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Marketing Automation Mistakes

More and more businesses are realizing the various benefits of marketing automation. There has been a huge leap in industry revenues, with many predicting much higher growth in 2015. Businesses which are considering adopting marketing automation as part of their strategy are indeed making a wise move. With the right approach, using marketing automation can lead to high returns on investment (ROI). During the journey, marketing automation can help nurture qualified leads into customers.


However, the wrong approach can lead to disastrous consequences as well. Marketing automation is a valuable tool, but one needs to know how to use it in the right way. It’s pretty much like fire – if you know how to use it the right way it will keep you warm and help you cook food; but with the wrong approach, you may end up with a forest fire that ‘automatically’ wipes out your prospective customers. For instance, a message sent to all at the wrong time can be a real turn-off and lose you many prospective customers – the exact opposite of what you were targeting.


So do bear in mind that the consequences of the wrong use of marketing automation are not simply ‘low or zero results’ but actually ‘driving away prospective customers’. It is not the technology itself that is to blame for such a negative effect, but the strategy and approach behind implementing the technology. Let us look at some common marketing automation mistakes. For your business to succeed with the help of marketing automation, you will have to avoid making these mistakes.


One of the greatest mistakes committed while implementing marketing automation is taking it literally – after all, it is ‘automation’, right? Wrong. Marketing automation does not mean that the technology is completely automatic and will think for you. You will still have to sit down and think of effective strategies and approaches to implement it.


Marketing automation can help in the refinement of your strategy, but you will still have to think hard of effective strategies on your own and not think that the technology itself will handle it. You will have to see whether everyone understands the marketing and sales processes and them whether are fully documented. The knowledge gained from this assessment can help you get the maximum out of marketing automation.


Besides assuming that the technology is completely automatic, another mistake is assuming that a one-size-fits-all approach will fetch returns. Rather, this can actually backfire. Sending out the same message to all at one time can cost you the loss of many prospective customers. Instead, you should take the time and effort to create approaches tailor-made for leads from different categories.


Not providing content which is compelling is also a mistake. You should take the effort to understand your customers and develop a strategy accordingly, as well as craft a content strategy for the delivery of relevant, quality content to leads at the right times. This will help build your credibility and establish you as one possessing expertise.


Another mistake is not making full use of analytics. Do not think that you can sit back and let the technology do the job all on its own. You will need to keep checking the analytics for further refining your strategy.

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