Laravel is an open-source framework for web application development written in PHP. Taylor Otwell developed and released it under MIT license. It offers Mode-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Today, we will talk about the Websites Built with Laravel framework.

With MVC architecture, a Professional Laravel App Development Company can build enterprise applications. Laravel empowers you to build professional and robust web applications. It follows quite expressive, elegant syntax, and architectural pattern.

Developers prefer Laravel over other PHP-based MVC frameworks for web development. It is because it offers simplicity, performance, features, and scalability.

Laravel offers the following features, which makes it the most preferred framework for web app development.

  • It promotes professional and modern web development practices
  • Laravel encourages you to have rapid and secure web application development
  • It allows you to have simple and pleasing development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Laravel is easy to learn and understand
  • Considered as one of the most capable PHP-based MVC frameworks
  • Enriched with modern and advance set of built-in features
  • Has a huge community of active members and is well documented

Deltanet Travel


Deltanet is one of the Websites Built with Laravel that offers various travel destinations. It manages the travel packages of customers travelling to different places. It primarily handles tourist services in Greece.

Developers created this website using the Laravel framework. The reason is, Laravel is The Best PHP Framework of all time. So that purpose we need to hire laravel developer.

Therefore, you can notice that it offers smooth browsing and navigation of the entire site.

Neighborhood Lender

Neighborhood Lender


Neighborhood Lender is a local No-Closing Cost Financing website. They help borrowers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio in financing thousands of home loans. The team of Neighborhood Lender aims at saving tons of money for their clients.

They have a team of world-class mortgage consultants to help people save money, frustration, and painful headbanging.

The team transforms complex processes into an easy and straightforward experience for their customers.

Neighborhood Lender is built with Laravel, which makes it an easily navigable website for their valuable clients.

My Rank

My Rank is a full-fledged online learning website for people in India. It promotes input-based education to enhance students’ chances of cracking competitive exams smoothly.

My Rank is the most prominent website for students who intend to appear for exams such as EAMCET, JEE MAINS, JEE ADVANCED, BITSAT, NEET, JIPMER, AIIMS and GATE. They have a proficient hands-on technical team that consists of domain experts and technocrats.

The primary goal is to offer a self-assessment platform for students and enable them to prepare for the mentioned-exams by providing 24*7 access, in-depth analysis, along with practice tests, and other relevant assistance.

Features Of Laravel 7 assist the developers in making such wonderful websites.

Laravel Tricks

Laravel Tricks

Laravel Tricks is a website built with Laravel. It looks amazing with a beautiful design. It has a wonderful options panel, which is designed to make it easy for visitors to navigate.

Moreover, Laravel has made it easy for developers to search what they want, with clear panels. When you go to categories, it also provides a clear view of relevant Laravel stuff that a programmer may be looking for.

World Walking


In this era of staying fit, World Walking is one of the Websites Built with Laravel that encourages people to walk and who doesn’t like it.

It can work as a perfect application on your smartphone. Therefore, if you are in search of improving your walking skills, then it is the perfect place to do so.

It offers some unique features such as Groups and Walks. Groups feature provides you to join groups and Walks provide you with the data of your overall walk of the day in the form of a number of steps.

Laravel has enhanced the functionality of the website. You can make use of Laravel Security Practices to make the website more robust.

Laravel Snippets

If you are a Laravel developer and looking for some Laravel code to incorporate into your project, then Laravel Snippets is the right place to visit. It is a lightweight website that shares code snippets with the community.

You can easily get help with your Laravel development for your project. Also, it allows you to learn a few significant things about the framework in the form of snippets.

Rocket Rubbers

Rocket Rubbers

Rocket Rubbers is a website that serves in the field of providing condoms and their quick and easy use.

They have an online condom store that provides you with a hand-picked collection of affordable Durex condoms.

You can visit this site and get the needed information on this relevance. The website is built with Laravel, which makes it look wonderful.

