Since the advent of IoT, it has marked strong impacts on our lives. People and businesses have started adopting IoT as their lifestyles. New frameworks created and implemented to develop modern IoT solutions. Today, we will talk about Vue JS Projects in detail.

One of such advanced frameworks is Vue.js. You will find that the UI of Vue websites and Vue JS Projects are awesome and striking. If any company hire Vue js developers they can get assistance to develop appealing UI Solutions for your project.

Everything around us transformed and automated with IoT. Several behemoths, such as Adobe, IBM, etc., are developing Vue websites or Vue JS Projects.

25 Best Vue JS Projects you Need to Know


Twill is a CMS built with Vue.js and Vuex. This custom CMS, one of the Vue JS Projects, is strong, flexible, and beautiful, make content management productive and imaginative.

The feature-rich admin console of this Vue website focuses on your present needs by regulating common features that do not concede with the control of the developer.

One can also develop a PWA (Progressive Web App) with the help of Vue JS. So, you should know this aspect as well.


Sing App Vue Node.js

As the name suggests, Sing App Vue Node.js is built with Vue.js and Node.js. This combination enables the inclusion of buttons, UI elements, charts, alerts, etc. CMS, e-commerce, SAAS, and several other Vue JS Projects that can be built with Vue.js and Node.js amalgamation.

The combination of Vue.js and Node.js is useful as a backend solution when the integration of the Postgres database happens. In this way, developers can get ready-made e-commerce sections, login, and authentication.

Along with all these, the best part is that you can host it on any hosting provider, including Amazon AWS, Heroku, and more.


Reminder Bot

Next on our list is Reminder Bot that is made with Vue.js. Both the Vue website and app of Reminder Bot is built with Vue.js.

The selection of Vue.js has been done to easily generate numerous pages using quick routing switches. It has also been used as a post-rendered HTML type for search engine optimization leveraging Google Puppeteer.

If you somehow missed your gym today, Reminder Bot will remind you to go tomorrow. This Vue website or app can also help you take your medicines on time.

You will consistently get messages daily, weekly, or monthly from this Vue example project. A chatbot in this Vue website and app will keep notifying you.



Deckboard is a significantly extensible and customized Vue website and desktop application. Vue and Vuetify together makes this possible.

This Vue website and app uses local Wi-Fi connection to connect Windows and Android. It facilitates the customization of macro buttons through various images and purposes.

Vue js-cta-first

You can freely include the integration of Streamlabs OBS/OBS Studio in this Vue example project with WebSocket for streamers.



Directus is made with Vue.js from the ground-up. Then, these Vue JS Projects have been decoupled from the latest “versionless” API.

You can simply craft and extend both of them to answer the needs of your project. This is one of the Vue JS Projects that also has a built-in dark mode.

Directus can be taken as a case in point of an open-source set of programs, which is leveraged to handle content for projects of every size.

You can connect SQL database content to a website, wearable, IoT devices, native applications, kiosks, or any place. Directus App allows content management for even non-technical users.

Even if you are not a technology expert, you can still install the Directus Suite, a Vue example project, which consists of API, App, and all the dependencies.


Light Blue Vue

Light Blue Vue is an admin template, which is built with Vue.js. This Vue example project is entirely free from jQuery dependencies.

With this, you can head start developing dashboard web portals. It also provides numerous pre-built mechanisms and several example pages with chat, timeline, invoices, search results, and more.

Light Blue Vue has 2 premium UI-themes and a transparent design. This is one of the Vue JS Projects that is wholly built with Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex, and Vue-bootstrap.


Ride Receipts

Ride Receipts is an open-source desktop application made with Vue.js. This Vue.js project automatically downloads, organizes, and renames your Uber receipts.

You don’t need to login to your Uber account to check your trips and download them all manually. Ride Receipt can make your trip scanning and receipt downloading easy.



PhotoPrism is a server-based app built with Vue.js and Vuetify. This combination is used to build the frontend and backend made with Go.

This Vue example project browses, organizes, and shares your personal photo collection. By putting the latest technologies in use, it tags and finds pictures automatically for you without hassle.


BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard

BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard is a free admin template, open-source made with Vue.js and BootstrapVue. It points up a myriad range of components that can be utilized for creating wonderful Vue websites.

You can cut downtime consumption from prototyping to full-functional code with BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard.

The building process of Vue websites with BootstrapVue Argon Dashboard becomes seamless as it comes with pre-built examples. You can effortlessly switch from pages to the real website.


Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO

You can call Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO an ultimate Full Stack App built with Vue, JSON: API, and Laravel.

The frontend of this Vue example project takes its basis on Vue Material and has a plethora of UI components. This is the major difference between Vue and Angular.

The backend of this Vue example project takes its basis on API. The partnership with UPDIVISION has made it possible to bring Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO as a full-stack resource.

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO takes its basis Vue.js and Laravel, which are two well-known frameworks available today.

The superior standardization that you experience comes with the use of APIs in the background of this Vue example project.


GitHub: – Learn Vue.js – Learn Vue.js is a Vue website that offers a complete guide for learning Vue.js. This Vue website has everything that you need to know about becoming an expert.

After learning by heart from this Vue website, you will be able to work on an app built with Vue and even develop a Vue app.



Task List

Task List, made with Vue.js, is a simple app used to track all the important tasks. This Vue example project is designed intuitively.

The Task List will keep reminding you about your tasks so that you don’t miss out on anything important. You can keep your life organized with this Vue example project.


Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard is built with Vue.js and Vue Material by Creative Tim. You can easily develop dashboards using this Vue example project.

Vue js-cta-second

For creating dashboards, you just need to put a little knowledge of Vue.js, Vue Router, and JavaScript. Just this and you can use this super cool tool for building amazing dashboards.



TuneIn is a website and app made with Vue.js for easing your music discovery. This Vue website is stunning and easy to use.

Anyone can easily operate this Vue website and app as the simple design has made everything easy to understand. This Vue.js website is not feature-packed but yet a simple & beautiful Vue.js project.



Octoplus Group

Octoplus Group is an agency website built with Vue.js. This Vue website enables clients to reach higher points of success.

For this Vue.js website, they have developed their homepage using the ‘Every story starts with a letter’ concept. Developers have tailored this Vue website using this concept seamlessly to give this Vue.js project a shape.




ProjectHelios is a website made with Vue.js as a tribute to the vaporwave movement. This Vue website inspired by the 80s’, which may sound old school to many of you.

But the combination of technology and inspiration has made this Vue website a success.


When it comes to combining beautiful colors for aesthetics, ColorsWall is a Vue example project. ColorsWall is built with Vue.js to give you a place where you can create and store color palettes.

This Vue website is a neat idea for making the creation and storage of numerous color combinations in one place. By using this Vue website, you will never lose your favorite color combinations again.




RottenSoup has its interface built with Vue.js. This Vue.js project is a roguelike RPG. The people can enjoy this Vue example project to get rid of boredom. You can have unlimited fun by playing this game.




VueVixens is a website built with Vue.js. Jen lopper developed this Vue website to provide a chance to women for learning Vue.js.

Workshops hosted on this Vue website for under-represented women to make them experts. This Vue website offers a whole new level of experience to the workshop conductors and attendees.



Prettier is a code formatter built with Vue.js. One of these Vue JS Projects can reprint your codes with the implication of numerous rules that too in a steady manner.

Using Prettier, a Vue website, you do not need to discuss the right coding style. You can do manual work easily with this Vue website.

You can use Prettier by integrating it with almost every editor, including Visual Studio, Atom, Web Storm, Emacs, etc.

Also, You can even integrate this Vue website with many tools, including HTML, JavaScript, GraphQL, CSS, etc.

In the previous year, it also started to run in the support .vue files and browser making it a Vue example project.




Vuetify is a framework for Vue.js to customize visual components. The combination of both for this Vue.js project allows you to create an attractive and interactive frontend.

Both the communities on GitHub work to improve Vuetify. That’s why you will always see this Vue.js project evolving.

For your advantage, this Vue example project, Vuetify framework is compatible with Vue CLI-3 as well as RTL.




iView is a friendly API, UI toolkit built with Vue.js. This Vue.js project is so easy to use that developers with any level of skills can use it.

The only requirement is that they must know Single File Components ( The reason behind the easy-to-use feature of this Vue.js project is constant fixes and upgrades.

For using this Vue.js project iView, you can opt for a starter kit or utilize separate components (charts, navigations, etc.).

One of the peculiarities of this Vue example project is its solid documentation. It supports the latest version of Vue.js but not IE8.




Epiboard, PWA for e-Commerce built with Vue.js, is a new tab page. You can easily access weather, RSS feeds, downloads, etc. through this PWA.

This Vue.js project emphasizes on customizability for delivering a personalized experience to the users.

Using this Vue.js project, you can synchronize settings of all your devices, change the look, modify the feel, and add bookmarks.

Also, this Vue example project follows all the guidelines.




Beep is a security scanner built with Vue.js and Ionic. With this Vue.js project, you will never have to compromise with credentials.

This Vue example project works by comparing your data with the leaked credential databases and doing a security check.

The use of the SHA-1 algorithm has made the security of your passwords even stronger. To ensure the security of your credentials, this Vue.js example project does not save your password and log in as it is.



Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is one of the projects built with Vue.js. You can connect this Vue.js project with any backend for e-Commerce as it has headless architecture. This comprises several eminent BigCommerce platforms, such as Shopware, Magento, etc.

Vue Storefront is a Vue.js project that is quite difficult to learn instantly. This solution is a bit complex but offers you a plethora of possibilities.

Vue js-cta-Third

An incessantly growing community of professionals keeps working on this Vue example project for making continuous improvements.

With Vue Storefront, you can leverage a multitude of benefits, such as offline mode, mobile-first approach, and Server-Side Rendering.



Why Use Vue.js For Web App Development?

You can reap the following benefits by developing Vue websites and Vue JS Projects.


Vue.js is highly upgradeable and flexible. One can utilize Vue.js as a library for developing Vue websites. You can also develop the whole Vue.js project based on this framework.

Better Performance

You will find Vue.js websites and apps smaller in size, which improves their performance. The community of developers also keeps working on making upgrades to power up the performance of Vue JS Projects.


Vue.js is progressive as you can present the source in the codes. This enables you to work on the app with a feature-by-feature approach, which turns the entire process into an effortless task.

Owing to the plethora of benefits, Vue.js is gaining colossal traction. The flexibility and versatility of this framework will be evident from the below Vue example projects. So let’s move to the list without wasting much time.


This is the long list of Vue websites and apps that are remarkable Vue example projects. We have tried to put almost every significant Vue website and PWA on this list.

Vue.js offers great ease in developing engaging Interface for your web and app projects, so you must connect with Vue JS development company to leverage the Vue.JS Technology. If you have some more Vue websites and Vue example projects in your mind, please share your thoughts with us.