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Web Development Kits And Frameworks That Will Save Time

The development of web applications can be a process that will end up consuming a lot of a developer’s time. In today’s fast and competitive world, anything that saves even a second of one’s time is a valuable tool. There are web development kits and frameworks that can help developers save a lot of time. Let us look at some of these web development kits and frameworks.


Firstly, let us take a look at some front-end web development kits and frameworks. Websites or web apps which score highly on speed, robustness and adaptability can be created quickly and confidently, using HTML5 Boilerplate.  Widgets, user interface interactions etc which have been built over the jQuery Javascript Library in the form of an organized set – this is what jQuery UI is all about. jQuery UI is a good choice if you want to build web applications which are very interactive.


HTML vocabulary for your app can be extended using Angular JS, which is powered by Google. If you have an ambitious plan for a web application with a focus on productivity, you should look at Ember.js – things can be done quite quickly as this framework possesses friendly APIs. A JavaScript library that scores highly on flexibility, speed, and power, is how one can describe CanJS. Web applications which are richly interactive can be built using YUI, which is a JavaScript-CSS library that is the free and open source.


Scoring highly on power and sleekness, Twitter Bootstrap is a very intuitive front-end framework which can make the process of web development easier and quicker. Built using the power of Sass (a CSS pre-processor which is very powerful), Gumby 2 is the latest version of Gumby Framework. Sass allows the faster development of Gumby and provides tools which help in customization and building over the Gumby Framework. A grid system for building layouts which are powerful is what is used by Xtyle to build web applications which are stunning.


Ninja UI is a jQuery plug-in that has compatibility with major browsers, besides being fast and intuitive. Stylus CSS is not just robust, but is also dynamic and expressive. Optional commas, optional colors etc are some of the features offered by Stylus. Being an extension of CSS3, Sass CSS has variables, nested rules etc. Applications that are desktop-calibre and run in a web browser can be built easily using Cappuccino which is an open source framework.


Now let us look at a few back-end web development kits and frameworks. Making common tasks like caching, routing etc easier is what Laravel does, to make development more creative and fun. An open PHP web application framework, CodeIgniter is very agile. Attractive websites or blogs can be created using WordPress. Yii Framework is the professional PHP that ranks highly in speed and security.


Network applications that are fast and scalable can be created using Node.js. Effective and lightweight, Node.js is ideal for applications which are real-time and data-intensive. If you are looking at quickly building web applications of high-quality (regardless of whether you are an expert or not), you should look at Meteor.

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