There is still a lot of confusion about whether Node.js is a framework or a runtime environment. Some say it is a runtime environment, and some call it a framework. It executes JS code out of the browser.

Besides, it is created on chrome’s V8 engine that has a package, which contains a compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment. This package’s core function is to spike up throughput and decrease the latency rate.

Therefore, we can say that node.js could be an ideal choice for both client-side and server-side development. Due to this there is a great rise in its demand, and to fulfill the demand, there are many Professional Nodejs Development Company who are putting their best efforts for providing desired high-quality solutions.

The app programmers who are well-versed with the technology would be happy to welcome the upcoming node.js trends in 2024. If you see how app programmers enjoy using node.js globally, then the recent stats show that around 49.9% of them use node.js for their projects.

Node.js Stats

Node.js Development Trends In 2024


Both the technology stacks are robust and powerful. And what makes it potent is AngularJS and React. MEAN Stack is a combination of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. While MERN Stack uses React instead of Angular.

AngularJS writes clean and easy code with the use of three different components, i.e., template, class, and metadata. It is a Model-View-Controller Framework. If the developers are working on a simple project, then the two-way data binding is recommendable.

It means any changes that have taken place in the model will instantaneously affect the view and vice versa. For convoluted projects, one-way data binding is a blessing for the developers. You can leverage Angular with Typescript to build applications.

MERN, a young and new tech stack, has React in its bag. The popularity and user acceptance gained by React is beneficial for MERN.

React surpasses Angular because of its virtual DOM that is effective in executing changes quickly. Also, it uses an advanced JavaScript, i.e., JSX, that swiftly operates components. The React is powerful, yet being a library has some limitations. It has to avail third-party services in some cases.

Real-Time Applications

The real-time apps are trending and will continue to be on the tops of the charts. These are the apps that require a robust and powerful backend. Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Online Gaming, and many other like-apps are the perfect examples.

Node.js leverages Websocket and Event API to execute the two-way communication that is imperative in real-time apps. In a nutshell, we can say that there is a bright future for real-time apps and will always be in demand.

Internet of Things

Nodejs is a feature-rich runtime environment that allows developers to implement data-oriented, on-time capabilities, and microservices.

The world has accepted technological changes and transformations. If you want to cope up with it, you need to adapt to this modern technology.

Since the real-time apps are required to handle a lot of user requests, node.js has turned out to be a helping hand. It not only delivers quality apps but also builds a sure-shot solution.

Therefore, you can trust node.js to help you build IoT Apps for your clients.

Serverless Solution

Who wouldn’t like to save money and increase the efficiency & productivity of the developers? Node.js is a one-stop solution for serverless architecture.

It has zero maintenance cost and doesn’t require organizations to consider it in their performance deciding factors. In addition to that, it has a ubiquitous community. It is one of the Pros of Node.js development.

Most of the big companies like Netflix, AOL, Telenor reap the benefits of serverless architecture.

These benefits are as follows:

  • Reduction in project cost
  • Improvement in quality of code
  • Increase in productivity
  • Saves a lot of time

It is one of the amazing node.js development trends that the world will witness in the coming years.

Cloud Solutions

The point mentioned above is the solution for building cloud apps. The serverless structure will help in simplifying the cloud app construction either from scratch or scaling already developed apps.

As per the information week’s study, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning models are going to rule the world.

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GraphQL has been an effective alternative to RESTful API. It allows programmers to elucidate precisely what information does it require. It is efficient in gathering enormous data from various sources.

Another node.js trend, GraphQL, is found to be growing every year. It has slowly and gradually grabbed the attention of developers across the globe. We can assume that it is going to grow exponentially.

GraphQL can simplify the workflow of various platforms such as Android, Windows, or iOS. Consequently, it is going to be the developers’ favorite and flourishing feature.


An alternative to a serverless approach, microservice turns out to be an architectural approach. The maintenance of code depends on microservice, and it responsibly handles the quality of the code.

Also, the microservices allow no-dependency and freely function the applications. You can leverage microservice for building enterprise-level projects.

Microservice architecture is ever-growing and can be a successful investment.

NodeJS – A Promising Runtime Environment

NodeJS has numerous features that outshine other frameworks which are as follows:

  • Asynchronous & Event-Driven
  • Simple to learn & demanding in the market
  • Full-Stack app development framework
  • Built on top of Chrome V8 engine
  • Vast community support
  • Single-Threaded

It is a promising app constructor that allows app programmers to leverage its libraries, and various other tools and technologies.

Node.js offers great library support which helps developers with the development process and to take to the next level hire developers from India for more value-adding development approach and assured quality solutions.

As per the recent stats, there are about 194K+ websites built using Node.js, and this shows how popular node.js is.

Final Words

Node.js’ popularity has been gaining a lot of attention, and the reason is its simplicity and efficiency. Many large organizations have invested in nodejs and shown their trust.

It is simple to learn but is not everybody’s cup of tea. It still requires expertise and that you can avail from one of the prominent node js development companies that have experts with years of experience.

Also, you can hire Node.js developers for a part-time or full-time basis after understanding the requirement of the project.

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