Laravel has elevated the satisfaction of the PHP developers to new heights. Today Laravel is a popular open-source PHP framework and the most prefered PHP framework by the developers enabling them to get a robust experience of one of the best server-side languages of the web.

Whether it is efficient and quick error handling, expressive coding, automation testing, reduction of manual efforts, traffic handling and much more. Laravel does it all just with a single command and simple syntax. It comes with extraordinary features easing the task of developers for making their experience less hectic.

Laravel framework gives their creativity a boost making development more enjoyable. The web applications built with Laravel contain good quality and also are stable, bug-free and easy to maintain. There has been a drastic change after the arrival of Laravel as the complications and the time-consuming tasks can now be done within no time.

Laravel is an elegant and efficacious PHP framework for web application development.

As per Wikipedia, Laravel is defined as “a free, open-source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell for the development of web applications. It follows the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern and Symfony.”

Authentication & Authorization

One of the basic assurances that a Laravel development company gives is security with a simple development logic for authorization of the user to use the secured resources. It ensures that the user accessing the resources are authenticated.

With the simplification of organization of the authorization logic, control of resources and out-of-the-box configuration streamlines the extremely complicated authentication process adding to one of the advantages of Laravel. It enables us to build secure web applications.

Integration With Mail Services

Integration with mail services is among such things that can be listed under what Laravel is good for. Mail services have become an integrated part of each web application available.

It becomes convenient for the user to get notified after completion of every process or after every event like after successful registration on the website. For web application nowadays, it is the most indispensable requirement.
Along with the simple API over the popular SwiftMailer library, Laravel also provides drivers for Mailgun, SWTP, Maildril, Amazon SES, PHP’s “mail” function and ” Sendmail”, which allows an application to get started sending mail easily. It allows the sending mail through local as well as cloud-based services. Laravel also supports sending a notification through slack and SMS.

High Speed with Popular cache backends

The site built with Laravel is well known for its excellent and highest performance. Today, lack of speed has its own consequences in the world of development. A web application lacking the speeds results in delayed user response which impacts the users’ impression for the web application and thereby affecting the revenue.

Integration with the tools for enhanced performance of the web application makes Laravel more advantageous. Laravel supports popular cache backends which enables the files system to store cached objects with the support of file cache drivers.

The web applications also support the in-memory cache for larger applications and multiple cache configuration.

Security: Code against various security risks

Cybersecurity has been the talk of the town lately with the spiking numbers of cyber attacks making many web applications unguarded. It has become necessary for the developers to keep security in mind as providing security to the web application is crucial as well as time-consuming tasks. It leads us to one of the advantages of the Laravel framework.

Laravel being secure itself provides the security to the code against various security risks like cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting and SQL injection. It ensures the web application is well guarded against any security issues. It answers the question Why use Laravel for web application development?

Error/Exception Handling

User satisfaction and seamless error/exception handling go hand-in-hand. It not only impacts the users’ impression for web applications but also can drive them away, resulting in an undesirable loss of a customer. To avoid such a situation, the web application needs to be provided with an enhanced error or exception handling.

When the users get stuck due to some mistakes, they get notified regarding the error with a proper report of the error or exception that has been encountered easing their process to resolve errors or exceptions.

Any sites built with Laravel already are configured with the error or exception handling along with additional support for the log handlers by the integration with monologue libraries.

Automation Testing

It is evitable for developers to ensure that the code knows what it has to do-it’s where the testing comes into the picture. Manual testing is not only time consuming but also requires draining efforts making the process tiring still the security of the code being free from bugs, crashes and errors are not achieved.

The robust mechanism of Laravel’s automatic testing has its own charms. It provides the support for testing with PHPUnit along with the already setup phpunit.xml file. It is not just less time consuming but also more accurate making sure that the code is bug-free for end-users.

URL Routing Configuration

The user interacts with the content online through URLs, by clicking on the link they wish to see as well as the most suitable result of what they are looking for. This is why URL routing is necessary without which the result may be a blank page or error page which leads to dissatisfaction of the user with the site.

This is where Laravel comes to rescue with the advantage of URL routing configuration which assists defining the routes easily. All the routes are contained in app/Http/routes.php file which gets automatically loaded with the framework making the URL routing more effective. It allows the web site to understand user requirements to display suitable results.