Mack Hankins

It is a personal blog of Mack, which is named as Mack Hankins. The blog has a sleek and eye-catching design.

The sidebar of the blog wonderfully organizes everything and puts the site together. It is built with Laravel 4.

It shows that the framework has a great impact on the overall look and feel of the site, which means that Laravel is all worth incorporating into your next project.

To build one such potential website with laravel, hire offshore developer to make your development task much more simpler, quick and in budget.


LaravelIO is a well-known forum for the community of Laravel developers. Needless to mention that the form is built with the Laravel framework.

The signup module consists of in-built integration with GitHub. As a result, the worth of the forum increases when you plan to develop your own social apps.

The forum is effectively helpful to Laravel developers in all ways. Just take a look at the forum to see how beautifully it is built.

Here, developers have made use of Laravel Helpers Functions. So, the website has an enhanced look and extensive nature.


As the name suggests, Larasocial is a lightweight social network platform. It is built using Laravel, which adds to its functionality and design. The project is developed on a rich-code foundation.

Being a social network platform, it offers features like send/decline friend requests, to be able to chat with other users as well as private messaging, and much more. The quality of the code is excellent as it is built with Laravel.


If you are a small business or a new entrepreneur, then FusionInvoice is the right place for you to visit. It offers a range of tools for managing a business. It enables you to launch your self-hosted invoicing platform.

This system helps you keep a track of the monetary situation of your business. As it is built using Laravel, it consists of a beautiful interface.


If your website is slow, not functioning well, or completely down, then Cachet is the right place to go. These are the errors that users usually face with their websites.

Cachet service will help you solve all your website errors by enabling wonderful status pages. You can use these pages to see what services of your websites perform optimally and which are not.

Orchestra Platform

Orchestra Platform is one of the admin panel-based Websites Built with Laravel. It manages Laravel extensions and users.

Our section of Laravel extensions offers the boilerplate for a web app development. Moreover, it ensures that your deployment is faster, using the powerful tools of Laravel.

Asgard CMS

As the name suggests, Asgard CMS is a CMS platform. It is built using Laravel. Asgard CMS consists of features like fully responsive, PHP 7.0, Launch Ready.

It also offers some additional features as below:

  • Easy to install
  • Asgard CMS is fully multilingual
  • It has a backend
  • This CMS uses a modular approach, and each of its parts is a separate module. All of them are tied loosely
  • It provides a user-friendly interface with Admin LTE


Koel is a personalized web application that offers audio streaming. It has Laravel on the server-side and VueJS on the client-side. One surprising fact about this application is that it is built by web developers for web developers.

Developers have used various modern technologies like Laravel Vue, Flexbox, and drag-and-drop API.


Flarum is a forum platform. It is one of the Sites Built with Laravel. If you visit the page, you will be able to see that it consists of various forum discussions.

It includes a double-pane interface, Floating Composer, Infinite Scrolling, Smooth Animations, Swipe Gestures, and Touch Optimization.

Flarum is rapid and lightweight. If you visit the homepage of this forum platform, then you will notice that it is designed with great clarity and simplicity.

October CMS

As the name suggests, October CMS is a CMS platform. It is free, open-source, and self-hosted. Laravel PHP framework is at the core of its development.

The features include universal, modern, fun-to-use, simple, easy-to-learn, reliable. Several freelancers and digital studios love this CMS platform for its modern design, simplicity, and flexibility.

October CMS has made their clients happy by saving them time and money. Visit the page to get more details.

The website built with the laravel framework can have a role of Laravel Lumen as well.


Are you planning to have an administrative interface for your Laravel application? Then you have visited the right place. Yes, Voyager is your go-to place to accomplish your administrative tasks more effectively. It is a Laravel Sample Website.

It consists of a media manager, BREAD (CRUD), menu builder, and a lot more. Voyager can help you build applications in a short time and makes the development process enjoyable.

