Why Email Marketing And Direct Mail Are Better Together

POSTED ON April 13, 2015 / IN Internet, Technology

While carrying out a digital marketing campaign, it is very important to think of offline marketing as well. The efficiency of email campaigns is undisputed, but statistics indicate that the open rates of direct mailers are higher than that of emails. Not only that, offline contacts can be added to the online database with the help of direct mailers. The best promotional campaigns are those which combine the strengths of both email marketing and direct mailers, thus exploiting both offline and online avenues to reach the audience. It is difficult to miss a message which has been delivered to both your email inbox as well as your home.

However, while combining email marketing and direct mailers, it is extremely important to make sure that the marketing theme remains consistent. The emails and the direct mailers used for promoting a brand should have the same marketing theme – whether it is colour, font etc. Such consistency will help to build brand credibility, while promotional emails and direct mails which differ in the marketing theme may make it look like they were sent by different brands and will definitely not impress anyone.

When someone sees a promotional email and then sees a direct mailer from the same brand with the same marketing theme, it will help to build brand recognition, as well as serve as a reminder of the call for action stated in the email – better to say it twice for them to remember, but do not change the style of saying it. The key to keeping the marketing theme consistent is to pay close attention to map iconography, font, colour scheme etc. Keep your marketing theme consistent and you will surely see an increase in brand recognition and brand credibility which will be reflected in the brand’s success.

The timing of the emails and direct mailers are also important. Depending on the campaign, you will have to decide the frequency of the emails and direct mailers, as well as the time period between them. It is ideal to keep a little gap between sending a direct mailer and emails, as it helps in both brand recognition as well as allowing the message to properly set in one’s memory. If there is a message that will need some time to be mentally processed, you could begin by direct mails containing all the information and then deliver the call for action via email.

A great advantage of supplementing emails with direct mails is that it builds brand credibility – it is easy to send just promotional emails, but only brands which are serious about their business take the effort to send direct mailers. Individuals tend to see such brands as more credible and ‘established’. While it is very important to create a great landing page, it is also important to include the link to the same in your direct mailers.

As you can see, by integrating direct mailers and email marketing, you will be able to promote your brand in a much more effective way – by combining the strengths of two potent means of brand promotion.

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By Hardik Sonchhabda

A Techno Geek from the past few years, he is an experienced and expert web developer at eSparkBiz Technologies. His roles are to coordinate with the offshore Web Development teams & to develop the ongoing projects smartly and effectively. eCommerce websites and payment gateway integrations are his core area of interest. He is efficient in rapid development and understanding complex logic and heart of projects by putting extreme logic power and full potential.

Having B.Tech in CS&E and besides that he just loves to sing songs (Yes he Sings) and to play Guitar.

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