MVC Framework

The site built with Laravel features high and seamless performance as it follows MVC architecture , i.e., model-view-controller architecture. The architecture comes with its own advantages like better documentation, enhanced performance along with a lot of built-in functionalities. These functionalities make Laravel more advantageous.

The MVC architecture reduces the burden over the developers giving the developers more time to work on the code to fix bugs and handle the requests faster.

Message Queue System

Message queuing is used for asynchronous communication. These communications are between programs through various components processors, operations systems, communications protocol etc. As the traffic escalates, web applications have to handle more number of requests per second. It increases the risk of data being lost with the increase in traffic.

It is an undesirable situation for the stakeholders. Along with the other techniques for load balancing, improving speed, data integrity, improving scalability and more, developers use the message queue system at the start of the project development to prevent such a situation and make web applications more expressive and efficient.

It provides a unified API across different queue backends. This creates resiliency, ensures overcoming concurrency challenges, redundancy ensuring that data loss never occurs.

Scheduling Tasks

Task scheduling mechanism is necessary for every web application as there are numerous tasks like cleaning up databases periodically, sending emails and more that are to be handled. One of the advantages of Laravel includes automatic task scheduling which involves corn. Corn is a task-based task scheduler.

Laravel consists of a command scheduler that enables easy defining schedules of commands. The schedule requires only one corn entry in the servicer, unlike the past times where each task required corn entry making the task more task consuming and tedious.

Enhanced Performance

The performance of the web application has a unique impact on the users as it keeps them engaged with the application for a longer time and makes it beneficial for the revenue. At times, some of the features and functionalities tend to decelerate the performance and that can be dealt with using Laravel.

You can hire laravel developers as it provides a set of tools that enhances and streamlines the performance of the web application. As one of the advantages of the Laravel framework, the developers need to integrate tools like Memcached and Redis within the framework enabling the developers to enhance the performance of the web application.

Still not sure about why to use Laravel?

Open-Source & Powerful Community

Open-source frameworks come with the benefits of being evolved effectively over a long period of time. Along with it, also comes the benefit of a strong community out there ready to help and reach others regarding any difficulties for functionalities regarding the framework.

Laravel is an open-source framework which makes it more reliable and efficient. The sites built with Laravel have the support of the community in case the developers need any advice regarding any hurdle or to ensure that the application is user friendly.

Blade Templating

Laravel framework comes with an inbuilt templating engine called the blade. This engine comes with easy to use templates as well as allows the developers to use their own simple PHP codes in views. The simplicity of the templates makes it less time consuming as well as easier for the developers.

The blade comes with the major advantage of inheritance and sections makes the site that is built with Laravel more dynamic, hassle-free, and improved performance.

Database Migration

Database migration technically means the transfer of data among platforms. It reduces the complexity of the multi-phased process involved in the data transfer process previously. Laravel comes with the support of data migration which allows sharing the database schema amongst the team.

Laravel builder schema is paired with the migration to build database schema of the web application. Further, the team can easily modify, manipulate and share this database schema as well. With the support of data migration, developers do not require any data managers like SQL but can create and perform various queries on the database by PHP code.

Object-Oriented Libraries

The tasks of the developers become easier if they need not have to write the functions separately every time. Object-oriented libraries are at the rescue of the developments as they come with the predefined codes that can be directly used.

The advantage of the Laravel framework supports the object-oriented libraries. These are the pre-installed libraries enabling the developers to use ready to use codes to reduce the time consumption and hassle-free coding.

Easy Unit Testing

To elevate user satisfaction, it is prerequisite for the web application to be bug or exception free. It can only be achieved when the code of the site built with Laravel is thoroughly tried and tested. This is where Laravel’s advantage of unit testing works wonders. It is well known among the Laravel framework users that “Laravel was built keeping testing in mind”.

Laravel supports PHPUnit testing. Unit testing allows inquiring every smallest unit of the web application to make sure not even the smallest part like each module, components, controllers etc is left out. This not only ensures bug-free web application but results in high performance as well, which is highly beneficial for user satisfaction.

Future-Ready Apps

Today in the world of evolving technology and speed, web applications also need to be up-to-date to match up user needs and expectations which can’t be achieved if the framework does not evolve from time to time.

