Ruby on Rails and PHP are amongst the two most widely used ways of developing a web-based application. Today we will talk about Ruby on Rails vs PHP in detail.

With time and newer versions of PHP and Ruby on Rails, the developers now have more control over designing more user friendly than ever before. You can meet any Pro Ruby on Rails Development Company for help.

The first thing to notice is that both these two web developing platforms belong to two different categories. Ruby on Rails (RoR) belongs to the web developing framework, where the base language is Ruby. Whereas, PHP is itself a web developing language.

In other words, if you are looking to compare RoR to compare something similar, then you should compare it with the PHP-based frameworks like Zend and Symphony, instead of Ruby on Rails vs PHP. However, you can choose one out of Ruby on Rails or PHP depending on your app and usability.

What Is Ruby on Rails?

In the simplest words, Ruby on Rails is a web developing framework that is built by using the programming language Ruby.

With a more complex and denser structure and coding, the Ruby on Rails is a preferred choice of the highly experienced developers.

Released initially in the year 2004, RoR has gained enormous popularity and efficient usability in these years, and now if you are looking for a perfect Ruby on Rails Hosting Providers, you should once consult any Ruby on Rails developer

Being an open-source framework, Ruby on Rails is free to use and you can easily make the adjustments to make the framework work even better for your project.

RoR vs PHP Google Trend

What Is PHP?

PHP is basically a scripting language that can be used embedded in HTML code and provides users with extremely reliable usability.

The language gained enormous popularity among the developers and web enthusiasts who are planning to build highly efficient, faster and reliable web scripts

The basic reason for the popularity of PHP is simple commands and great compatibility. This makes it one of the most widely used and reliable scripting languages for web developers.

With its first appearance in the year 1995, the PHP is one of the most efficient and reliable scripting languages for the developers and for those who are looking to use the PHP more frequently on their code and want to achieve better usability, the custom-made frameworks work perfectly for the users.

Though PHP and Ruby on Rails are two different worlds, here’s a brief comparison between the two, based on the features they provide and how efficiently they perform their defined functions.

Here in this section we have analyzed both programming languages thoroughly and have provided the comparisons which are manually cross-checked by our experts.

PHP vs Ruby on Rails: Parameter-Based Comparison

Criterion #1:Deployment

One of the most important things to consider while choosing an ideal framework or web development platform is its deployment.

An ideal script or framework should be easy to deploy and you should be able to deal with the problems easily.

Talking specifically about PHP vs Ruby on Rails, PHP is much easier to deploy than the RoR. With a better design and server integration, PHP not only deploys faster, but it doesn’t provide the complex compiling issues once the deployment is done.

On the other hand, while dealing with the RoR, you need to know about the whole stack that is hard to manage if you are dealing with the complex programming.

You need to take care of the server, database and objects used in the programming and this as a whole is extremely hard to achieve.

In other words, if you are looking for simpler and faster deployment, PHP would be a better choice for you to make in Ruby on Rails vs PHP race.

Criterion #2:Business Case

If you are a business person and looking for a better programming language or framework for your web application, then you must choose between Ruby on Rails vs PHP based on available resources and better value.

Though some developers may think that the RoR offers better productivity than PHP in some cases, you should note that Ruby is a complex language to deal with. Especially when you compare PHP vs Ruby.

That also means that you are going to find lesser professionals for the RoR. And if you are looking to hire an expert team to work on your project, you need to spend relatively more money than if you would choose PHP developers for your project.

In all, if you are looking for better-valued performance, you should prefer PHP or Ruby on Rails.

Criterion #3: Back-End Programming Language

Back-end programming language and complexity also play an important role while choosing the proper framework and CMS for a web application. And if you are also after a simple scripting language, then our vote goes to PHP.

As a server-side language, PHP is relatively easier to deploy. Also, the syntax, coding and compatibility with different HTML versions make it an ideal choice for the developers.

Due to the various features and usability hacks available in the PHP language, it is still the first choice for the developers. So, PHP wins this PHP vs Ruby on Rails battle.

