The Apple-Android Tug Of War – Time For A Truce

POSTED ON April 17, 2015 / IN Internet, Mobile Application, Technology

The war between Apple users and Android users is quite well-known. Loyal users of Apple products will cite many reasons explaining why Apple is superior to Android. Similarly, users of Android will also have their reasons for preferring Android over Apple. However, just like the war between Pepsi and Coca Cola, one can’t give a definite answer to the question ‘which is better?’ It is all a matter of preference and suitability. Let us look at a comparison to help you judge which to buy – Apple or Android.

The leading smartphone operating system is Android while the leading manufacturer of smartphones is Apple. Where Apple and Android greatly differ is in the hardware. As far as the iPhone is concerned, all of the models have the same user interface. However, with Android, there are modifications which can vary to a large extent and can create a huge difference.

iOS is popular for the smooth interface which has quite a loyal following. However, that doesn’t mean that you may not end up preferring the interface of an Android phone. One of the hallmarks of Android is sheer variety, with more than 70 Android phones. With so many options to choose from, there is bound to be one Android phone that matches your preferences and requirements. Variety is definitely not a characteristic of Apple, with the iPhone coming in only three base models – 3G, 4 and 4S. The storage configurations can vary, but iOS will only run on the iPhone.

As far as apps are concerned, both platforms provide a large selection of apps. Both platforms offer apps which are popular and in high demand. Whatever differences there may be, it is quite negligible. Any differences will be evened out in just a matter of time. The difference is not in the apps themselves, but how the apps are downloaded.

Apple has apps on a short leash, but there are many distribution channels which you can use to download apps for Android. Google doesn’t check these apps before they are published, and hence there is the issue of security risks as there is the possibility of malicious apps. However, you can minimize this risk by using only reliable sources for downloading the apps, like the Android Market.

One area where Apple definitely has the upper hand is multimedia. iTunes allows you to conveniently and swiftly download new media, with the iCloud acting as the central coordinator for all the media on every Apple device that you have. Android has Google Play, but Apple users swear by iTunes and would most definitely trade it for nothing else. However, third party apps can fill in the gaps of either platform if you feel the need.

The major difference between Apple and Android is that of variety. Apple has great control over all aspects of the device, while Android tends to be more free-flowing. As stated before, there is no definite answer to the question ‘which is better – Apple or Android?’ The answer depends upon the preferences, personality and requirements of the user.

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