Laravel framework, being open source, supports the constant evolution of itself. As known earlier, the powerful community not only supports each other but also works on the evolution of Laravel to make it one of the top PHP frameworks available in the market. Consequently, these evolutions make web applications built with Laravel future-ready.

Developer-Friendly Code

The creativity of the developers can be channelled properly if they have less strain on lengthy coding. When developers are provided with extra support in developing, the quality of their work enhances and so is the quality of web applications. It also makes their work more enjoyable.

Laravel provides the support of various libraries, tools templates etc. It eases the work of the developers as well as the quality of web applications and makes the code easy to work with for the developers.

Faster Time To Market

At times, developers are burdened with a lot of tasks to be done within the deadlines. The time taken by developers to make a web application live can be reduced if they are provided with the right framework to work with. Today every business is on a hunt to get a framework that makes the time consumption on development of web applications less.

This is one of the noteworthy answers to why to use Laravel? Laravel provides features and functionalities that allow the faster deployment of the web application along with ensuring being bug-free. The reduction of a substantial amount of time to live the web application to the market makes it beneficial for the business.

Multi-Lingual App Creator

It could be a major loss for the business by limiting a web application to a single country due to specific language. It hinders the ability of the web application to be able to reach the world. This is where the requirement of a framework that provides multilingual support pops up. This requirement can be answered with the Laravel framework.

One of the most creative perks of the Laravel framework is its support to create a multilingual web application. It helps to create a web application in multiple languages quickly boosting the business to thrive in various countries around the globe.

Reduce Manual Effort & Cost

Manual efforts of the developers, as well as the cost, can be effectively reduced by eliminating recurring tasks. Laravel framework provides the developers with an absolutely wonderful built-in Command Line Interface named as Artisan. It reduces the task of the developers in numerous ways.

Artisan reduces the manual efforts of the developers by reducing the repetitive task. It allows the developers to make commands named as class commands and closer commands. It can be interlinked with MVC architecture and also supports database migration.

The cumbersome task of developers can be easily simplified with Artisan. By reducing efforts, it makes web application development cost-effective.

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Tool Integration For Agile Development

It is not enough for a web application being future-ready or fast, it also needs to be agile. Integration of the web application with various tools accelerates the performance. Developers as well as the businesses get benefited by it. Along with being task effective, it also reduces the cost.

Among all such tools that can be integrated with the Laravel framework, one of such tools are cache backends kine Redis and Memcached. It enables the developers to use the cache driver effectively along with being able to configure cache configuration.

Separation Of Business Logic

Frequently, it happens in the traditional methodology of development that the developers have to assist the HTML designers in finalising the layout. It increases the task of the developers, along with the other time-consuming tasks of coding and debugging.

This additional task elevates the frustration of developers impacting the work experience to be more like a nightmare rather than enjoyment.

Laraval framework supports the separation of business logic from the presentation code. This separation is already done as Laravel supports MVC architecture.

It makes it possible for the layout designers to work independently that is without the consent of developers. The task of the designers as well as developers are eased.

Traffic Handling

The primary aim of a web application is to get more and more traffic, but with the wish to increase the traffic constantly for the growth of the business comes the risk of the web application being unable to handle the data during an increase in traffic. This situation results in data loss, as well as the working of the web server, can get stopped.

This issue can be resolved by the features and functionalities supported by the Laravel framework. One of such functionalities is the message queue system that helps in easing the load management during the peak traffic spikes.

Removal Of Technical Vulnerability

One of the major points of concern in a web application is protection against technical vulnerabilities. With the progress of the development of the web application, the task of fixing technical vulnerability also increases. One of the basic requirements of the web application is to be secure.

Laravel framework is capable of providing top-notch security to the web application. As we have seen earlier that Laravel itself is secure, it enables the web application made with the Laravel framework to be immune against various technical vulnerabilities. This adds an extra benefit of reducing the cost and time required to fix these vulnerabilities.


Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks available today. The above mentioned numerous advantages ensure the web application to be more than what is expected.

With the added benefits of robustness, scalability, time-efficient, cost-efficient and more, it leaves no reason for the PHP developers to not work with Laravel.

This framework also ensures the prosperity of businesses. The community that Laravel has helped to come together is one of the pillars of Laravel frameworks success. So, get started with Laravel and enjoy the experience of a deep dive into efficient and compelling features and functionalities.