Criterion #4: Frameworks

If you are a developer, then you would agree that developing an exciting web-based application is a hard nut to crack.

However, if you use the frameworks instead of using the core language, the things can get easier to use and manage for you.

Here, it is important to notice that the PHP is a scripting language, whereas the Ruby on Rails is itself a framework. That’s why Many Companies Are Using Ruby on Rails nowadays.

To make things simpler for the developers, PHP has numerous frameworks and CMS that have different features and usability.

The only thing that you need to do is to choose the right framework with the functionalities you need in your app.

Criterion #5:Performance


This is where PHP and RoR can be considered as almost equal. Talking specifically about the latest versions of both, the performance, speed, compilation and usability have improved drastically.

Ruby vs PHP Performance depends on the skills of the developers. And the skills play a more important role in PHP. So, if you are choosing PHP vs Ruby performance, Ruby offers better value.

With better speed and easier deployment, PHP offers great efficiency to the developers. However, with better handling of complex functions and more reliable performance, RoR is a great choice for the experienced developers.

Criterion #6:Development Speed


Another important aspect to consider while choosing between Ruby and PHP is the development speed.

With better object implementation, Ruby also offers handy Ruby Gems to the developers that replace the long and harder to manage coding lines on PHP.

Though the PHP directly interacts with HTML, the absence of a framework tends the developers to write the codes manually as per the client’s demand.

And this is why the development speed in Ruby on Rails wins this Ruby on Rails vs PHP battle. So, if you are looking for simple coding, RoR would be a better choice to make.

Criterion #7:Developer Tools

Developers may mark Ruby on Rails as a mature programming language as it consistently keeps evolving according to the latest web development trends.

However, when talking about tools for developers, PHP simply out stands RoR with its numerous web frameworks, libraries, CRMs, and so on.

Developer tools also play an important role while choosing an ideal and easier to go with web developing platform. And though it is clear till now that the RoR offers simple development, PHP still has better development tools for the developments.

With the numerous CMS and CRMs, working with PHP is a lot easier than Ruby on Rails. Also, as a base language, PHP has a better performance than Ruby.

If you are looking for a better list of developer tools and usability, then you should try PHP instead of preferring RoR. So, PHP is ahead in PHP vs Ruby on Rails race here.

Criterion #8:Peer Support

Both PHP and RoR have extensive open-source communities and both have experts that love to help other developers to grow and solve their problems with their experience and skills.

However, the number of experts and their active hours is much higher with the PHP community.

So, even if you are a new developer who is starting a career as a web developer, you will find PHP as a better and more supportive platform than the RoR.

But, if you want to become an RoR Developer, read the Ruby on Rails Interview Questions. It will help you a lot.

Criterion #9:Learning Curve

Both PHP and RoR are great learning platforms and as both of them have an open-source community of developers, you can easily rely on the help you can get by the community members.

However, if you are looking to learn the language and want to master the skills quickly, PHP would be a better choice to go with.

PHP would be a better choice than RoR

With simple code syntax and wide compatibility with the web servers, PHP offers amazing value to the new developers who are looking to make a career as a web developer.

Also, the different framework availability makes it easier for the developers to choose the specialization.

Criterion #10:Scalability

Scaling and maintenance is a major thing to consider while choosing a perfect web application platform for web app development.

Though both PHP and RoR are easy to scale and maintain, the PHP has better support and easy application.

Also, when comparing Ruby on Rails, web app developers will find numerous resources which can be used wisely for scaling a website.

With a relatively simpler base language than Ruby, PHP offers easy maintenance and performance than most of the web scripting languages and frameworks including the Ruby on Rails. So, PHP is ahead in PHP vs Ruby on Rails race.

Criterion #11:Cost

Cost is another point to consider while choosing a perfect platform to build a flawless web application.

And though both PHP and RoR are open source platforms, developing the application in PHP is much easier and cost-effective than the RoR.

The reason behind the reasonable cost for PHP is higher competition and better compatibility. Also, PHP is easier to learn than Ruby.

