How To Build An On-Demand Packers And Movers’ App?

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Packing and moving are never easy for the people who are moving. There are so many things to take care of. There are so many valuable things which have to be packed and moved without any damage.

But what made the whole affair so tricky was the unorganized way in which packers and movers worked. It is challenging to find good packers and movers. You will have to check with so many friends and relatives before you can book one. Many times, you don’t get the same company for both the jobs.

It was not easy to track their movements. Often you had to go behind them. Most of the smaller operators insisted on cash payments. There was a need for getting the operation more organized and efficient.

What Is The Need For An On-Demand App?

There is more and more demand for packing and moving services as people and offices move from one place to a better location.

There are many delicate and fragile things at homes and offices. Moving these items without help from experts is impossible.  Moreover, people can attend to other work while professionals handle the job.

An on-demand app can get people the exact kind of service that they require. People can see the service providers available and what their special services are. There are specialists for office shifting, residential moving, factory relocation, and moving warehouses. The customers can select as per his or her needs.

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Office relocation is a complex process involving the packing of various delicate gadgets. There will be many documents which need to be packed and appropriately labeled. The Packers and movers who undertake office moving should also work fast enough to let the office function again very quickly.

Most households have many delicate items. There may be heirlooms which have to handled carefully.

Pianos are instruments that are unwieldy and delicate. You need experts to move them. Houses have many appliances and electronic gadgets. People must handle these items very carefully.

The advantage of a mobile app is that service providers can showcase their expertise. They can upload all the details of their specialties and also photos of jobs that they have done. It will give the customers a better reassurance about the job. The service providers can exhibit the ratings and reviews they have received.

As the admin, you can organize the job for the customers. You can be the link between the service providers and customers and ensure both have agreed to all the terms.

You have to take assurance of all the necessary documents, including insurance, etc. are in order and to the customers about the service provider.

Developing an on-demand movers app is undoubtedly a good business. You must take the services of the top App Developers and develop an appealing and easy-to-use app. The primary aim of a mobile app is to provide convenience.

Essential Features For The On-Demand Movers’ App

Request a Service

The customers can request a service based on their needs. They can see the variety of service providers who are experts in different areas of relocation service.

The customers can read the reviews by those who have used the service of a particular service provider. It gives the customers an opportunity to select the most suitable service.

The calendar integration in the app will allow the customers to choose a time and date. This facility also helps the movers to plan their job well. Once the customer has specified the time and date, the service providers can see their availability and accept or reject the assignment. Once the movers accept the job, the customers know the exact time.

The app must provide a facility for users to upload images of their things which are to be packed and moved.

It will give the movers a better idea of what materials will be required. They can plan better and also quote an estimate that is closer to the real amount.

Accept/Reject a Request

The movers can accept or reject a proposal. Based on their schedule and area of expertise, the service providers can check the available requests and accept an offer.

When one service provider agrees with the proposal, the job becomes invisible to others. It will ensure that too many providers don’t go after the same job.

Once the service provider accepts a job, they can check the details and quote a price. An in-app chat and talk facility will allow more comfortable and quicker communication between customers and service providers. It will help to clarify any doubt that either of the parties will have.

It is better to keep the job allocation manual. The customer must have the privilege to allocate the job to their preferred service provider. The movers must also have the freedom to reject a job. It will make your job easier.

The app must have a facility for movers to express their availability. Customers must be able to see which movers are available at any point in time. It will save time for both parties.

The movers must check their availability and mark it on the calendar so that customers know on which dates they are free.

Real-Time Tracking

It is a critical feature of the On-Demand Packers & Movers App. It helps the customers to see exactly where the vehicle is. When the truck is coming for picking up the materials, the customers will know the exact time and prepare themselves for it.

If they have selected a different packing company, they can keep everything packed before the transport arrives. Once the movers load the goods, the customers will certainly like to keep track of their materials. The geo-tracking facility helps in this function giving a lot of confidence to the customers about the service.

It will improve trust in the app. A useful mobile application and development company can integrate the map into the app to provide a tracking facility. GPS is a common feature in all smartphones.

Easy Payment Options

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One of the most significant advantages of app development is that you can offer different payment options. You must include this feature in your app. Most people are now moving to cashless payments.

It is more convenient that the customers will get proof of the payment they made. The moving company need not depend on their drivers to carry a lot of cash safely.

You can include all types of payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, etc. There should be a provision for making cash payments. The drivers’ app should have the feature to issue a receipt as soon as they receive the cash payment.

