for people to identify the brand in advertisements – that’s the power of logo design.


To create a great logo, a lot of thought and skill have to go into the design process. The first rule of logo design is simplicity. A lot of thought and planning must go into creating a logo, but the logo itself must look simple. One of the major drawbacks of a complex logo is difficulty in identification. A simple logo is much easier to identify – for example, Nike’s logo is extremely simple, but anyone looking at it will instantly identify it as Nike’s logo.


‘Simple yet effective and instantly recognizable’ should be the guiding philosophy while designing a logo.Not only should a logo be simple, it should also have dynamism and flexibility. Rigidity can cause a logo to fail. Another factor that is to be kept in mind while designing a logo is versatility. Versatility means that the logo should not be suited just one for one medium, color scheme etc.


Now we come to one of the most important characteristics of a good logo – not only should a good logo be dynamic, flexible, versatile and simple, it should also be unique. After all, how will a logo help in brand-identification if it looks similar to other logos? It should look unique, and have element/elements that help/helps it to stand out and become instantly recognizable.


Another aspect of a good logo is depth – a logo should have a meaning and not be just some random image that ‘looks good’. If you look at the logos of famous brands, you will see that each of their logos has a story behind it. This ‘story’ may not seem obvious to most people, but it is required nonetheless to give the element of depth to a logo.


It is easy to see logo design as a simple art and end up committing many blunders. One of these mistakes is to the wrong use of colors. It is very important to consider the target audience before going for a color scheme. Another mistake is too much innovation and experimentation leading to a complicated logo – designing a logo is not a project to display one’s artistic skills.


The objective of logo design is to create a logo that is simple and instantly recognizable. It is highly recommended to use custom typography while designing a logo. Sure, there are many beautiful fonts to choose from, but nothing truly matches a unique typeface while designing a logo. Not only will this keep your logo looking unique, it will also help avoid issues like design plagiarism.

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