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Workplace mobility has become nothing short of a revolution. Corporate real estate will be tremendously affected by advances in workplace mobility. Such changes will forever redefine one’s working day. For indeed a long time, a typical work day was characterised by getting up in the morning, showering and getting ready for work, the long drive to the workplace, and getting back home late in the night due to extra work at the office. Workplace mobility will change that for good.

Advances in technology are enabling great workplace mobility allowing one to work from anywhere and at any time. This benefits both the worker and the organization. Today we are living in an age where every second has value – doing away with unnecessary commuting time will make sure that workers have more time for work as well as recreation, resulting in a workforce that is both efficient and content. Workplace mobility results in not only more productivity, but also more flexibility.

Cloud computing is one of the major factors behind increasing workplace mobility. Cloud computing is the solution for the increasing cost of data centres, and boosts workplace productivity. Another important factor is social networks. Social networks are providing a platform for innovation and partnerships.

Workplace mobility is also increased by technological advances leading to sensing devices allowing anything to be connected to the internet leading to high productivity as well as intelligent management of resources. The personalization of navigational intelligence thanks to advances in location-sensing technology is one of the major contributors to increased workplace mobility.

Such emerging technologies are creating a revolution. In fact, organizations and businesses must adapt to this new revolution or find themselves left behind. This is the future workplace – maximum flexibility and productivity. Organizations must understand this, because this will affect everything from where workers will live, where they will work etc. This specially applies to knowledge workers in the sectors of telecommunications, technology, life sciences etc.

‘Digital nomads’ may become the tag of this new generation of knowledge workers. With advances in technology, these ‘nomads’ will become much less dependent on location. The use of these technologies will lead to minimum costs and maximum productivity. Not only that, this will allow corporations to attract and keep talented employees.

A great benefit of workplace mobility for businesses is saving money that would’ve otherwise gone into real estate. Many organizations and businesses, like banks, are lowering their use of real estate, and increasing investments in technology. Workplace mobility is being given credit for increased overall efficiency ratios by many leading financial institutions.

Workplace mobility is especially being welcomed by young knowledge workers, as it an opportunity for them to work with a large global team. Also, they love the element of flexibility – to work from anywhere and at any time. At many leading corporations, a large percentage of the employees do not have an office designated to them. Workplace mobility allows employees to communicate and collaborate with team members from around the globe.

Workplace will greatly increase the efficient utilization of corporate real estate assets. Improved operational cost management, profits, energy reduction etc. are among the other benefits that come with this revolution in workplace mobility.

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