Ratings And Reviews

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This feature helps the movers a lot. Once the service is over, customers can rate the service. They can post their reviews about the service on the app itself. It will help the service providers to post these reviews on their profiles and their social media account. It will help the apps’ users to choose their moving company.

You can also ask the customers to rate the app and write a review. When you share this on your social media account, you can get more users for your app. You can send a push notification to the customers to remind them to post a review on the app.

Push Notification

You can use this feature very well to retain your regular customers on the app. There must be companies which are using your services regularly. Sending them messages on the latest developments on the app will help a lot. You can also send notifications regarding the addition of any new mover in the app.

Another use of the push notification is to send messages to your customers to rate and review the app when the job is over. You can also use push notification to offer discounts or offers to regular customers.

  • Customers can check the various movers available and see their profile and reviews.
  • The customers can select the available transporters and wait for acceptance of the order.
  • The calendar in the app will facilitate customers to schedule the job to a particular date and time.
  • Customers can upload photos of the goods to be moved so that the service providers can know what equipment is required and how much they should charge.
  • The movers can accept or reject a job. Once a service provider accepts a job, it becomes invisible in the available jobs list.
  • In-app chat and talk will help customers and service providers communicate and have better clarity about the job.
  • The movers can mark their non-availability in the calendar so that customers will know who is available for service on any date.
  • Real-time tracking is essential for customers to know the exact position of their materials.
  • Easy payment options will help attract all types of customers.
  • Ratings and reviews can help other customers to know about which movers are best for the job.
  • Rating the app and posting reviews can help you to get more users for the app.
  • You can use push notification for passing information about new service providers or offers.

Versions Of The App

As the app is being used at the same time by all the parties, there must be three versions of the app. It will make it easy for each of the parties to use the app comfortably. The mobile application company must establish each of the panels as easy-to-use as possible.

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The User Panel
  • An easy sign-up and registration panel. The user must be able to sign up using social media accounts so that there is no need to fill all the details again.
  • The user can send a request for a survey. The movers can know the exact amount of things to be transported.
  • The search facility will allow customers to search by specialty or expertise.
  • Users can upload photos of their things to get an estimate.
  • Users can schedule their relocation date. They can also set the pick-up and drop-off points.
  • The user can get notification regarding acceptance of the request.
  • They can get the invoice by mail or through the app itself.
  • There must be various payment options. It can include payment by cash also.
  • Customers can track the truck from the time it arrives to pick up the goods. It makes it easy to know the exact position of their items.
  • Customers can have their order history stored. This will help regular customers who use the service for commercial purposes.
  • There must be a provision for rating the moving service.
The Mover’s Panel
  • Sign up by giving all the details. They must register using their phone numbers and email ids.
  • Movers can create a complete profile giving all the details about the facilities they have.
  • They can also mention their area of expertise. Movers can upload photos of earlier work done.
  • They can mark their availability in the calendar so that customers know when they can use the services.
  • They can accept or reject an order.
  • The movers’ version will have the facility to receive payments.
  • They can also rate and review customers.
  • They must be able to see their order history and their earnings periodically.
The Admin Panel

Image result for movers and packers

  • Register customers and movers.
  • You should verify each mover before you allow registration of the company. It will ensure that you have only good service providers on your app.
  • You must ensure that all vehicles and drivers have the necessary documents and licenses.
  • You can set distance range for the movers so that customers get the services of movers close to them.
  • All order acceptance and rejection must be visible on your panel.
  • Collect the payments and pass on to the service provider after reduction of commission.
  • You can see the weekly earnings of each of the service provider.
  • Regularly monitor the performance of the movers and cancel registration if a service provider doesn’t do the job properly.
  • Request customers for rating the services and getting reviews. It will help you to assess each of the service providers.
  • You should be able to track the vehicle from the time it starts for the pick-up of the goods.
  • You can offer discounts and other schemes for regular customers.


It is an area where there is ample scope for business. There are still many unorganized moving companies that are unable to make their operations smooth.

You can get on board these companies and ensure that they get a good share of the business. It will help you to keep them under your control and see that they provide excellent service.

You must ask the company who is providing Mobile App Development Services to include all the necessary app features. The app must be convenient. It must be easy to understand and use by the drivers of the moving company.

You can start the business by first launching the app in one of the platforms. You must see the mobile population in your area and see which platform is prominent. One of the most essential things in the moving business is to ensure that you ensure each job. If there is any loss or damage, you must not suffer.

You can also work in a model where you provide the experts who handle the goods while the mover provides the truck. It will ensure the safety of the goods. You can hire experts for packing and handling the materials.

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