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Traits Of A Superb Web Designer

Let us look at some of the traits of a superb web designer.


One of the main traits of a superb designer is empathizing with and understanding the user. A superb designer understands the need for empathizing with the user because they are not designing for themselves but the user – hence, they see it as crucial to understanding the user as much as possible.


Superb designers understand that it is not enough that they are satisfied with the design – the user has to be satisfied as well. Superb designers try to understand their users in and out – from what they love to what they fear. After all, this is a practical strategy as this can help one to figure out what the customer actually ‘needs’ as opposed to what they ‘want’.


While it is good to have empathy for the user, a superb web designer does not rely just on empathy. In fact, a superb web designer goes by facts and not mere ‘gut instinct’ – this is the mark of a true professional. A tool that superb web designers use is usability testing – this will also help avoid getting stuck in a particular groove that one believes is the best but in reality, isn’t. A great web designer understands that experiments are alright, as long as they are backed by research.


Great web designers also try to make things as simple as possible for the user – they understand the need for making the interface as simple to use for the user as possible. Great web designers understand that easy-to-use and easy-to-understand translate into a more enjoyable user experience. Great web designers know that it is not enough to make something simply ‘easy’ or ‘easy to learn’ – it should be ‘instant’.


Superb web designers also know multiple strategies to avoid confusing the user. One of these strategies is not to present ‘too many options’ – in short, spare the user ‘the agony of choice’. Even if many options have to be there, smart web designers know how to present and arrange them so as not to put the user through the torture of ‘too many choices’. The use of UI patterns is another strategy employed by great web designers.


Another trait of great web designers is that they never let their ego come in the way of work. They understand that the preferences of the user come on their own. Even if they see that a certain thing is not what they would ‘ideally do’, if it’s what the customer prefers, they will give second priority to their ‘ideals’. A great web designer never lets his/her ego come in the way of teamwork, and is open to advising and criticism from others.


A great web designer also understands the importance of aesthetics. He/she understands that good aesthetics improves the user experience. In fact, aesthetics has a positive effect on usability. A good web designer understands the importance of usability and functionality but also knows the great value of good aesthetics.


It is easy to see that one can easily acquire the traits of a superb web designer – all it requires is hard work and of course, smart work.

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