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Strategic Trends For 2017

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Technology is indeed accelerating at such a phenomenal rate that many organizations are indeed finding it difficult to keep up. However, faster technological advancements also mean faster growth for organizations.  There are certain strategic trends which are sure to take centre-stage during 2017. Companies should consider these strategic trends and incorporate them into their long-term plans.


One of the new trends is fulfilling the needs of mobile users in different contexts, instead of just focussing on devices. It was indeed inevitable that efforts would be made towards making the environment adapt to the needs of the mobile user. Overall digitization leads to four usage models – manage, monetize, operate and extend. These four models need not be restricted to only the Internet of Things. All industries can benefit from these models. 3D printing will see a huge boom over the next few years. Over the years, we will be seeing a rapid increase in the creation of low-cost 3D printing solutions, making it a very cost-effective technology which will see increasing use in biomedical, industrial and consumer applications.


Another trend that is going to see the increasing application is invisibly embedded analytics. What we are dealing with today are mountains and mountains of data. The sheer volume of data that organizations have to face on a daily basis is simply overwhelming. Invisibly-embedded analytics are going to play an increasing role in processing these huge piles of data. Organizations will have to think about processing all these huge stacks of data and ensure delivery to the right individual at the right time. Today it is not enough to have an app unless it is an analytic app.


With the computing world growing increasingly complex, a trend that is set to simplify processes to a large extent is systems which are highly aware of the context. Such a trend will lead to applications with a good capability of adjusting a security response to the user request’s context. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary trends in 2017 would be the swift growth and evolution of smart machines. One might be reading in the news every day regarding smart cars, robots etc. What we are looking at is machines which can operate autonomously. The growth of smart machines looks like it is going to be a major game-changer.


2017 will see more interweaving of cloud and Mobile Computing leading to greater growth of centrally coordinated applications. Management will be basically carried out in the cloud. 2017 is going to see a greater focus on flexibility. Flexibility through software-defined data centers, networking etc, is going to become crucial for any organization’s success. We will also be seeing increasing web-scale IT in the style of companies like Facebook, Amazon etc.  Another trend will be that of risk-based security.


These trends need not be adopted by organizations all at once. However, the slow and steady implementation of these trends over the next few years will become necessary as the failure to do so may mean the company falling behind in the competition, and trying to catch up after all of one’s competitors are far ahead, may prove to be a Herculean task. It would be much better to be proactive and plan an organized implementation of these new strategic trends over the next few years.

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