And if you compare Rails vs PHP, you can find better and more experienced developers while dealing with PHP.

So, to make competition lower, PHP developers are available at a relatively lower cost than the developers who are proficient in Ruby on Rails.

This makes PHP a cost-effective and reasonable choice to make when comparing Ruby on Rails vs PHP.

Criterion #12:Resources

Resources play an important role while dealing with open-source platforms. And this also is important while choosing the better from PHP vs Rails.

As said earlier, both PHP and Ruby on Rails offer great resources in addition to their official pool of developers. You can use any one of the available resources while dealing with the PHP and Rails.

However, when it is compared, PHP has a better list of resources and users who are looking to help others.

The PHP community is relatively easier to find and if you are looking for a particular function and facing issues while getting the specific result, there are chances that you will get better and more reliable answers from the PHP community.

So, if you are looking for better resources and community, you should opt for PHP. So, PHP wins the PHP vs Ruby on Rails battle here.

Criterion #13:Template Engines

Template Engines are a great way to build and reuse UI as per the dynamic data definition.

And for the developers, these template engines are a great way to use the same code again without making too many changes. This enhances the reusability and efficiency of the language.

For PHP, you can easily find more than 50 template engines that make it easier to use and reuse language.

On the other hand, Ruby on Rails has hardly 4-5 template engines that means that you will need to spend a little more time to develop the new application. PHP wins.

Criterion #14:User Interface

Let’s talk about the UI of the app built with PHP and Ruby on Rails. So, basically, PHP was never meant for designing great-looking applications.

The PHP was primarily designed for providing brilliant usability and efficient performance. And with advanced versions in the market, the PHP has still managed to be the best service and usability provider for the developers.

However, RoR offers extremely great looking web applications and websites that look great and offers better support to the newer technologies and web algorithms. So, if you are after UI and usability, you should go with Ruby on Rails.

Criterion #15:Architecture

Comparing PHP and Ruby on Rails based on architecture is an important aspect that you should consider as a developer.

RoR MVC Architecture
As said, the RoR is a web framework and this makes it easier to develop and maintain a platform than PHP, where you need to code every single and unique stack that is not present in the MVC.


So, for better stability and architecture, you should opt for Ruby on Rails to get better efficiency and use of codes. So, RoR wins the Ruby on Rails vs PHP battle.

Criterion #16:Speed Of Coding

Most developers think that PHP would be a better choice when considering the speed of coding. However, this is not the truth.

Though the PHP is a simpler and more reliable programming language, when it comes to speed of coding, RoR is a far better choice than the PHP.

Though it is hard to implement, Ruby offers relatively simpler coding and as it is a framework, there are numerous Gems which can be used to replace the long codes.

So, if you are looking for better speed and aren’t too keen to deal with the complex syntax and long codes, Ruby on Rails can be a worthy choice for you to make.

Criterion #17:Community & Support

While dealing with the open-source programming languages and frameworks, the thing that matters the most is the community.

And as PHP has been there since 2015 and has a larger number of experienced developers, the community for PHP is more reliable and extensive than the RoR.

Here, you can easily get the suggestions from the experts and even get the prescribed code without searching it for long. So, as far as the support and community reach is concerned, PHP is a far better choice than RoR.

Criterion #18:Stability

With better designed MVC algorithms, RoR provides a better and more stable platform to the developers.

And even if you are not an expert of Ruby language, you can build great quality web applications in relatively less time than PHP.

Also, the stability of the PHP coding solely depends on the developer’s skills and the platform he is using. So, if you are after stability, RoR would be a better option to choose.

Criterion #19:Documentation

Well, when talking about documentation, RoR comes with the clear, easily understandable and logical documentation that makes Ruby on Rails developers’ job easy. However, developers may face riddles or inconsistent handling of PHP documentation.

The PHP is a relatively older programming platform than the RoR, the genuineness and reliability of the documentation available for Ruby on Rails far better than that of PHP.

