Angular Vs. Ionic for Apps

AngularJS & Ionic: A Perfect Duo For Mobile App Development

By Mohit Surati Angular Js, Ionic February 28, 2020 5 min read 356 Views

Who would not like to save time and money and get things done efficiently Be it an app owner or a developer; this article would unveil a few secrets of building a Hybrid App by combining AngularJS & Ionic.

But before that, let’s understand the role of a particular framework in the respective app development field.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source, client-side development framework that has excellently delivered quality web-apps. It has numerous tools and libraries that developers can leverage and build robust mobile applications.

It has proved its worth by providing effective solutions to the challenges that sprout up during the development of Single-Page Applications. Also, one can utilize AngularJS For Enterprise Apps. The reason being, it artistically builds and tests the virtual platforms.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is a new hero in Hybrid Application Development platforms. It stands out differently from other competitor frameworks because of its single-time coding feature. It can build desktop, mobile, and PWAs utilizing modern web technologies such as SASS, HTML5, and CSS.

The developers prefer to use this SDK as it requires low maintenance cost and quickly builds the app. Moreover, you can reap the benefits of Ionic by clubbing it with AngularJS.

1. One-Stop Solution For Multiple Platform

It is imperative to deliver a highly-intuitive user experience as it plays a vital role in the success or failure of an application. If you are focusing on enhancing UX, then Ionic would be a good fit for you.

As per the official records, the developers’ community has widely grown to about 5M globally. Not only developers but the number of apps has also spiked up from 2M to 4M in 2016 to 2018, respectively. And all the credit goes to Ionic.

Ionic Framework Stats

It not only builds a hybrid app but is also a complete SDK for HTML5 application development. It has a huge library that includes updated CSS, HTML, JS, and a few vital components for app construction.

The developers have to write only a single time code to run on multiple platforms, which itself is a big relief for the programmers. And that is what makes Ionic developers’ favorite hybrid app development framework.

2. Data-Binding

Angular is proficient in data-binding. It streamlines and changes the model whenever it detects the modifications in user-interface. Three-way data binding syncs the data in a hassle-free way, and also it can sync user-interface and in-memory data.

Angular proves to be a big time-saving mobile application development, and you can find it in jQuery or native Android or iOS platforms.

3. Ionic Components

App programmers continuously brainstorm to build innovative icons and splash screens. It becomes a tedious task while developing the same for hybrid apps. There are multiple parameters, such as length, width, density, and device type to consider while building splash screens.

Here, Ionic plays a vital role with the help of .ai, .png, or .psd extension in creating two files that will execute your task of implementing attractive splash screens and icons.

4. Ionic Benefits

Ionic outstands in many different aspects as it is potential in debugging, building attractive UI, and boosting performance. It comes with numerous components and features that make it programmers’ favorite hybrid app development framework.

Ionic abides by the guidelines to feature elements from different devices. It builds elements according to the layout of the device. App programmers can leverage $ionicConfigProvider elaborate transition, behavioral pattern, or style.

5. Reusability of Logic

Angular & Ionic can help programmers to separate data models, user interfaces, and system logic. That means you can reuse the logic parallelly, and customize the user interface for each platform, i.e., Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Traditionally, developers were bound to build a separate web app for desktops and applications for iOS & Android. The codes weren’t shareable, and that is the reason it was expensive, time-consuming and risky.

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6. Clubbing Angular JS and Ionic

AngularJS is a developers’ all-time favorite framework as it delivers robust performance and enticing front-end for the application. Along with the Angular, if you club Ionic with it, it would be a cherry on the cake.

Building Mobile Apps using Ionic would help to enhance the user experience and retain the customers. Ionic has numerous components, alluring themes that would help programmers to build hybrid applications.

One of the outstanding features of the Ionic is CLI, as it supports app experts to develop, implement, test, and employ any application on different platforms with a single command. This way, it saves a lot of time to enhance the productivity of the developers.

7. Testing

Testing is essential for the applications that are built using a combination of AngularJS and Ionic. While it is vital, AngularJS comes up with Dependency Injection (DI) that allows programmers to fetch out code from anywhere.

It replicates your code for testing purposes, which is a substitution of real components. It helps in the mobile application as the process of testing and debugging the application is complex and time-consuming.


AngularJS Mobile App Development frameworks build highly-intuitive front-end for the applications. And combining it with Ionic would unlock new possibilities. Ionic is finely-tuned and saves a lot of time for the developer comparatively.

Are you convinced of the points mentioned above? Want to build a mobile app with AngularJS and Ionic? Connect with a leading AngularJS Web Development Company and share your ideas to make it a virtual platform.

Also, you can hire a dedicated developer on a part-time and full-time basis, depending on your project requirement.

Angular Vs. Ionic for Apps

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