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Millennials And Business Collaboration

Companies are looking at better ways to promote collaboration among staff so as to boost innovation leading to better ideas and solutions. Seeing this as a priority complements the current move towards mobile and cloud technology – which has become nothing short of a revolution – because it allows collaboration around the clock irrespective of location.


Another important factor that all companies should consider is that of millennials. A millennial is an individual born between 1982 and 2004 – these years are just an approximation as different sources tend to define millennials differently. It is easy to see that millennials constitute a large chunk of any country’s workforce. In the USA, for example, millennials will constitute more than half of the nation’s workforce by the year 2020. Needless to say, studying their traits, preferences etc is very important for a company’s success. Generation gaps may produce a few misunderstandings (and probably arguments as well) at the workplace as millennials are quite different from the preceding Generation X and Baby Boomer generations.


Millennials may be young and ‘inexperienced’ but one area in which they tend to be superior over older colleagues is technology. Millennials are children of the internet age, and are very comfortable with technology. You will see that millennials are usually very tech-savvy and have knowledge of the latest updates. Millennials are often very aware of the various applications for business collaboration. In fact, policies, like Bring Your Own Device being implemented in many companies, is due to the presence of millennials. Within most organizations, one may not see many millennials in management positions, but it is only a matter of time before they will be seen in positions involving more leadership. When they do reach such positions, it is likely they will be more technology-oriented leaders as they are very aware of how far such a focus can take the company. They understand that technology is the future.


Besides technology, millennials also see collaboration as a priority. They see seeking feedback on a regular basis as a very important tool for improvement – feedback from both managers and colleagues. Even though they see face-to-face interaction as very important, they are also very comfortable with the use of collaboration software as an interactive tool. Many are aware of the collaborative features that social media has made part of our day-to-day lives – Unified Communications are taking these collaborative features to the office. In fact, today we are witnessing the beginning of the integration of business communication platforms with consumer technology. This allows a business to make full use of consumer technology.


Millennials at the office are good at shifting between video chats, instant messaging etc as per the need. In fact, any organization desirous of bringing in Unified Communications or one of other collaboration platforms should make sure that millennial employees are made part of the project. This move will not only help the company benefit from the millennials’ perspective but also motivate the millennial to work better and boost their loyalty to the company.

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