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Mobile Applications – Tips, Languages And Resources

Mobile applications have become a very important part of day-to-day life for most individuals. Indeed, many of us depend heavily on mobile applications.


Let us look at a few tips to consider while developing mobile applications:

Let us look at a few tips to consider while developing mobile applications:
Today, an app has to be extremely responsive. In an increasingly competitive world with technology advancing at an accelerating rate, even a second’s delay is seen as an unpardonable sin. Apps have to respond swiftly, give relevant data and engage the user. An app should only give the most up-to-date information. The existing infrastructure of an app should be able to handle a high amount of data, especially in the event of it going viral.

Today, the scene has become so competitive that all measures should be taken to market an app as quickly as it is developed. However, it is also very important to test the app across devices and platforms before it hits the market – the failure to do so might end in a bad product and customer dissatisfaction. The development budget should be considered carefully during app development.

It is best to steer clear of bitmaps and low resolutions during mobile app development and start with the device with the highest resolution. Security measures should be given great importance during app development, as often there is a lot of sensitive information involved. The development platform should be easy to use and not too complex.

While using templates and development frameworks, remember that they should follow the app and not vice versa. You do not want the templates and development frameworks to decide the ‘feel’ of the app. Rather, it should be the opposite. Comprehensive analytics should be used to improve the app. A good app has no excuses. In the event of loss of connectivity, the previous session should be restored immediately on reconnection. An app should be able to use a device’s features like GPS.


Now let us take a quick look at the languages used for developing mobile applications:

Mobile Applications

As far as languages are concerned, Objective-C is the programming language on which the native applications’ framework of iOS is based, while Java and .NET are the development languages for Android and Windows Phone respectively.


Finally, we will look at the resources available for developing mobile applications:

Mobile App Development

There are many resources available for mobile application development. For instance, there are many websites offering news, updates etc – for example, Mobile Orchard, Daring Fireball etc. One can also make use of books and tutorials while developing mobile applications. Probably, forums are one of the best resources for Mobile App Development, as one gets to learn in a very interactive environment where one not only learns, but also shares information.

One should also use the resources necessary to market one’s app successfully – such resources include AppShopper, prMac etc. One should also use design resources for templates, icons etc – examples of good design resources are AppDesignVault, 99designs etc. Mobile application development resources also include tools like Urban Airship, Binpress etc.

Armed with the right resources and information, a great mobile application can be developed with ease. However, it is not enough to have great tools at your disposal if the application lacks that central idea. Execution is important, but it is important to give first priority to the application’s central idea.

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