The documentation of PHP is available from different resources and thus you can’t actually rely on it if there is some misconception.

So, if you are after reliable documentation, you should opt for Ruby on Rails in the Ruby on Rails vs PHP battle.

Criterion #20:Maturity

Maturity comes with experience, and this is where RoR is completely out-driven by PHP.

Ruby on Rails is a kind of technology that can be handled promptly by the matured programmers so that there won’t be any teething problems.

However, when it comes to PHP there won’t be any such teething problems. PHP has better and more experienced developers across the world and offers better programming culture than Ruby on Rails.

So, if you are a mature platform to develop your web application or website, PHP will be a far better choice to make.

Criterion #21:Usage

When it comes to usability, hire ror developer as ruby is a better choice for the developers who prefer working on MVCs instead of coding for every single element.

Also, the PHP may get harder to resolve if you stuck in some coding error due to the longer coding lines.

So, if you are after a simple and easy platform to work with, Ruby on Rails will be an excellent choice to make. PHP is simple but takes a lot more time than programming on RoR.

Criterion #22:Popularity

Though RoR and PHP both are extremely popular among the developers, the growth and possibility to get better results are more with PHP and this is why PHP is far better and more popular than Ruby on Rails.

The PHP is in the market for more time than Ruby on Rails and this is also a reason behind the enormous popularity among the developers and clients.

PHP MVPs and customized framework provide users with a great variety. If you are looking for a better and more reliable platform that is popular among web developers, PHP will be the right choice.

Criterion #23:Growth

If you are after a steep growth and better respect, Ruby on Rails would be a better choice to opt for.

As there are too many PHP developers in the market, and the value depends on how you code, establishing yourself as a better web developer can be a tough nut to crack.

Both PHP and RoR came to market in the 1990’s ever since both had released several updates.

In the year 2019, PHP has undergone a minor update and there have been rumours that the next major update for PHP will be happening by around 2021. Meanwhile, RoR version 3.0 is going to roll out by 2020 Christmas.

So, if you are after a good growth and better career possibility, the RoR would be a great choice for you.

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Criterion #24:Syntax

The syntax is another important aspect to consider while choosing a web developing platform. And though the PHP is easier to learn and has relatively easier coding guidelines, the coding can be extremely lengthy.

PHP Syntax

On the other hand, Ruby has complex syntax to work with and if you are a beginner, you will need time to master the proper syntax.

RoR Syntax

So, here we have a tie between in Ruby on Rails vs PHP battle.

Criterion #25:Developer Pool

With a better developer pool, PHP offers great support to the developers who have just started coding and want to have complete support from the developers’ pool.

On the other hand, Ruby on Rails is relatively new and has fewer experts than PHP. So, getting help and support takes a bit more time than PHP.

So, if you are after proper developer support, you should opt for PHP instead of trying hands-on Ruby on Rails.


In all, if you were after a simple, easy to use and deploy web script or framework, we would suggest you try hands-on PHP.

With better performance and usability, PHP offers amazing value and would be a definitely better choice for your projects.

Also, the frameworks and CMS for PHP can help you make a perfect and flawless web application that is both easier to maintain and offers excellent usability to the users.

So, choose accordingly and get a better coding platform for your web application.  We hope you had a great experience reading this blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is PHP Faster Than Ruby?

    The simple answer to this question would be YES. PHP is much after due to its simple architecture where there is less consumption of memory.

  2. Is Ruby Similar To PHP?

    In some ways, Ruby is similar to PHP. Both the languages are dynamically typed and both have the ability to scale.

  3. Does Ruby Have A Future?

    Ruby has a strong future as many famous companies like Shopify, Airbnb, Github, Hulu, etc. are using it as a part of their technology stack.">part of their technology stack.">Ruby has a strong future as many famous companies like Shopify, Airbnb, Github, Hulu, etc. are using it as a part of their technology stack.

  4. Should I Learn PHP or Ruby?

    If you want to develop web applications, then learn PHP. But, if you want to develop business apps, then you should learn Ruby.