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Twitter For Business Marketing

With more than 232 million active monthly users, Twitter can be a very efficient marketing tool. However, like any other powerful tool, you will need to know how to use it efficiently. Traffic can be diverted to your website and business by using Twitter the right way. In fact, many companies, businesses, entrepreneurs etc have successfully used Twitter to boost their businesses. Let us look at how one can use Twitter as a marketing tool and promote their business.


The first thing to do is to get your Twitter bio right. It is very important to brand well the company’s voice and identity. It means getting the tone right from the very beginning – not only do you have to get the narrative tone and voice right and in keeping with your brand identity, you will also have to include all the relevant information about your company as well as links to the company’s website and/or the landing page. Not only do you have to get the tone right, you will have to ensure consistency as well. Consistency is one of the factors that inspire credibility. A tone or voice that keeps changing evokes distrust, while consistency evokes trust and familiarity – it is just like how you trust a person more when you become familiar with them. It is very important to let people clearly know who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.


The next step is to regularly interact with your target area’s experts and influencers. Influencers and customers can be found using Topsy or Twitter search by the use of industry-related keywords. Interacting with them on a regular basis can be extremely beneficial. Whether it is potential customers, leaders, journalists, bloggers etc – prepare a list of influencers and customers that you will need to regularly interact with, and add them to a private Twitter list. Take care not to sound promotional – instead, keep it conversational and casual and try to be helpful. First get it to the level of a warm friendship and then look for collaborative opportunities.


It is also important to get everyone working in your company involved – right from colleagues, partners, employees etc. It is important to ensure that everyone within your organization is following you on Twitter and engaging in activities like retweeting. One indicator of a profile which is active and healthy is regular tweeting. An occasional tweet – once a week or once a month – is simply not enough to have people’s attention in today’s competitive world. In an age where people are subjected to a tsunami of information and media on a daily basis, the occasional tweet from your end can easily get drowned in the noise. Regular tweeting not only helps you to get attention but also to show to the world that your profile is active and healthy. The recommended quota would be daily tweets as well as daily interaction.


However, it is not enough to tweet daily if the content is subpar or not relevant. Make sure that whatever you post is engaging – ask yourself ‘would I retweet or favorite such a post on reading it?’ People should feel tempted to read every tweet that you post – keep it friendly, informative and relevant. Also, do not be hesitant to ask people to retweet or favorite your post – you will be surprised by how many people will be more than happy to comply! Using a fresh tweet to share content is also a good idea. It is also recommended to track brand mentions as well as keywords – this will keep you updated on what is being said about your brand. If required and if it is appropriate, you may choose to respond to such brand mentions. However, if you do choose to respond, make sure that the response is both professional and polite. In fact, many customers now use Twitter as their platform for queries and complaints.


For terms relevant to your brand, set up Twitter searches and check the conversations that the search yields, and join in a conversation if you see it as appropriate. Let us illustrate this point with an example – suppose you are a comedian in Mumbai. After setting up a search for ‘comedian Mumbai’ you may see a tweet from someone in Mumbai saying ‘can’t seem to find the right comedians for a corporate event’. You could choose to join in and tweet ‘I would be more than happy to perform for your event – have been doing corporate events for 5 years’ and provide links to your performances.


Retweeting is something that is overlooked by many individuals – however, retweeting can have great benefits. Another feature that is overlooked is ‘favoriting’ tweets. In fact, a favorited tweet can get more attention than a retweet. It is also recommended to follow trends or hashtags. Try to make a connection that is relevant after looking at topics and hashtags which are trending. This way you can ensure that when people search for tweets relating to a certain hashtag, your handle will be visible as you have placed your business or brand among the topics which are trending. Many entrepreneurs and marketing professionals agree that new users can be reached with the use of trending hashtags to tag posts.


While there is no doubt that trending hashtags can be a powerful tool, one should use them correctly and minimally so as to avoid the appearance of ‘Twitter spam’. To avoid such a fate, one must refrain from tagging irrelevant/subpar content with trending hashtags, as well stay away from overusing trending hashtags. Twitter can be a great platform for offering discounts and deals to followers – an example of such a deal would be a 25% off for the next 100 people who retweet a particular post. While it is important to make sure that the content that one posts is relevant and informative, and is quality content, it is worth noting that videos and images add ‘richness’ to a post and make it more engaging, unlike a tweet composed mainly of text. In fact, ‘rich’ texts have a higher chance of getting retweeted and/or favorited.


It is easy to see that used the right way Twitter can be a great platform for marketing one’s business.

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