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What You Need To Know About WordPress Development

If you are looking at setting up your business website, you really should consider WordPress as the CMS for building it. WordPress offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for building business websites. Let us look at what you need to know about WordPress development.


One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that its use is free – in short, it is open source. WordPress has evolved since 2003 with the contributions of developers, code-writers etc. The only cost associated with WordPress development is that associated with hiring a WordPress development company to build your business website – this cost is worth every penny if you go for a WordPress development company with the experience and expertise required to make full use of WordPress’s features.


Another advantage of WordPress is that it allows individuals to edit content themselves. This is indeed a very attractive advantage. The addition of content and features is easy with WordPress – just one click is all that is required, whether it is text or images. One can use just their smartphones to keep their website up-to-date.


Another feature of WordPress is functionality which is dynamic. Dynamic functionality can be added using plug-ins. One of WordPress’s greatest advantages is its SEO-friendliness – in search engine results, this is definitely a feature that will help keep you ahead of your competitors. Analytics can be monitored using plug-ins and default features – this can be used to direct traffic to your website.


Another thing that you need to know is that Google really loves WordPress. One of the reasons for this love is the logical design of WordPress, as well as the fact that it is text-based – these two features of WordPress lead to Google’s love for it as Google loves logical architecture and websites which are text-based. Another reason for Google’s love for WordPress is the latter’s SEO-friendliness. Google also loves websites which are mobile-friendly – WordPress can be used for responsive design.


One reason why you should consider WordPress as the CMS for building your business website is statistics – there are more than 75 million WordPress websites, with big names like Harvard Business Review, BBC America etc. WordPress also offers the benefit of good support – most issues can be easily and quickly solved.Responsive design is another feature of WordPress – after all, today most individuals carry more than one smart device, and a website should be able to ‘respond’ to multiple devices.


There are a few things that need to be kept in mind during WordPress Development for the best results. Creating a theme options panel allows one to change many things without having to touch codes. A theme developer should be able to create a theme options panel. The use of short codes is also something that needs to be kept in mind during WordPress development. The proper use of conditional statements during WordPress development can lead to the best results.


The use of WordPress widgets which are theme-specific is also recommended. Instead of plugins, it is advisable to go for Php codes. The speed of your WordPress theme can be increased with the use of the right plug-ins. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to remain aware regarding WordPress updates.

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