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Top PHP Networks – 2017

Coding and development can be quite complicated, not to mention tedious. A lot of work can go to waste with simply one mistake. Not only is the job of a programmer boring, it can also be a challenge. To make the job easier, programmers use tools like a code editor. There are many resources available which can make life easier for a coder. Frameworks make the job of coding and its implementation easy and fast. Frameworks are basically a set of programs and software. These frameworks make coding and their implementation easy and fast. By keeping with development standards, these frameworks help with scalability and maintenance over the long term. This allows the evolution of one’s application over time and also helps to keep the code organized. The coding atmosphere gets improved due to this, and productivity improves.


A web programming language that is among the most popular is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and used by millions. In fact, statistics indicate that about 82% of web servers use PHP – now that’s a big figure! Database and HTML integration support, simple to learn and interactive features are what make PHP so popular with users. Similar to other web languages, PHP has a few superb frameworks – these frameworks help avoid errors at the low level and enhance speed and productivity of development. Protection is also offered from attacks from XSS, SQL injection etc. These frameworks for PHP development are free and made by communities all over the globe. PHP is a coding platform that scores high on both complexities as well as versatility. PHP can be used for programming all kinds of web pages as well as applications. One’s coding skills can be used to do anything once applications are integrated with a framework. Many frameworks are available for PHP – let us look at the top ones. These frameworks will help one save time as well as effort while working on PHP projects.


FuelPHP is a Model View Control PHP framework that scores highly on both flexibility and simplicity and is a community driven framework. It is a framework that is great for both newcomers as well as PHP developers with experience. CakePHP is a framework that requires less code and helps one to easily and quickly build web applications. Clean MVC conventions and quick building of applications are some of the benefits of CakePHP. Also, there is the benefit of build tools within secure applications for input validation, prevention of SQL injection and XSS (which helps with the security and safety of the application). With CakePHP, prototypes can be quickly built using scaffolding features and code generation. In CakePHP, everything is built-in, including validation, authentication, translations etc. To guide one while developing the application are a set of conventions. CakePHP is ideal for commercial applications as it is licensed under the MIT license.


FlightPHP is a micro-framework for PHP that has speed, simplicity and extensibility.  RESTful web applications can be quickly built using FlightPHP. Symfony is a framework that can be used to create web applications and websites and is built over Symfony Components, which are a set of components which are decoupled and reusable and over which PHP applications like php88 and eZ Publish are built. Yii is a PHP framework that boasts of both speed and security and is a professional framework for PHP developers. With output filtering, input validation, prevention of SQL injection etc, security is assured with Yii and it can also function well with AJAX. After creating the database, the base PHP code is generated by Yii, with the code being customizable to fit one’s needs. Yii is a framework that is ideal for the development of Web 2.0 applications. Yii comes with many features like caching, scaffolding, role-based access control etc. Development time can be greatly reduced while using Yii. Only the features that one needs are loaded by Yii. Caching support which is powerful is provided by Yii. Code which is clean and reusable can be developed using Yii. Logic and presentation are clearly separated, as Yii follows the MVC pattern.


Laravel is also a very popular PHP framework. With Laravel, an application can have a foundation of code which is reliable and well-tested. For web applications which are modern and high-performing, Zend is an ideal PHP framework. It offers great security as all the tools for cryptographic and secure coding are provided. With a small footprint, CodeIgniter is a PHP framework which is powerful and created for developers who require a toolkit which is simple yet elegant – a toolkit for building applications with full features. Phalcon PHP is a framework that is extremely fast with high performance for creating MVC applications.


PHPixie is an MVC PHP framework which is lightweight but very fast – it is simple to learn and is a sturdy foundation for development. Being lightweight, web server load is reduced as boilerplate is avoided as much as possible. An API reference which is well-detailed along with tutorials which are simple yet detailed, help one to get started quickly. Trivial code writing can be skipped as an easy database access layer is provided. One will only need to do minimal configuring as PHPixie makes good use of naming convention. PHPixie provides one with a sturdy foundation but allows everything else to be shaped according to your likes and requirements. Agavi is a PHP5 application framework that is both powerful and scalable. Agave allows developers to write code that is clean and extensible can be maintained. Code that is less but more readable is one of the advantages of using Nette – it is a framework that will definitely make your work easier. Nette is a framework that is popular and useful for showing and logging errors. Better websites can be easily created as the template engine is fast, secure as well as intuitive. Nette is a set of PHP components which are decoupled and reusable – any component can be used separately from the rest of the framework. Slim is a micro-framework for PHP which is lightweight with a superb routing system.


As you can see, there are many options to choose from – to make the life of a programmer easier!

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