Laravel Excel

Laravel Excel is for Laravel developers, which goes without saying. It includes documentation, video course, commercial support, export-to-excel, supercharged imports, and Laravel Nova Integration.

It helps you export queries with automatic chunking, which enhances the performance. Moreover, Laravel Excel also offers easy exporting with Blade views to Excel. The primary goal of this platform is to make the import and export to excel simple and easy.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is typically for business owners to help them make their invoices easily. It is one of the finest Laravel Website Example. It offers features as follows:

  • Multiple company support
  • Create recurring invoicing & auto-bill clients
  • Proposals creation tool
  • Attach 3rdparty files to invoices & expenses
  • Create project tasks & track time
  • Kanban Boards to manage projects
  • Custom domain “”
  • Attach invoice & quotations PDFs to emails
  • Client-side Portal & Invoices history

There are a lot more features you can see on its homepage.

Laravel Boilerplate

Laravel Boilerplate is again developed by developers for developers. Therefore, it offers the benefit of reusing the already written code and works like a regular Laravel application. You do not need to build it again if you have done it once. Visit the page to get more details.


Pyro is developed on the most popular PHP framework, Laravel. Therefore, you can build improved Laravel websites and applications faster with Pyro. It is an influential CMS and Integrated platform.

Pyro offers its core products and features completely free, and they are open-source as well. Moreover, it has a clean, simple, and consistent, and responsive control panel.

Laravel Generator

With Laravel Generator, you can easily manage your APIs and Admin panel in no time. It helps you generate APIs, Test Cases, CRUD, and Swagger Documentation. It mainly consists of API Generator and Scaffold Generator.


Laravlite is a CMS platform. It is one of the Laravel Sites that has a collection of standard tools and packages that help you build and maintain an impactful web presence.

With Laravlite, you can rapidly set up a content management system and a cloud-based application that is based on Laravel. It includes a package builder and marketplace to help you build additional packages for your app.


Council is an open-source forum platform. Developers have built it and maintained it at You can take the details from its homepage.



It is an open-source framework developing scalable and testable API-oriented applications. Apiato uses PHP with the latest version of Laravel.


Watchseries is a famous portal to watch web series online for free. It allows you to subscribe to your favourite shows and episodes. It is one of the classic Sites Built with Laravel.

Moreover, you can also add them to your Facebook profile as a favourite show. It will notify you on Facebook with the update of the latest series and shows.


Alphacoders allows content writers and fans to team up with some revenue earning opportunities. It offers amazing images, art, avatar, and much more as content. It is one of the finest Sites Built with Laravel.

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Laracasts offers the best learning and education to developers who intend to expertise Laravel. It empowers them to write the PHP code for small scale as well as enterprise-level web apps smoothly. It is supported by the Laravel community.


Alison offers a Learning Management System that allows you to register yourself for several course categories such as Marketing, Medical, IT, and Language. Moreover, these courses also provide their relevant certificates at their respective completion.



We have described a collection of websites, applications, and content management systems are some of the Sites Built with Laravel. The list is unending in this relevance. It keeps growing with the increasing popularity of the framework.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why Is Laravel So Popular?

    Laravel is the most popular PHP framework due to its incredible features such as flexibility, scalability, security, wide community, etc.

  2. Is Laravel Front-End or Back-End?

    The simple answer to this question would be Back-End. Laravel is used for server-side programming and therefore, it is a back-end technology.

  3. Is Laravel Better Than PHP?

    There can not be a fixed answer to this question. While beginners prefer Laravel, developers opt for Core PHP. So, it all boils down to individual needs.

  4. Is Laravel Difficult To Learn?

    The simple answer to this question would be NO. Laravel is very easy to learn if you know the basics of PHP programming language.

  5. Who Uses The Laravel Framework?

    Many famous companies like Kmong, E-Commerce, Bitpanda, 9GAG, etc. use the Laravel framework as a part of their technology stack.